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During the brain tests for the mother/daughter issues, we tripped over another dynamic that intrigued me. The hypothalamus is the bridge between the Central Nervous System (CNS) and the endocrine system.  It receives substantial input from the myriad biofeedback loops … Continue reading

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Closure on Mother/Daughter Project

Several months ago we started a brain testing project that involved adult women who had sustained, unresolvable conflicts with their mothers.  The project evolved from some observations we made last year about the human spirit not being willing to go … Continue reading

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Angels in Your Brain

Just to review the journey, EEGs were originally developed to track brain anomalies.  Eventually someone began using them to also track thoughts. A couple of years ago we had the idea to track the presence of the human spirit as … Continue reading

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We Did it! We Really, Really Did It!

No, I’m not going to tell you what we did in the first line of the blog!  There must be a story with some suspense.  Grab a sweet tea and settle in. Imagine someone bringing you a brand new pickup … Continue reading

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Volunteers for Testing

The blog has been depressingly silent for the last couple of months, but our team has neither been depressed nor inert. Our experiments with the fruit of the Spirit and the EAV machine went nowhere. It will take a different … Continue reading

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Interpreting EAV Data

A few weeks ago we received a large donation and were able to purchase an EAV machine and get Megan trained on it.  This equipment measures the electrical currents in the meridians of the body and then interprets the data. … Continue reading

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Alpha Waves and Your Spirit Part 2

We began with a simple system of Alpha waves being dominant in a resting brain, specifically with eyes closed, while Beta waves are faster and represent the thinking, problem solving activity of a brain when your eyes are open. While … Continue reading

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