About Sapphire

What makes a “noble subject?”

Is it the title?

Nope.  History is full of dukes and earls and barons who betrayed their king actively or through disinterest and neglect.

Is it the castle and manor lands with all their income-generating potential?

Nope.  You can be wealthy and still be selfish.

A noble subject is someone who is driven by a set of values and perspective which allows him to skillfully increase the amount and variety of tangible assets he can make available to expand the hegemony of his sovereign’s kingdom.

Sapphire Leadership Group is now in its third season.  Our focus in this chapter of our history will be to help those who are already loyal subjects to increase the resources at their disposal AND to hold life loosely, ready to give up everything, even their lives, for the sake of the King and His Kingdom.

Arthur Burk
September 29, 2011

7 Responses to About Sapphire

  1. Vivienne Hines says:

    Dear Sapphire Group, I love your materials and I have had a great many benefits from your CD’s and articles. Where I am attending church, I would be disbarred, if they knew that I was reading the materials that I am reading and listening to. However, I will continue and pray for my current tribe to come to the knowledge that I am gaining from your research. Thanks. How do I pray for a good friend who has placed themselves in a “cocoon’ because they have been rejected. Now they are not possessing their birthright and it is affecting his whole ministry. I cannot walk away from this one so help.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Calvin Miller’s name for the Holy Spirit in his allegory was “The Great Invader.” I like that picture. Ask God to do an inventory of all the lies the devil has told him or her, and then to use that as the legal basis for invading his or her mind with truth about Himself and them.

      • Rosa says:

        I absolutely love that picture of the Holy Spirit as The Great Invader….was that in The Singer?

        • Arthur Burk says:

          No, Rosa. It is in “The Song” which is the sequel to “The Singer.”

          • Rosa says:

            And I happen to have a copy of The Trilogy…I haven’t got past “The Singer” yet. I will have to get it out and remedy that. Thanks.

            • Arthur Burk says:

              “The Singer” was classic. “The Song” is good, but not in the same league. “The Finale” was weak which is why they bundled the three together because it was not selling and this way the publishers could move a weak book. But “The Song” is worth your time, although not in the same league as “The Singer.”

  2. Esther Schneider says:

    Dear Sapphire Team – I always pursue the acitivities and “outlooks” brought forward by Sapphire key people and really think the project of brain renewal has a specific goal – could be quite a break-through. As the bible states: we a r e a temple of the holy spirit and therefore the foundation, the bottom line is laid for a spirit monitored expansion of wisdom and ability to boldly step out. Very interesting to see – but always in humility before Great Jesus – what the equipment can do. Wishing boldness, meekness and inspiration for your project.

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