During the brain tests for the mother/daughter issues, we tripped over another dynamic that intrigued me.

The hypothalamus is the bridge between the Central Nervous System (CNS) and the endocrine system.  It receives substantial input from the myriad biofeedback loops in the body, interprets that data and gives directions to the pituitary gland which in turn is pretty heavy handed in bossing around most of the rest of the endocrine system.

Now if we lift that out of the biological model and plug it into the fractal approach, it looks like this.

The CNS is representative of the Father.  The pituitary is Prophet.  The hypothalamus is Giver.  The endocrine system as a whole is Mercy.

The essence of the Father is that He gives.  But for this system to work, the Giver has to receive everything Father wants to give and give back to the pituitary accurate data.  If the Giver is not willing to receive the gifts from the Father, then the input that the Giver gives to the Prophet will be flawed and the direction the Prophet gives to the Mercy will be destructive.

I think of Abram who had chronic issues with God’s agenda.  God wanted to give him land and he wanted to receive a son.  God was going to give him a son eventually, but because God did not give the son in the sequence and timing Abram wanted, he was quite hampered in receiving and enjoying the gifts he was given by God.

We are pretty focused on root issues here at SLG.  There are sundry calibration problems many people have with the adrenals and thyroid particularly and often with the pancreas as well.  What if these end users of data are getting bad data from the pituitary which is getting bad data from the hypothalamus which is refusing good data from the CNS?

Is it possible that the social contracts that we write for God — that He ignores–  are a contributing factor to many endocrine system malfunctions?

Or to turn it around and look at it from the other side, what would happen to your hypothalamus if you were to devote 90 days to aggressively seeking to receive everything God wants to give you?

What would happen to our physical bodies, if we took a 90 day hiatus from petitioning Him and simply walked each day, proclaiming that everything in our life is Father-filtered?  What would happen if we leaned into the gifts God gave us even when we are aching for something else?

Is there any chance that our skewed relationship with the generosity of the Father is having direct implications to our physical health?

We don’t have any plans (at this time) to do a test for this, but it is certainly intriguing.

Copyright November 2013 by Arthur Burk

From room 229, on the road

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13 Responses to Outliers

  1. Cindy Pohlkamp says:

    I have just been diagnosed with Hoshimoto’s disease. Where the thyroid is being attacked by the immune system. As we were praying about this we started to pray about our body rejecting the comfort and consulation of God.

    This seems to be right on track with what you are finding out here. I now feel we have a place to start to get to the root of this thing. I Also will start agreeing with all I have is Father filtered. Amen

  2. Nicole says:

    This sounds really interesting. I a in a season that has been challenging for me and I keep asking God for something different as soon as possible. Definitely trying the 90 Days of thanks for what He has given me now

  3. Rosa says:

    If you ever do a test for this,I volunteer to be your test subject. on the struggle bus with the endocrine system, and would like to get it resolved!

  4. Bev Hill says:

    I’m going to try it! The 90 days.

  5. Tom Gross says:

    I would love to join this discussion and I’m curious whether it’s progenitors are working towards developing a model of how our body reflects Elohim and offers a prophetic reflection of our life with Him.

    The paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus integrates information from our immune system cytokines, are endocrine hormones and neurotransmitters. Thus, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah RoHi, Jehovah Maka, Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Mekedish, Jehovah Tsidkenu, Jehovah Gmola, El Elohim, Jehovah Saboath, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Shalom and Jehovah Shamah as well as Yeshua are all reflected in this marvelous kiss from our creator.

    The suprachasmatic nucleus plays an impressive role in integrating sleep promoting and brain arousal and doubtless gets a supernatural kiss during dreams and visions.

    It integrates with our hippocampus and numerous areas of cortex through a more direct pathway knitted to the amygdala and a less direct pathway engaging the thalmus and frontal and insular areas I suspect are involved in discerning and experiencing the Triune God and His kingdom.

    Is there really someone else out there interested?

    • SLG says:

      Well, Tom, you have a lot of technical data, but it feels like you are associating it rather loosely. Are you at all versed in working with the fractal approach to the human body and its function?

      • Tom Gross says:

        There are space limitations here, and I’m posting from my phone so I didn’t go into the details of how these centers may reflect these spiritual attributes. Also, I was intrigued with the discussion, so my comments were more spontaneous ideas rather than a composed thesis.
        I am not familiar with the fractal approach to the human body and its function. However, intuitively I feel like I embrace that approach in considering that there are reflections of the Father and the kingdom life represented in biological life, its complexity and nested systems.

  6. Jeané Erasmus says:

    Hi Arthur and SLG Brain renewal Project network, I was wondering if you have ever read the book: Switch on Your Brain – Dr Caroline Leaf?

  7. Heather H says:

    This morning I felt the Lord had shown me something about me life, me, and those areas in my life that I felt to be “mine” and had not given over to Him. In many ways my walk with the Lord has been an interesting journey and not very conventional. I have often felt frustrated, short changed, and lacking. I have frequently have “known” the Lord’s provision and protection in my life, but I have still felt so lacking in receiving the fullness of what His word has promised. Then I got it! In His oh so gentle way, the Lord let me see while I may give Him my obedience in many areas of my life, and I am often willing to do the “right thing”, I still hold back in certain areas claiming those areas as mine. They are the little false demi-gods that I hold onto. they don’t hurt anyone, and no one is really affected by them, just little things that I hadn’t seen a need to hand over. And it was There that I saw that while I will not be “punished” for not handing them over, I also will not receive the full measure of blessing that is there for me to receive. I thought of Rachel and her idols she sat on denying she had them.
    Later in the day, in conversation with a friend we were discussing another friend who came upon Arthur Burk and the insights he had to the Alien Human Spirit. She then took me to this website, and this particular post spoke directly to what the Lord shown me jus this morning. I have some understanding about the parts of the brain and how they operate. AB’s contribution and insights speaks volumes to me on this very subject. Praise Be To God! I am really looking forward to learning more here.

  8. Irene B says:

    Thank you

  9. Michelle says:

    I like this idea and I think I’ll try it!

  10. Katharine says:

    This rang true to me as I have pondered about the adrenals for some time since my mother passed away in 2004 from an ‘unusual’ cancer of the adrenal system called Merkel Cell carcinoma. We took her to every facility we knew of – research at Scripts and the cancer hospital in Palm Springs – buying her a home in Palm Springs to have treatment and peace and we are from Ontario, Canada. She was the only Christian in her family line, and in our family with me and she always had issues receiving love and acceptance or anything – from her mother or father or from any of us ( I always thought it was because her mom was pregnant with her as a single woman and her father did not want to marry her but did and then left them for years to struggle on their own?)…….she was a Christian, an active witness to anything that moved, receiving Jesus since 1977…….

  11. Katharine says:

    I awoke early this morning from a vivid dream of seeing a numbered list of people’s names – like a statistical list – people who have a blood covenant with Father – heard someone saying these are His people who are not receiving the benefits of that covenant with Him, HIs part that He has always fulfilled……..seems to go inline with what you are saying here ….
    ‘What would happen to our physical bodies, if we took a 90 day hiatus from petitioning Him and simply walked each day, proclaiming that everything in our life is Father-filtered? What would happen if we leaned into the gifts God gave us even when we are aching for something else?
    Is there any chance that our skewed relationship with the generosity of the Father is having direct implications to our physical health?’……. from my perspective from the dream this morning after hearing on October 19th “look at the word I have spoken to you and not what you do not see” that keeps replaying to me.

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