Closure on Mother/Daughter Project

Several months ago we started a brain testing project that involved adult women who had sustained, unresolvable conflicts with their mothers.  The project evolved from some observations we made last year about the human spirit not being willing to go to certain regions of the brain when that situation existed.

This time people came to us instead of our going to them which made for a slower project but it did not require our stopping everything going on in the office for several months while we were out in the field.

Obviously some of the people who came simply did not have appropriate skills for conflict resolution so it was not really a brain problem.  But very quickly a pattern emerged with the parietal lobe of the brain being implicated repeatedly in these adult daughters.

This puzzled me because the parietal lobe is part of the Servant fractal.  I could not find maternal issues in the Servant position in any of the fractal of seven.  For example, in creation, the Servant is represented by the atmosphere being created.  In the Tabernacle furniture, the bronze laver is not overly maternal.  In the seven last words on the cross, Christ dealing with the thief is not the essence of maternal dynamics.

Fortunately we had a good stream of volunteers and eventually one day, something shifted and we saw what the game really was.

The core problem was in the Giver portion of the brain, the cerebellum.  And THAT made sense.  The Giver fractal is loaded with maternal themes, beginning with the creation of fish and birds on the fifth day.

The key is the historic symbiotic relationship between the Servant and the Giver.

So to simplify all the jargon, in every case we identified, there was an AHS in the parietal lobe.  That drew the attention of the researchers away from the real problem in the cerebellum.

In most cases, there was the fifth head of Leviathan (broken communication) lodged very discretely in the cerebellum, staying out of sight and causing considerable damage.  In a few cases, there was an AHS in the cerebellum causing the dysfunction.

At the end of the day, it was a pairing of two unclean entities in the brain that were creating havoc in interpersonal relationships.

Now this is quite a challenging conclusion.  Some of these people have been through immense levels of deliverance.  Why is it that critters in the brain seem to escape the majority of the deliverance techniques out there, yet when they are exposed, they go fairly easily?

This is a problem which we do not have an answer for, but it certainly highlights the need for brain work to become a standard part of any deliverance team’s tool kit.

All told, we were very pleased with the process.  We had a theory and it was quickly proved wrong.  But by following the trail of the actual data, we arrived at a solid place with good answers for people.

Now, it is important to go on record that the electrical equipment was valuable for our discovery process but was not essential.  In our experimentation it was wonderful to have multiple confirmations of strange data but you don’t need that.  Let me illustrate.

The EAV equipment accurately identified whether it was an AHS or Leviathan in 97% of the cases.  For electronics, that is impressive.  So by the start of the process, I knew what the game was, but the volunteer did not.

Then we set up the EEG and we went through the preliminary steps of establishing a baseline for the brain and the soul activity.

When it came time to work with the spirit, I would ask each portion of the spirit if it was able to go to the sections of the brain that corresponded to its fractal.  If there was defilement, the pertinent portion of the spirit would refuse to go there.  In some cases it went there but expressed great concern.

So that became an independent validation by their spirit of what we had already seen with the EAV equipment.  And then of course there is the confirmation by the EEG.

My point is this.  We found the equipment helpful for solving the original riddle just because the redundancy was confirming and comforting.  What the EAV showed, their spirit confirmed as accurate.

However, you don’t need it.  All you need is a partner who can work with your spirit.

Have your friend call your spirit to the front and explain what you are going to do.  Ask the Servant portion if it is safe for it to go to the parietal lobe, both the right and left hemispheres.  Ask the Giver portion if it can go to the cerebellum.

If their answer is no to both then you want to start with the Servant portion.  Ask Servant whether it is a living thing there in the parietal lobe, or a device.  A small percentage of the time the critters have been already removed but have left behind a mechanism that continued to perpetuate the aberrant behavior.

If it is a device, then ask the angels to destroy it and wait until your spirit confirms that.

If it is not a device, ask your spirit whether it is an AHS or Leviathan and proceed accordingly.

Now this test was very narrow:  adult women with enduring conflict with their mothers.

Considering the fact that the fifth head of Leviathan is willing to scramble anyone’s communication, and thereby fracture relationships, it is worth your time to explore your own cerebellum if you have any enduring relational issues with anyone.

It may well not be you.  As Scripture says, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”  Rom. 12:18  Some people have issues and are not going to get along with you, but we need to own our stuff.

All told, a big thank you to all the volunteers who made their way to California, especially the ones at the front end when our methodology was sloppy and the results were uninspiring.  We stood on your shoulders for the rest.

Copyright November 2013 by Arthur Burk

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11 Responses to Closure on Mother/Daughter Project

  1. becky dymond says:

    What is an AHS? Having problems tracking it back to original use & definition

  2. Lisa says:

    Does your teaching on AHS also cover Leviathan, mechanisms, structures, etc? This is all new information for me. Where do I start?

  3. Rosa says:

    Is there a big difference in these womens lives after going through this process?

    • SLG says:

      For some, it was massively transformational of all aspects of their lives. For others who had underlying issues that were not addressed, the changes were minimal.

  4. Ryan Kleps says:

    What is the approach for removing Leviathan or a device left by Leviathan?

    • SLG says:

      It is pretty much like ordinary deliverance. Determine whether it is generational or current. Find the sin, rebellion, iniquity, wound, lie or whatnot that allowed it in. Cleanse that, and command a release.

  5. Fount Shults says:

    This was good timing for me. A few days ago I addressed an issue as a mechanism rather than a living entity as I was ministering to a lady who had received “prayer ministry” multiple times from many varied methods. Since I had never done it that way before, this blog was a confirmation.

    Thank you.

    • SLG says:

      Fount, the issue of a device is that it is non-volitional so it cannot obey or choose. I can order you from the room and you can obey or disobey. If you disobey, I can increase the motivation for you to move until you move. My I cannot command a glass of water to move to the kitchen. It is not volitional. It has to be physically removed by a volitional being.

      Now at the end of the day, all of the devices were placed there by volitional creatures, but if the leave after the fact, it becomes an effective means of leaving a demonic-looking trigger in place that is not responsive to deliverance.

      SO kudos to you for following the leading of the Holy Spirit before you read my blog!

  6. Robert says:

    your mentioning the mechanism or device is critical, there are far more of these than we have known in the past. In some aspects which are undefined as to extent, the demon and or ahs functions only through that mechanism or device. much more focus needs to be placed on these aspects of freedom and liberty across the spectrum of healing and deliverance. They are major forces of the enemy …… we must become more knowledgeable about these devices and mechanisms, it will save untold time and effort ..

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