Angels in Your Brain

Just to review the journey, EEGs were originally developed to track brain anomalies.  Eventually someone began using them to also track thoughts.

A couple of years ago we had the idea to track the presence of the human spirit as it functioned in the brain and we developed a solid protocol showing that this was possible.

Then we tag teamed the EAV machine and the EEG machine to identify where in the brain an AHS might be lurking.  Since the last blog, we have done other tests and continue to have solid accuracy.

Our latest joy was being able to identify Leviathan in the brain.  (“Our” being the researchers in the room.  I don’t recall any euphoria on the part of the client.)

I had one experience some time back suggesting that the EAV machine could identify Leviathan, but we have sufficiently few people with Leviathan on the brain that I never got a chance to test my hypothesis.

Sometime in the mad rush since the last blog, we did have an EAV test that came up AHS in two parts of the brain and what I suspected was “the” marker for Leviathan in the frontal lobe.

We switched to the EEG for the follow up.  One cluster of AHS was compliant, another copped an attitude.  When that drama was over, I engaged her spirit and asked about Leviathan in the frontal lobe.

The answer was a bit of a surprise.  Her Prophet portion said that Leviathan was not active there but had left a structure that was still operating.  Fascinating that we had picked up on a device that was acting like an entity, but the entity was gone.

I checked to see if there was a guard of any sort we needed to deal with.  Answer was “No.”

So we asked the angels to come in and dismantle the mess and restore original design.

It took several minutes.  I kept checking in with the Prophet portion to get percentage of completion reports.

What that means is that we now have an EEG record of angelic work in the brain quite apart from sentient creatures being active.  We will bookmark that portion of her EEG to use for comparison with others where we know there has been angelic activity.

Right now I could not pick out angelic activity on an EEG although I am sure we have had their help before, but now that we have a baseline, we can start to build that competency.

On a more pragmatic note, the immediate result for the client was no change.  She came to the appointment in the midst of a fairly depressed patch and left the appointment to more of the same.  The week after was pretty grim in fact.

But since then, things have shifted significantly for her.  One of the pervasive issues in her life was attracting business people who were unproductive and unfair.  Whether it was the butcher, the baker or the candlestick maker, her choices generally brought her grief and she could not get justice when she appealed.

She of course warred against the Aramean Curse, the Moabite Curse, the Philistine Curse and the victim spirit until she probably knows those teachings better than most of you.  The result was essentially nothing.  Year after year.

After cleaning out her brain, several of her glitchy business relationships suddenly decided to play nice and volunteered to fulfill their contractual obligations without fussing at her.

This is a dramatic turn around.  We have no idea whether it is the result of getting rid of the Leviathan device, or the AHS, but it is a welcome result anyway and far more than anything we had hoped for.

It takes me back to all of the e-mails I have received from people who got no results from the Seven Curses teaching.  Admittedly some of them did not change their lifestyles at all so there is no reason to expect change from a renunciation, but I wonder how many did all the right things only to be thwarted by an AHS or a Leviathan device.

Copyright August 2013 by Arthur Burk

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9 Responses to Angels in Your Brain

  1. Corinne says:

    The device is interesting to me – a few years ago a friend who is a traditional “see-er” saw a device on my head. He refers to them as demonic transponders. One of the symptoms he described was when you say something and a person will hear something completely different – sometimes just a different nuance, but sometimes different words all together! It also sometimes works that you yourself hear things differently than they were said. Well, I could certainly identify with the first description and have a family member who hears critical information completely skewed, and makes internal and external descitions based on that faulty information. It has mangled relationships and made a base of mis-trust. Dreadful. After prayer, it really did make a difference! INterestingly, when he saw it, he said we needed to ask the lord if it was implanted mostly surface,or if it had an “arm” or “hook” going further in that needed to be dealt with. Well, the lord had made me ready for the surgery in a dream the night before and it was good.

  2. Sara says:

    I have been reading your entries, totally fascinated. I have had an EAV scan done, but definitely nothing like this. Amazing. What is the name of the machine? I wonder if it is the same one. Like Cindy, I am curious, how do we come see you for an appointment???

    • SLG says:

      Hi Sara. Sorry to be slow in replying. We use the latest version of the Veradyne machine, but there are many out there.

      At present, we are not taking appointments. Our current series of tests for the mother/daughter dynamics has been very productive so we don’t need to test any more. We will be running a new series of tests next year on a different topic. Watch this site or the newsletter and then simply write in to and share how you think you fit the profile.

  3. Carlos Famiglietti says:

    Bravo bravo! If you should ever need volunteers in southern new england, I happily offer up my noggin…so long as you can deal with “Happy”. Carlos

  4. Rita Nelson says:

    Wow. This is amazing stuff. Thank you God for leading these guys and teaching them all about your mysteries. These findings continue to blow my mind!!

  5. Janis says:

    All I can think about all of this is that in Reality there is no ‘inside’ or ‘outside’, just borders established by God for our spirits to establish Dominion within, with whatever tools we have,and all of the instruction and Principles provided in the Bible. Technology is now proving what has been thought by Westerners to be fantasy, imagination and superstition. The first Land we are to ‘take’ is our own dust-of-the-earth self.

  6. Nancy Henry says:

    WOW! This is so interesting! I am amazed at how the Lord is leading you to go after such uncharted territory, and, I am glad you are charting it….and, sharing it with us.
    I just finished the AHS cd’s for the fifth time, and I “catch” new nuances of the teaching every time! Thanks Arthur and team! I still have the perfect candidate for you, since you are stretching yourselves. Blessings, Nancy Henry

  7. Cindy says:

    So fascinating!! And so excited about the results too. I love that the Prophet portion of the spirit was able to detect and identify a “device” and because of that, angels could be called in to help! You just can’t make this stuff up. I love that you are discovering some of the mysteries of God and sharing them with us. I am so grateful for your pioneering work in these areas. I just want to know how soon can we sign up for a thorough brain scan, spirit/brain mapping, cleansing, etc? 🙂

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