We Did it! We Really, Really Did It!

No, I’m not going to tell you what we did in the first line of the blog!  There must be a story with some suspense.  Grab a sweet tea and settle in.

Imagine someone bringing you a brand new pickup and telling you it is your job to make it swing from a tree like Tarzan.  You protest that this is not what pickups are made for and they have no opposable thumbs so it is impossible.  However, you are told to do it anyway.

That is a snapshot of Megan’s life at SLG.

I go out and find some fancy schmantzy piece of electrical equipment and bring it back to the office with firm instructions to make it do things the inventor NEVER designed it to do, or even imagined it possible to be done.

Fortunately, I have more imagination than most equipment designers so I can see wonderful possibilities for a pickup truck in the tree tops.

The latest equipment was the EAV.  We acquired it in early spring.  I told Megan I needed it to identify which lobe of the brain had an AHS or one of the heads of Leviathan.

She went to the designer of the equipment and spent a couple of days being trained, then came back and told me the equipment did not do that.

I told her, “It must. Make it happen.”

So several months, multiple failures and endless e-mails and phone calls later, my pickup can swing from a tree better than Tarzan.  So there and GO MEGAN!

We are back in the flow of testing again after a few months hiatus to study the data from last year, only this time people are coming to us.  For this year’s test, the EAV and the EEG tag team.

Megan runs the baseline test with the EAV to be sure they have a license to live and they brought most of their organs with them.  Then I come watch while she tests the seven portions of the brain with the handy dandy, tree-swinging protocol she has developed (without the knowledge or permission of the inventor) and we then know if there are resident AHS in the brain and where!

Next we hook them up to the EEG, test the brain, then test the soul, then engage the spirit.  After having a friendly little chat with the spirit, I play the joker. I ask the portion of the spirit that matches the portion of the brain with the AHS if it is willing to go there.  Invariably the answer is NO!

For example, the Servant is usually the most viable portion of the spirit, even if some portions are still pretty trashed.  If I ask the Servant to go to the parietal lobe and it won’t, something is wrong because that should be comfortable turf for the Servant.

Just to validate our methodology, I have asked a Servant portion if it was captive or free.  The answer was “Free.”

I have asked if it is willing to work with me and it says, “Sure.”

I then ask it to go somewhere that I know is clean (from the EAV) like the occipital lobe, and it goes merrily and reports all is well.

But it won’t go where it belongs.

So we then engage the AHS (while the EEG is running) and have ourselves a moderate to intense amount of drama for a few minutes.  After the angels clean up the shanty town the AHS has built in that portion of the brain, the Servant portion is quite willing to go explore that territory.

We have now done three client in a row with 100% accuracy.  When I deal with the lobes where the EAV said there were AHS, we found them and enabled them to appropriately relocate.

We did it.  We really, really did it!  The first one might have been a fluke, but by the third one, there was no doubt.  This dawg will HUNT!

Now we ask the classic Sapphire question, “So what?”

Clearly I have found and dealt with a whole lot of those things with simple ordinary discernment, without needing a box full of silicone chips.  What is the big deal?

Well, for starters, it will allow us to refine the distinction between brain issues that need to be dealt with through surgery or brain integration therapy or some other modality, and spiritual issues.

For example, let’s go back to Sally whose Servant portion wanted nothing to do with the parietal lobe.  In daily life, Sally has some chronic problems with physical space and directionality.  Little things that seem quite generic to the rest of us like centering a car in a parking space, or stacking things from large at the bottom to small at the top are a challenge to her.  So is going someplace new, even when she has a GPS.

And she is not alone.  A lot of people have low grade irritations from being spatially challenged.  It is the parietal lobe that is supposed to take all the incoming data and crunch the numbers to enable a person to properly fit the space.

Clearly brain damage can produce that.  So can deficits in childhood experiences.  An overweight child who never played sports will have a less than optimal ability to measure the dynamics of a moving object that is in their space (a ball in childhood sports or a car in adulthood).

But an AHS that hijacks the parietal lobe could also produce the same unevenness in spatial positioning.

Brain damage can often be resolved with extensive investment of time, effort and money.

Underdeveloped parietal lobes can be nurtured with some time invested in sports or other basic moving-object activities.

But an AHS can be resolved in half an hour or less and produces a huge release in a person’s life!

While I was writing this blog, Sally sent me a photo of her car perfectly parked between the lines.  She is stoked.  What no amount of training or trying could produce, a simple eviction achieved.  One day after her AHS departed, she can park!  Gotta love it.  No $25,000 bill for brain therapy.

Most of the AHS in other parts of our body produce symptoms that are much more noticeable.  We go for medical help and are told the symptoms don’t match up with the test results and we then have a clue that there is an AHS involved.

The three clients whose AHS have been exposed by the EAV had no idea they had AHS in their brain.  The problems were not bad enough to draw attention to the spiritual residents, but I can tell you that the freedom they gained after parting ways with the AHS has been measurable in their lives.

We have miles and miles to go before the tools and techniques are portable, but I envision the day when there are many technicians around the country who can tell the difference between a brain glitch and a squatter in your brain.  It takes just five minutes to run the brain part of the EAV test.

And it is all because Megan can make a pickup truck swing through the trees in the jungle better than Tarzan, and because we have an endless supply of you oh, so lovely guinea pigs who allow us to fail for months before getting it right.

We are still taking volunteers for this round of testing in late August and September.  (Hint, hint).  Our specific focus in this round is women with a tough relationship with their mother and those who are overweight and the weight does not respond to diet and exercise — in fact it is random.  Send an e-mail to Friends@TheSLG.com to start the exploratory process.

What if your mother was primarily reacting to the AHS in you, not you!  Did you play your heart out to win your mother’s love, only to be harshly pushed away?  Was she possibly reacting to your visitor, not you?

And if an AHS can hijack the brain so you can’t park a car straight, can it also hijack the metabolism control centers of your brain?

Well, I don’t know.  Yet.  But it sure seems like maybe . . .

Copyright July 2013 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, quite weary on a Friday night but ebullient at the same time

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13 Responses to We Did it! We Really, Really Did It!

  1. Lu-Ina says:

    This makes all sens to me now. Defently had a AHS. Still need to clean up the
    Shanty town. Struggled with reading spelling and of cause wirting. I think that this AHS lached on me after my eldest brothers death -car accident 1968. I was eight years old. Now I feel as if my redemptive gift have changed from prophet to servant. Glory to God thank you thank you.

  2. Sonia says:

    Hear! Hear! Hear! Hear!
    Hear the celebration on Mount Zion! Here the angels and saints cheer!!!!
    Hear the song of many sung in desperation being answered. Hear the sound of these new keys unlocking their answers!
    Blessings upon those who have interceding for this revelation. Blessings upon those who toiled and suffered to dig up this treasure. Blessings upon those who’s deliverance is nigh. Blessings upon everyone at SLG, their land, their office and all their equipment. We celebrate you! We celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!

  3. Tanya says:

    WOW and WOW!!!!!! The dominos are starting falling at last, all Glory to GOD! Also, a big thanks to “two big dogs” that truly love “the hunt”.

  4. cindyjane9 says:

    Wow! And congrats! I am still a bit behind on leaning about AHS. Without hearing the teaching I keep wondering how you know it is human versus demonic? Either way, I am so glad you are seeing fruit in the freedom!

  5. Deborah says:


  6. carol says:

    AMAZING MEGAN!!! I am sooooo excited for y’all @ SLG … it’s like you hit GOLD! Thanks for persisting against all odds! 🙂

  7. Sally Sugrue says:

    Thank you so much Arthur, Megan and the SLG team, I watch in amazement at what you’re all
    doing and my spirit just leaps with hope and joy.

  8. Catherine says:

    GO TEAM!!

    I can hear the William Tell Overture in the background…

    Thank you for how far you are taking the Body of Christ toward being positioned, spirit, soul and body, for alignment with God’s design.


  9. shirley says:

    What is AHS?

    • SLG says:

      Hi Shirley. We have just released a new album about that. Too large a subject for an explanation here. Check out the home page of our website. TheSLG.com.

  10. Karen Liane says:

    The joy in your words leaped right through the computer to my spirit!
    And as much as I rejoice with you, am in awe of what is now possible,
    am amazed that if the Father had all this in store how much more will
    He still let you find — Megan [and Arthur and team] Proverbs 25;2 for
    you — in His manifold wisdom, I am even more grateful, thankful and
    appreciative of what Jasper so well said in his last paragraph,
    especially “and finally for every time you chose not taking a knee! “

    Rich blessings of favour and grace to all in every area of your lives!

  11. Rebekah Scott says:

    Wow.. This is truly truly amazing!!!!!!!! Thank you Megan!!!!!!!!

  12. Jasper Williams III says:

    I am proud of YOU and the The SLG team especially Megan!!!!

    Recently I was listening to a Cutting Edge recording from 2005 at some of the primitive thoughts and hunches you had long before the idea of hooking people up to re-configured brain equipment, was on the scene. To see how far the Father has brought you brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.

    I appreciate your reverence and respect for the clear theological post and bless you to stay within those lines while at the same time blurring the lines that were never meant to be set “there” OR that were set with mild misalignment.

    Thank you for every tear you’ve cried, every time you failed forward, every time you were misunderstood, every time you defiantly chose to stand alone and finally for every time you chose not taking a knee!

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