Volunteers for Testing

The blog has been depressingly silent for the last couple of months, but our team has neither been depressed nor inert.

Our experiments with the fruit of the Spirit and the EAV machine went nowhere. It will take a different configuration to test what we want to test, and we have pushed that to the back of the stove for the moment.

At present I don’t have the time to travel and test, but for those who are in the Southern California area and would like to volunteer a couple of hours, we would be delighted to build our data base a bit and experiment with a couple of new ideas at your expense!

The first has to do with weight issues. There are three common reasons for too much weight — eating too much, not exercising enough, or imbalance in your glands. However, there is a group of people who have pounded on all three of those factors and not made any progress. There is a mysterious SOMETHING that makes your weight be completely disconnected from your caloric dynamics.

You work hard in the yard for three days while you are eating wisely and you gain weight. You indulge and you lose a pound or two. Some things you do produce short term results, but after about two weeks that strategy stops working and you are stuck again. It is crazy making because there seem to be no rules except that you can’t win!

Sound familiar? If you are interested in letting us test your inner workings (body, soul and spirit) with the EAV equipment, we might (or might not) come up with a new strategy that gets to the root of the matter (which is not calories!).

The other area we would like to explore is women who have had a conflicted relationship with their mother, and who have a professional relationship with God when doing ministry, but can’t really connect deeply with God on a personal level. If you have invested a lot in your spiritual walk, but the stuff that works for others does not work so well for you, we would like to explore a bit.

Last year when we were doing EEGs we found a pattern of one portion of the brain where the human spirit could not go and it seemed to be correlated to the mother issues. We now have an idea of how to fix that (and possibly unleash your spiritual walk). At present, it is only an idea, so we need some of our beloved guinea pigs to experiment with.

In each situation, you will be given a rather lengthy (intrusive) spread sheet to fill out with yes or no answers, then Megan will run a test.

If you are in the area and have some flexibility to your schedule, send me an e-mail at Friends@TheSLG.com, and we will figure out when we can schedule you in.

Please note that flexibility is necessary. We cannot drop the other things we are doing to adjust to your schedule because you happen to be passing through from out of state. We are only doing tests on MWF in the afternoon or early evening.

So . . . any takers?

Copyright June 2013 by Arthur Burk
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2 Responses to Volunteers for Testing

  1. Beth says:

    I would volunteer if in the area…this resonates

  2. Daphne McNutt says:

    I found the wight loss comments interesting. I have been pounding on this door for years. This past year I even worked with a personal trainer, built muscle and have gotten stronger and it has changed my life but in 1 1/2 years I have not been able to lose weight. A bit of body fat went and was replaced by muscle, but I couldn’t understand why the scale wouldn’t budge. I have found a new meal plan and the fat is melting off (2 1/2 lb/wk) even after the third week and being on vacation. But something has changed spiritually in the recent weeks preceding the meal plan. I wonder what I accidentally got right?

    I am sorry that I am not in the area, I would love to volunteer for everything.

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