Interpreting EAV Data

A few weeks ago we received a large donation and were able to purchase an EAV machine and get Megan trained on it.  This equipment measures the electrical currents in the meridians of the body and then interprets the data.

There is a lot of science involved and a lot of human assumptions.  The science comes from measuring the electrical current.  The machine challenges your body with a tiny electrical charge and then the system measures the push back by your body.  This is hard science.  Clean, simple and well substantiated.

However, all of the software interpreting the electrical signal coming back is quite suspect.  You see, the alternative medicine field sees one set of energy in your body.  I differ passionately (of course).  I believe you have your life force, your spirit, the Holy Spirit, a wide variety of unclean spirits, body memories, attachments to time, land and other people.  Every single one of those factors contains energy in your body that is measured by the machine.

And the software absolutely does not make those fine distinctions.

At present we know we can do a baseline, kick out a demon and retest to verify that the demon is gone.  That is a nifty little tool but hardly world changing.  We are currently having to use discernment to determine whether a reading that points to abnormality in some organ is actually biological or spiritual, and if spiritual, is it the result of unclean or clean spiritual activity.  That would certainly be more useful but still not extraordinary.

Over time, we will be refining a data base that makes those distinctions for us, although discernment will, I am sure, continue to be a primary tool.

Another facet of the equipment is the software that matches an herbal treatment to the problem.  Suppose you are pegged by the machine as having a gimpy liver.  The normal practice would be to place a series of herbs on the machine which reads the electromagnetic properties of each compound and alerts you when you have a good match between the assets of the remedy and the deficit of the liver.

Again, there is solid science here since every plant carries its own electromagnetic fingerprint, so the machine is reading an absolute reality.  On the flip side, the software is still doing some interpretation based on human presuppositions we don’t share.  So we are cheerfully going to bubble gum the software so we can interpret the science with our theology.  And THAT starts to get exciting.

We are not in the herb business, nor in the business of diagnosing biological health issues, but we are going to experiment to see if we can measure the vitality of the human spirit and then drill down to the seven portions of the spirit.  At the end of the day, the human spirit is a very specialized electromagnetic field (AKA light!) so tracking it should be fairly easy.

At the same time, we want to use the trial and error method they use with herbs, but we will do it with Scripture.  So for example, suppose the Teacher portion of your spirit tests out as gimpy.  We wonder whether Teacher needs hope, patience, vision, reconciliation, passion or whatnot to restore his or her vitality.  If we could test for that, it would be quite easy to “prescribe” a good dose of Scripture passages with the needed theme, instead of just throwing a bunch of generically good verses at the spirit.

So here is the first iteration of the plan.  We have widely quoted the Scripture that says the Word of God is “living.”  In its verbal form, we quite understand and agree.  But what about in written form?  We will find out in a few days.

Gabi will take a series of 3 x 5 generic cards and print on them the fruit of the Spirit in various fonts.  So, for example, one card would have “love” printed on it a dozen times in different fonts, sizes and colors.  One card for each of the fruit of the Spirit.  Those will serve as the baseline because the paper and ink carry a charge that has to be factored in.

Then she will do a parallel set of cards with verses that highlight each of the different fruit of the Spirit.  Again, one card per fruit.  We will test them out to see if there is a dramatic difference in how the machine reads the two cards.

I don’t expect it to work, but I have learned a long time ago to try the simple things, because sometimes, they do work!!!  So we will.  If in fact, the words of Scripture printed on paper with ordinary ink carry a different electromagnetic charge than the words of man, that would certainly launch us into overdrive!

And if it doesn’t, I have two more back up plans.

Anyway, we have entered a fun new phase of research where we are working with the seminal data of energy flow throughout the whole body, not just in some sector of the brain.  Being able to watch the spirit and the Spirit do their amazing partnership through our body will be splendiferously exciting for our not-devoid-of-excitement team.

The beauty of this machine is that we can do a baseline test on a person in five or ten minutes, do some ministry and then retest the problematic part in 30 seconds to find out if what we are doing is effective.  That way we can try a dozen things in an hour or two, and when we find a protocol that seems highly effective (based on the snapshots the EAV machine takes), we can then do an EEG test to watch the movie of the spirit healing the brain while we speak to it.

Fun stuff indeed.

While Megan and I are busy making the machine do things its designer never envisioned, Lacy is drilling down on the basal ganglia in the brain.  In Down Syndrome kids, calcification begins in the basal ganglia for most of them in the first year of life and that calcification and the parallel inhibiting of circulation has a cascade effect in hampering certain areas of their motor skill development and general functionality.

This is the Mercy portion of the brain.  We are wondering whether working with the Mercy portion of a newly diagnosed Down Syndrome child could preclude this customary development.

The bottom line is that this piece of equipment massively opens up avenues for application and verification of protocols that involve the human spirit’s healing capacity in the context of fractals.  And the beautiful thing is, once the protocols are developed and proven in the lab, you will be able to do them at home at no cost, with no equipment — just your spirit working with the spirit of someone you love in a more focused and technical way.

Thanks for the donations.  They do make a difference in speeding up the process.

Copyright April 2013 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, in Anaheim

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12 Responses to Interpreting EAV Data

  1. Ryan says:

    This is so cool and interesting as well because I was just thinking about labeling our plates and glasses with blessings to increase their nutritional value. I also wrote some of the fruits of the spirit on stakes for our garden as an experiment.

    On an even stranger note, I remember listening to a radio show once, might have been Jeff Rense, where the interviewee was talking about the propulsion mechanism for some recovered UFOs or fragments of UFOs. These craft were supposedly propelled by the inscriptions on the material the craft were made of.

  2. The piece about language is REALLY an exciting thought. I have often wondered about the quality of spoken words, and what really happened when God scattered the people at the Tower of Babel. I remember one writer saying how the language being used in the story (represented by Mercury) was so rich because it was just the word, it WAS what it was describing. This, I think, gets somewhere in the ballpark of what God did when He created the universe. Words really WERE living. And even in this day and age, we can see how some languages have a better word to capture something than another language does. I think they all have pieces of the original in them. So, what an extraordinary idea to read it in Hebrew … and maybe even use other languages as well.

  3. The EAV machine you wrote about sounds like a variant of the machine that a MD/ND/Psychiatrist used on our family 24 years ago. We had significant, chronic, unrelenting illnesses in our 3 children (2, 4 and 5) and my wife for which no solution could be found through allopathic medicine, prayer, diet or other means. In fact, when prayer didn’t work we became the “ones that didn’t get healed” by well meaning folks in Christendom. The machine was foundational in detecting the electromagnetic profile of a pesticide in all of them (independently). Detoxification treatment using a combination of homeopathic and herbal remedies and diet was a long process (3 – 4 years) but the result was life changing.

    Because of the different ages of the children, their symptoms were much different. All were constantly battling ear, nose and throat infections as a baseline. On top of this, the oldest displayed mostly chronic fatigue syndrome, the middle was diagnosed as autistic and the youngest displayed stunted growth and symptoms of rickets. The autistic child was on his way to becoming a long term resident of a hospital in our city that caters to children with long term developmental disorders. All 3 became successful athletes and students in their teen years and the “autistic” child has just graduated from university (Psychology/Spanish) with a 3.75 GPA and is a nationally ranked Scrabble player.

    We’ve always wondered about exactly what the EAV machine was reading at the time (human spirit/life force, demonic spirits, etc.) and have often wondered if ministry through the Holy Spirit operates in a similar way to the remedies prescribed for us. Does the supernatural power of God impact the same meridians that this machine is reading? The practitioner who operated the machine was also a Christian and believed he was on the cutting edge of medicine at the time. We certainly agree.

    It is exciting that you are now experimenting with a similar machine. Wondering where this may lead? The idea that this machine could help inform a prayer minister to be more focused and accurate in prayer (perhaps supplemented by diet and herbal remedies) is fascinating.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Yes, John, the EAV technology has been around for a while. The machine we bought is the latest greatest innovation but I am sure there will be a better model in a year or so. But for now, we will have a barrel of fun and push the envelop quite a bit.

  4. says:

    Hi, Do you have more information on which physical part of the brain matches to each gifting?

  5. Ellen Cooke says:

    I am so excited about this work the Lord is leading you to do………..

    I found out several years ago, through the ministry with Be in Health-Henry Wright, that Down’s Syndrome has “roots” (Henry calls them) and that direct prayer to remove the roots and lies, brings healing…. I saw evidence in a little 2-3 year old…… and his physical features were healed, also…..the child was, not 6 months behind in psychological/academic areas, but 6 months ahead of others his age! I am so amazed at the revelation and answers that God gives!

  6. Bruce Jacobsen says:

    I read this post last night before going off to bed and, as so often happens, as I woke this morning, I heard the echos of what I think is my spirit musing over something. Have you considered also trying the scriptures in the original language, especially the Hebrew? Is it possible that it would have more energy than in English? I have heard some teachings about the information encoded in the original text which is trying to be understood and deciphered. Is it possible that it is for the spirit and not necessarily for the soul? One instance I remember was that in the third day of creation by using a equal distance spacing between the letters, all the major tree types are listed in the text. I believe at different intervals, such as an interval of every fifth letter spells the word for one family of trees, every 10th another and so on. Is this also a different use of fractals? Thank you for such exciting and innovative tools.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Yes, Bruce. We certainly have. At the very least, we can do it in writing, but what I would love to have is a native speaker who loves Jesus reading it out loud in the original languages. Go to the head of the class. As usual, you are a couple of jumps out ahead of me.

  7. Wendy, Midlothian , Tx says:

    Wow! This is phenomenal! I have been targeting systems by their RG but very generally- this is so much more exciting!! The possibilities are endless….the Autism connection is extremely intriguing to me. There has to be something relative to the misfires just like the calcification piece with the Downs. And the generational relationship piece…increase in vaccines? Curses on land? Generation? More fractals no doubt. On the edge of my seat!

  8. Bonnie Meyer says:

    Dr. Hulda Clark years ago did a study, and each parasite has their own magnetic force, and wave length, and you can kill them easily with electrical pulses. So if someone feels a major organ issue, it could be the pulse is killing an invader. The body itself will remove the excess waste from the process. But people may need to be aware of the effect. Dr. Clark has a book out–a cure for all diseases, and she gives the wave lengths that kill each, parasite, fungus, or molds that attack the body. She has gone on to be with the Lord, but her website sends the book free if you desire to pay the shipping. Bonnie

    On Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 6:49 PM,

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Yes Bonnie, the machine also measures for parasites and the traces of former parasites, but we have shown that some of this is demonic, not parasitic. In other words, through targeted prayer, the readings change over ten minutes time. What we are working on is a methodology to differentiate between real parasites — which abound in this nation — and the electromagnetic readings that imitate them.

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