Alpha Waves and Your Spirit Part 2

We began with a simple system of Alpha waves being dominant in a resting brain, specifically with eyes closed, while Beta waves are faster and represent the thinking, problem solving activity of a brain when your eyes are open.

While that simplistic paradigm did not necessarily conform consistently to reality, it was a beginning place.

Now let’s add two more gears to the transmission.   When someone goes to sleep, their brain activity slows down initially to Theta waves which are associated with REM sleep, and eventually to Delta waves, the slowest of them all.  This is deep, dreamless sleep, with essentially no body movement.

Again, the generic paradigm is deceptively simple, but in reality, Delta sleep occasionally has Alpha waves riding on top of the Delta waves!

Now right from the start, this is a bit odd.  Why Alpha waves, and not Theta?  It would seem rather commonplace for some of the waves from the previous sector to be intruding into the deep Delta sleep.  But why are Alpha waves, not Theta intruding in the Delta cadence?  And why does Alpha just ride over the Delta waves and not replace them altogether?

The short answer is, the scientists don’t know!

I don’t know either, but let’s have some fun speculating.  It’s not fattening, taxable or illegal, and sometimes it is even productive.

The sleep researchers are rather united in condemning the Alpha waves during Delta sleep.  In fact, they use the pejorative “Alpha intrusion” to define this dynamic.  The standard logic is that Alpha waves cut into the quality of the Delta sleep, and a person wakes up quite tired even though they have supposedly slept deeply.

There have been a lot of studies of people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia and similar conditions, which document the consistent presence of Alpha intrusions.  The common logic is that because those naughty Alpha waves are intruding where they don’t belong, the person does not sleep well for protracted periods of time, and it contributes in some significant degree to their ill health.

While on the surface it is a plausible paradigm, it has not been proven because they don’t have tests showing that a large group of otherwise healthy people had sustained Alpha intrusion sleep and subsequently developed these debilitating diseases.

Furthermore, one bright researcher suggested that the diseases caused the Alpha intrusion, not the other way around.  He pointed out that with fibromyalgia, there are consistent pain flashes throughout the night, and it could well be that each incidence of pain causes an Alpha intrusion into the Delta sleep.

What has fascinated me is the lack of discussion of what causes the Alpha waves to be generated during that period of sleep.  There is a lot of documentation that it happens and there is subjective reporting that people are not as rested after Alpha/Delta sleep than pure Delta.  Note my comment of subjective reporting.  You cannot measure the quality of rest as precisely as you can measure the existence of brain waves.

Now consider all of the people who get good ideas while they sleep.  Thomas Edison was legendary for taking a nap when he was stumped, and having a notepad by his bed so he could jot down the answer as soon as he woke up.  What brain waves was he using, in which cycle of sleep to solve those problems?  Analogously, what are we using when we solve problems at night?

Is it possible that instead of Alpha waves playing a destructive role by intruding unceremoniously into the Delta domain, that actually, Delta is graciously providing an uncluttered workshop for Alpha waves to solve the great problems of your life?

Oh sure, there are people who take their worries to bed with them and chew on them all night long.  We all know that is not healthy.  But if you measured healthy, productive people with Alpha intrusion in their Delta sleep, is it possible that they would be more creative, ingenious, effective problem solvers in the grand mystery of living life well?

Has anyone checked?

Are we absolutely sure that ALL Alpha intrusion is a really bad, disruptive thing?

No.  There are a lot of assumptions relative to Alpha intrusions.

So let’s recap.

One researcher suggests that body pain causes Alpha intrusion.  Plausible.  I wish he would go test his theory for us.  It would be appreciated.

I used basic common sense and proposed a soul explanation for Alpha intrusions.  If we are not problem solving during the Delta phase of our sleep, when it is?  During Theta with all the REM?  That is certainly possible, but I have not found any studies that differentiate between the brain’s problem solving skills in Theta vs. Delta, nor any showing problem solving with and without Alpha intrusions.

Now if we have a body and a soul paradigm, what about the spirit being involved somehow?

I thought you would never ask!

Track with me through this sequence.  The following are quotes from our highly revered (or is it reviled?) scribes at Wikipedia.

“Alpha waves are present at different stages of the wake-sleep cycle. The most widely-researched is during the relaxed mental state, where the subject is at rest with eyes closed, but is not tired or asleep. This alpha activity is centered in the occipital lobe, and is presumed to originate there, although there has been recent speculation that it instead has a thalamic origin.”

Translation:  when your thoughts are drifting, with your eyes closed, your dominant Alpha waves are at the base of your skull, in the back.

As a point of reference, loosely speaking, the further up and forward in your brain the activity is, the more sophisticated it is.  So you do your finest thinking behind your forehead, and the stuff that goes on around the base of the skull is, well . . . not exactly Nobel Prize winning thinking.  Let’s just leave it at that.

Now, watch this progression.

“The second occurrence of alpha wave activity is during REM sleep. As opposed to the awake form of alpha activity, this form is located in a frontal-central location in the brain.”


“Frontal-central location in the brain?”  You mean as soon as I go to sleep, I start generating Alpha waves from the exact location we call the Seat of Dominion where the human spirit and the Holy Spirit hang out?!

What an amazing coincidence.

Wikipedia adds the following dab of profoundness:  “The purpose of alpha activity during REM sleep has yet to be fully understood.”

I’ll bet!!

Moving on.

“The third occurrence of alpha wave activity is the alpha-delta or slow-wave (SWS) state. This activity spreads across the brain in an anterior-posterior gradient.”

Translation:  “. . . anterior-posterior gradient” means that it starts in the front of the brain and spreads over the whole brain until it gets to the back.

Well, well!

Alpha intrusion in Delta sleep originates in the Seat of Dominion!


Coincidences abound.

Now let’s refocus.

One researcher suggested that Alpha intrusion could be caused by the body’s aches and pains.  I proposed an alternative scenario, namely that plain old ordinary soul thinking could possibly be involved.  And Wikipedia graciously informed us that in sleep mode, Alpha waves are generated by the Seat of Dominion (well, not exactly their words) and therefore might possibly have something to do with the human spirit.

Now far be it from me to leave anything neat and tidy if it can possibly be made complicated.  Just to stay in top form, here are two other alternatives.

What if it is not the human spirit, but the Holy Spirit that is launching forays from the Seat of Dominion?  And what if the Holy Spirit is creating “intrusions” of the non-cuddly type?

Unfortunately we don’t have any comparative sleep studies between people with a clear conscience and the other tribe, but having the Holy Spirit harassing you all night long could explain some of the less than energizing results from most of the Alpha/Delta sleep tests.

And clearly the same would be true if the Alpha intrusion came compliments of an unholy spirit.  Frankly I have met a few people whose Seat of Dominion was occupied by non-human spirits of the malevolent kind.

For some strange reason, Wikipedia has not documented any brain wave sleep studies comparing and contrasting a bunch of ordinary pre-Christians to a batch of well sorted out, big spirited people from the Sapphire tribe whose human spirit is joyously and solidly in control of the Seat of Dominion.

What a pity.

Clearly we don’t know what this Alpha intrusion in the Delta wave sleep cycle is about, but there certainly are some fascinating coincidences in the scientific studies that have been done to date.  Hopefully some more aggressive constructs will be tested in the near term.

Copyright January 2013 by Arthur Burk

Written during a retreat on Mercy land

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8 Responses to Alpha Waves and Your Spirit Part 2

  1. Christine says:

    My mother past away in 2008. I and my brothers and sisters were taken away from her when I was 8-9 years old. Some of them returned to live with her. I never did and those that did wished they never had. I felt no sorrow and even felt at peace and hoped that some how she to had found peace. In truth we all felt there was something in control of our mother or she was just evil. After her passing the years past so quickly and I lost sense of time. Looking back I was in a really deep fog and I became sicker with each passing day. I can barely remember those years except I just didn’t feel right. One day I began to think my mother had something to do with my suffering. I had awaken in such pain. It was 3:15 am and for some reason my mothers face flashed before my eyes . There was a very unsettling feeling in my room and I wanted it to go away. It was the presence of my mother. I eventually went to a doctor and was told I had non convulsive electric status epilepticus and that no medicines worked to control the seizures that had spread all over my brain (Keep in mind NON CONVULSIVE). The doctor told me he was sorry but here was nothing he could do. He told me I would eventually go into a coma and in time, die. I kept sensing my mother was somehow responsible but I kept putting this off. This wasn’t rational thinking. My pain would began in the evenings just before I would fall asleep but between 3 and 5am the base of my skull in the back would be exploding with pain. Ice seemed to help relieve my pain to a degree but I would be drained all day after the pain subsided. This pain was enough to make me think of ending my life. I went for a second opinion. The doctor took one look at me and told me I didn’t have NCESE. He did a 3 day EEG and then seemed he didn’t even want to meet with me again. He told me the EEG was normal and I was fine, after insisting he contact me. As of today I still live with uncertainty. Which doctor was correct in his diagnosis. I was diagnosised March2013. Told diagnosis was wrong in Sept 2013. I notice today one of his reports said something like, high levels of Alpha wave intrusion. Then tonight I read your article and I wonder. Is my mother near. When she past, was her malevolent sprit free inflict such pain. I still suffer though I have been practicing on ways to help get past the pain. But the pain isn’t all I fight against. I have always been a loving, gentle person but before and after these head pains I will start having verbal rages that are so out of character. My husband holds me tight with my head pressed to his chest and keeps telling me he loves me and tries desperately to console me. But I scream out in rage the ugliest things. When its over I hate myself and there are no words to say I’m sorry. I have wished I could end it all, as to stop my suffering and the pain my words cause my family. My husband says he knows me and he knows when I’m in that frame of mind, it’s not me. Not me ….. When this happens I sense my mother in near me. Maybe it is because my words….. spoken with such ugliness, reminds me of her, her empty, cold thoughtless actions and behavior that horrified a little girl so bad that when she had the chance to go back home to live, she told her mother “No” and never went back to see her. I know I sound like the mean one that never forgave or went back to visit her but I really felt darkness in her presence. When I was fourteen, I was told to visit my mom as to see if I would want to return to live with her. My last moment in her presence was guarding my face and reaching up to grab her hand and saying, “You will never hit me again, you have no right.” I ran out the door. Years later she sent me a card that said, “Remember me., I’m the one who loves you”. This broke my heart because I wanted to believe those words and I kept that card for years but I never reached out to her. I couldn’t go back. From what I have heard from my sisters who did….I made the right choice. I haven’t had contact with any of my family members but one of my sisters called me one day and told me this story. She told me that at our mother’s funeral the preacher asked if any of the family would like to come forward to say something. My eldest sister stood up and said,” Does anyone here have some nails so we can nail that dam coffin shut, so she can’t get back out and hurt anyone else?” I wasn’t there but these words mad me sad. I had hoped some how she had changed in the end. I know I made the right decision.
    Maybe there is truth to what you have spoke of . I can only hope some day she will rest in peace.

    Your article has given me some insight and in some way a new direction for seeking out my healing.
    God Bless

  2. carol says:

    “What if it is not the human spirit, but the Holy Spirit that is launching forays from the Seat of Dominion?” Proverbs 6:20-23 supports this hypothesis. Logistically, when we sleep there should be a more open playing field for Holy Spirit to communicate to our spirit/soul without as much interference from the (very often dominant) Beta waves of the 5 physical senses. Makes sense that activity generated from the Seat of Dominion would be profitable during Delta sleep patterns.

  3. king`s daughter on the coast says:

    First but not last time commenter…as I read this entry, I sensed a two or three inch-high silver white crown about three inches in diameter on the top of my head above the forehead. Just then it had been set there or its presence been revealed. A peace/anointing/clarity drifted down from the crown into the frontal part of my head behind the forehead and eyes with a renewed sense of dignity and authority. There then came a sense of the connection between that part of the head and man`s tradition of placing crowns there exactly and never further back, askew or on a rakish angle…for what it`s worth

  4. Frans Cronje says:

    Have a look at this EEG wave spectrum table. Note that 10 Hz alpha is associated with kidney activation.

  5. fountshults says:

    Your comments continue to help us in our understanding of the relationship between the physical body and spiritual experiences. I eagerly wait for each new insight.

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