The Root — We Think

Fred reports that the time with his prayer partner ended up in a very unexpected place.

The root issue appears to be a trauma bond to time.  Remember that when we have a trauma that clashes with our view of God, we have three common ways to resolve it.

1)     A few walk away from God completely, declaring Him useless in their lives.

2)     Many violate a rule “just once” in order to get themselves out of the tight spot that God did not rescue them from.  This was Eve’s solution to her supposed cognitive poverty.

3)     Most decide God is not trustworthy in that area of their lives, so they opt to trust God in many other areas, but to be god to themselves in the area where God did not come through.

Fred went for #3.  His family line was involved in some pretty brutal religious wars in past generations.  God obviously accepted their worship and self-sacrifice, but did not keep them alive in the face of persecution.  Somewhere back there, a forefather sat in judgment on God deciding that God did not intervene in issues with authorities.

Once we make a judgment against God, the enemy is happy to validate it for us.  We have given him authority to change the world outside us, to conform with the belief we have inside us about God.

Fast forward some generations.  Fred and his recent forefathers decided not to engage in any conflict with governmental or religious authorities, preferring to suffer the small loss of walking as victims, than the presumed larger loss of going for justice and losing badly because God certainly would not intervene on their behalf.

Thus the amazing contradiction in Fred’s life.  He walks in high authority over most of the demonic around other people because he believes in God’s laws and the fact that the absolutes of God apply to the devil in other people’s lives.  But when it comes to his own life, he has no confidence that God will intervene for HIM in any conflict with civil or religious authorities.

Hence the hole in his armor.

So, he took out some trash today, and we will watch to see how things progress.  At the end of the day, there are some neurological patterns in his brain that will need to be changed.  There are certain kinds of problems that generate instant high faith in him.  Those problems immediately activate the faith portion of his brain.  By contrast the issues related to authorities immediately activate the pathway to passivity.

So pruning the one neurological highway and building the new one will take some time.  But we expect to see his spiritual authority restored right away, once he came out of agreement with the lie.

Copyright November 2012 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, in Anaheim

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8 Responses to The Root — We Think

  1. Meg Rolph says:

    Wow! God has been leading me through almost exactly what you are writing about. I asked the Lord why I have so much trouble with my 3 year old (Ruler gifting) and he showed me (as I’m listening to your Health CD) that there are issues in my brain regarding Ruler and authority. There is a break between my emotions and logic. I was responding to my 3 year olds emotions with emotion rather than using logic (brain-rulership) to lead and instruct her. God’s been taking me through generational stuff about idolizing church authority over the power and authority of God, thus also bringing about a victim spirit that led me to always respond out of my emotions versus logic. I am repenting of believing that God walked away from the church and let man rule in His place. I appreciate you talking about the 3 ways we sin from trauma. I need the Lord to do more shedding light to see how all of this has manifested. Needless to say, once I let the ruler portion of my body step forward and prayed for restoration between my logic and emotions, there was an immediate change in my authority with my daughter. Praise the Lord!!

  2. Dana says:

    HUGE! I am celebrating the victory for Fred, but also the way God leveraged this to significant revelation for many others as well. The generational trauma bond to time landed somewhere significant for me as well, which I expect to unpack very soon! (yes!!!) I applaud Fred’s vulnerability as well as yours Arthur. Thank you for allowing us to go on this journey with you!!!

  3. Franzelle says:

    This makes so much sense! Wow! My husband and I had a huge revelation on certain areas of passivity in our lives! Thank you for sharing!

  4. kathie peterson says:

    I thought it was awesome reading about Fred and your findings. I was sexually abused as a very young child (3) and I am beginning to see that for some reason even though Jesus was there in that horrible room all those times I was being so hurt, even though He loves me so much He could not help or intervene. I have tried and tried to understand this but now I am a 61 yr. old lady who has a whole in her armor also. please don’t get me wrong, I love God with all my heart and soul but when it comes to having faith now with issues I desperately need help with, there is just a black hole. I cannot seem to mujster up anything out of the ashes of my life or past but hopelessness and some fear. I am now in a marriage that He told me not to get into and 25 yrs. later I cannot get out of. there is much more to these things or issues in my life but after many years of therapy from Christian and non Christians, I cannot get out of this horrible box of entrapment I am in.
    I need help in big ways and will continue to read about Fred and hope I can someday be free to live the life God has planned for me that does not involve an emotionally bad marriage and such. God bless
    Kathie peterson

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Kathie, consider listening to the Trauma Bonds to Time and Tools for Cleansing Time and Land. Those two are very helpful for people with imperfect pasts that won’t stay behind them. Also, are you familiar with Nurturing Your Spirit teachings? After you have listened to the basic seminar, Level II addresses child molestation, and how to address it in adults who are still hurting decades later.

  5. cindyjane9 says:

    YAY God for breakthrough for Fred!

  6. Ellen Cooke says:


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