A Surprise Twist

Fred came today, for his EEG.

He was on time and was quite ready to lean into the project.

However . . . NOTHING is ever simple with Fred.  And today was no exception.

What could complicate a simple EEG?  We have done dozens of these this year.

Well, Fred walked in the door with an angel.  And he discerns angels on his scalp — which really muddies the waters since I was planning to track the footprint of his spirit on his scalp, not the presence of his angel.

I must have played hookey the day they taught us how to do EEGs on people who are packing angels.  I can’t find that anywhere in my notes.  Where is Loretta when I need her!

Anyway, suffice it to say, it was an unusual EEG.   It will be interesting to study it in detail next week when I get a chance.

Just glancing at the raw data, it does not look as though our hypothesis was substantiated.  We will take another look at the three tests later on through the grid of quantitative analysis, to see if the frequencies of the brain waves involved tell us anything, but the broad test for location seems to be a dud.

All eyes are now on Fred’s appointment with his team prayer partner tomorrow as he checks to see if he can isolate the vulnerability to one portion of his spirit.

Meanwhile, the usual question swirls around our failed experiment — were we simply off on a rabbit trail?  Was this just a soulish impulse that could have been avoided if we had prayed through it longer?

OR . . . is this a bait and switch?  Did God draw us into this test using Fred’s flawed anti-virus software, but in reality He is trying to show us something completely different than what we think we are looking for?

I am inclined to think the latter.  It feels to me as though we are in the zone of things we don’t know we don’t know, therefore we are not looking for them, therefore God has to use revelation.

In other words, broaden your prayers.  Instead of this being about Fred (and all the other Fred’s out there with a 2% problem) let’s make this a prayer for revelation of God’s real agenda.

I will be mulling these last three days over repeatedly in the next week or so.  I think there is something here . . .

Copyright November 2012 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, in Anaheim

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5 Responses to A Surprise Twist

  1. cindyjane9 says:

    Praying for the treasure map to be released and for the X to be marked clearly. I can feel God’s joy in what He’s about to release to you!

  2. ruthann777 says:

    I felt in my spirit the latter as well. Agreeing with the prayers here. Exciting, but yes prayers needed for expanded capacity to receive revelation for trekking into the unknown by man but known by God. I think God has been excitedly waiting to pull back the curtains and show you some really cool things, and I know there are many awesome discoveries ahead!

  3. Donna K says:

    Too bad you can’t run a baseline EEG and then have those individuals that are involved with his times of limited authority enter the room. Would be very interested to see if there are soul issues that are usurping authority and his spirit cowers, so to sp

  4. desireewoody says:

    Prayers for clear revelation from Almighty God coming your way from NJ. Could you send some blessing prayers back? Thanks!

  5. Ellen Cooke says:

    Lord , I ask and believe you to give uncommon wisdom and revelation now. I pray for those tools in the spiritual realm which see every part that is needed, and nothing is hidden. I see the Lord’s periscope looking around corners and through areas that would otherwise be hidden, popping up and through things that want to cloud some hidden things. i pray the Lord’s laser lights to reveal, totally bring enlightenment and revelation. Thank you , Lord. All glory , honor and praise to you, dear Lord.

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