The Brain and Spiritual Authority

This blog is a continuation of a discussion that began in the Noble Subject blog.  Click here to read the article entitled “Spiritual AIDS.”

The question of the hour is whether our brain can limit or hamper the range of our spiritual authority.

On the surface, it seems counter-intuitive.  After all, we put the spirit in the primary position and use the spirit to heal the brain.

However, as I pondered it more, I realized that we have a Catch 22 situation here.  Think back to the clip I did a long time ago that is available on YouTube entitled “Brain Rot.”  I showed from Scripture how our bad choices (when our brain was clear enough to choose) swiftly caused damage to our thinking processes, so that we could not choose clearly over the long run.

The same sequence would apply here.  Of course the spirit is primary.  But if the spirit sins grievously, there are always consequences.  Could some of those consequences be in the area of brain function?  Certainly.  We don’t know for sure that the brain would be compromised, but since most of our bad choices manifest in the body, it is within the realm of possibility that sinful thoughts/actions could manifest in the brain.

That does not keep the spirit from being a healing agent.  While there may be brain damage resulting in limited spiritual authority at some point, the spirit is not completely neutralized, and the very spirit that sinned and caused the damage would still have the authority to repent and partner with the Holy Spirit in healing the damage.

While this spirit/organic theory is still on the table, we are also looking at a totally spiritual explanation.  On a much more plebeian level, what if one portion of Fred’s spirit is compromised?  Even though the whole of his spirit walks in high authority, wouldn’t he be vulnerable in those 2% areas if one portion still had unhealedness, or worse, some overt “junk?”

This would be a much simpler explanation than the spirit/organic one, and we like the cleaner modalities.

So on Friday, Fred will do the EEG to see how it stacks up to the other two in our little test group.

And on Saturday, he will work with a team mate, checking out each of the seven portions of his spirit, to see if he can find an open door there.

Vulnerable Fred may be.  Lazy . . . not so much.

Copyright November 2012 by Arthur Burk

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6 Responses to The Brain and Spiritual Authority

  1. Re:
    Brain project.
    Norma and I were recently seeking the morning after I had been given a dream.
    We are usually led to scriptures which give us an abundance of revelation.
    This time after reading Numbers 35 where we led to get revelation on the dream ( have gotten it before but no revelation), almost immediately my brain began hurting.
    It hurt deep inside above the left ear just about mid way back on the what seemed to be to the
    the left parietal lobe. It lasted about 30 – 45 seconds.
    While visiting this topic at a later time it appeared again but this time for just a few seconds.
    The nature of the work I was led to do in the city Chino Hills, Calif. seems to map to many of the functions of a Levite. Gates, High places, tearing down an alter system etc etc.
    Two years ago he began softly whispering to me the words Gershon. Than he revealed that my ancestors had bowed down to Pharaoh and had received an Egyptian necklace and came under either a Jeroboam or Rehaboam priesthood.

    In the intensity and heated battles of the city work several people suddenly died unintentionally.

    One of them who we sensed died early in life who was part of the charter city demonic government responsible for incorporating the city which was in my dream. The person in the dream was watching a court proceeding outside which I was also attending but as an observer and I had wet clothes that I had hung out to dry over my chair back.

    Yes we have applied profusely the 4R’s, to the generations, and applied the time trauma bonds applications to both situations above.

    Back in Chino Hills….. after the mandate for the city was completed( to build 3 churches) we were directed to sell everything and move to Montana. ( 2007)

    Later we were shown that where we were led to moved to was a refuge city.

    Are there any raw or left over potatoes lying around in the brain project bin that might help guide us to deeper discernment and or solutions pertaining to this scenario?


    PS. My childhood was plagued by major family dysfunctions( (a&b) and also contracted measle meningitis* with total paralysis and was diagnosed to have died, until Jesus appeared.


    • SLG says:

      Garry, the spot you referred to as having pain is the place I often find the human spirit if it has been dispossessed from the seat of dominion. Not all spirits go there, but it seems to be an acceptable city of refuge for the spirit. One wonders whether you are possibly still tied to a portal or an AHS on the land in Chino Hills. That is just a guess.

  2. Rebekah Scott says:

    Thanks Arthur for your willingness to brake new ground, and a BIG thank you for the way you guard Fred’s dignity!

    I’m wondering how one would differentiate between soul sin and spirit sin? Are they the same or different?

  3. Will Chen says:

    Thank you for pointing to the “Brain Rot” clip. I can totally relate to that and therefore I am going to start getting out of that downward spiral by engaging myself in God-sighting each day. Thank you, Arthur, for the much needed advice.

    By the way, where are the glory stories on your website? I don’t seem to find them.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      We discontinued the glory stories two years ago when we changed websites. It was becoming very labor intensive to collect and edit them, and our volunteer moved on to other things, and there seemed to be no response from readers. So high cost, low return on investment.

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