Data Collection in Odek

I was in Uganda last week and had occasion to visit the Gulu region of Northern Uganda.  While in the Giver town of Gulu, we were introduced to a young lady who is studying at the university there, while also working at a day care center for kids with Nodding Disease, in the town of Odek.

She was extremely helpful in framing the problem, then she introduced us to the doctor who has been commissioned by the government to do the definitive study of the problem.  Between the two of them, they were a treasure chest of information.

This is the region where the Lord’s Resistance Army played such havoc for so long, specifically preying on the children.  As a response to the assaults on the villagers, the government set up a series of refugee camps where they moved people on a wholesale basis so they could be protected by the army until the insurgency was put down.

What emerged from the discussion is that absolutely 100% of the kids with Nodding Disease had been in the camps.  No exceptions.  However, not all the camps were affected.  There were around 100 camps, and the doctor guessed that possibly as few as 20 of them had produced kids with this problem.  Yet only a tiny percentage of the kids who were in the camps are affected.

That poses an interesting logic challenge.  At present the government is looking at nutritional issues in the camps as the possible trigger of the disease.  However, even if malnutrition were the trigger, it still suggests that there was a pre-existing condition that is triggered by the lack of nutrition, and why, if it is nutritionally related, the restoration of a good diet does not resolve the issue.

Joseph Kony was deeply vested in the demonic realm.  He had set up seven altars around the region which provided him with supernatural protection from the Ugandan army many times.  The president of Uganda eventually authorized a group of pastors to tear down the altars with the help and protection of the military.

This was a game changer.  With his protection gone, he had to flee to South Sudan.

Clearly land, violence, children and the demonic are all involved in this package.

We decided to drive the 60 miles or so from Gulu to Odek to visit the day care center that handles about 40 kids a day.  I had no sense of geography but when we crossed the spiritual boundary of Kony’s previous turf, I was hit hard.  Upon querying the Ugandan’s in the car, it became clear what I had felt.

What that means is that even though Kony and the LRA are physically gone from the area, the covenant he established between the land and the forces of darkness is still considered to be in force by the dark side.

And, it suggests that since the demonic force is not receiving the regular human blood sacrifice it required from Kony’s hand, it is collecting the ‘taxes’ due it through tormenting children with this disease.

We arrived at the school and I watched the kids for a while, then pulled out six to minister to.  I met with each one individually and asked a few questions.  To further confirm my hypothesis, there was one girl who did not fit the spiritual brokenness profile.  When I asked further, it came out that she was not born in Kony’s region.  AND, she probably does not have the Nodding Disease, since her seizures are very different from those of the rest of the kids.

The parents of the kids welcome prayer by the overtly Christian day care center (that is funded by a doctor in San Antonio, Texas).  They in turn have authorized me to deal with whatever spiritual issues I find.

The plan is for me to work with the six kids whose profiles I took and do deliverance for them from a distance over the next few months.  We will throw everything we know at this problem.  Meanwhile, the kids have a baseline from which to measure against, and the other 34 kids in the group serve as the control.

It will be a bit tricky to determine what specific warfare action worked because all the kids are on anti-seizure medication.  Some still seize occasionally in spite of the meds.  It will be up to the doctor in charge as to when he will lower the dosage for each child.  Coming off the meds is a slow process, so we might be months before we have any clue whether this approach is going to work.

Meanwhile, the team on the ground is exploring strategies for going in and taking the cleansing of the land to a new level – disempowering the covenant.  The fact that they were so effective in their first round is hugely encouraging to them.

For now, we both have some work to do!

Copyright October 2012 by Arthur Burk

From the Admiral’s Club in Chicago

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9 Responses to Data Collection in Odek

  1. Nicci says:

    Arthur, just watched Machine gun Preacher.. Whoa.. Don’t mind some actual putting your money where your mouth is, but immediately wanted to know if you were in on what’s transpiring in Sudan/Uganda. What is the latest on the kids and on cleansing the land? Anything we could pray for apart from evil Mr. Kony dying? Sorry, still revved up by the horrible destruction the enemy is wrecking.. Want to do some REAL TIME retaliation…

  2. Daphne says:

    Wow. Now THAT is deep spiritual insight. I want to test the principle and apply it in other areas in my life and see if there is breakthrough. This insight applied is like a huge meteorite from heaven carrying SO much power of redemption. And wow….I’m amazed at the principle of the power of the covenant…not just in the Gd realm of what I normally think about but that it applies to dark and the Enemy’s realm. Duh…where have I been? How are dark covenants established and how can they be torn down and disempowered? How do you cleanse the land?

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Our material on breaking covenants is in the first CD of Ministering to Babies in the Womb, and in the set of deliverance teachings on You Tube. And we have a whole blog website called Land Prayers about cleansing land.

  3. ruthann777 says:

    I am curious if other efforts have been made to cleanse the land. It is good information to learn that even when the physical evil is gone, that the covenant can continue and manifest in another way. I am excited to hear the news and I have suspicions that this study will bring valuable information that will hopefully open more doors to areas of oppression to be ministered to!

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Ruthann, so far as I know, there has only been the one effort on the land. There has been a lot of work reconciling people to God and some interesting things are happening that suggest the beginnings of the wind of God’s Spirit blowing on the land. Vertical reconciliation is the first step. The second step in a healing pilgrimage is reconciliation horizontally. I know that several different ministries have been doing inter-tribal and regional reconciliation with immense results. They are just now beginning to have a national discussion about how to cleanse the land. It is the logical third step.

  4. Lynne Anderson says:

    Thank you for your post – the Lord has been bringing you to mind quite intensely for the past few weeks and so, in a nutshell, I have been praying that God would bless you with new insight, new understanding and wisdom, that any “blocks” would be removed in order to receive from God all that He is wanting to reveal to you at this time. May all these children be released from this disease!

  5. Deborah says:

    You have been on my heart much lately. This is amazing. So very much to learn here. I continue to pray for you and your team in this Kingdom work.

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