Memories and Hope

Today is Sunday, the 16th of September.

One year ago today, five of us from four countries were in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, pondering why the Lord had brought us together.

After a few hours of spinning our wheels, I stopped and called home for more prayer cover.  Shortly after the intercessors leaned in, we came up with the historic question: “Is it possible for us to track the shadow of the human spirit on the brain, using an EEG machine?”

A year ago today.

As I look back, there are so many memories.

-The first test there in KL.

-The struggle to learn the equipment.

-The first big batch of tests in Virginia and all drama of our first manifestation on the screen.

-Developing a wordless synchronization with Loretta as spirit and soul were teaming flawlessly.

-The shock of watching the screen as people dissociated.

-All the awe moments as God would surprise us with His power and revelation.

-The time in Calgary when God used all those physical illustrations.  Loretta and I will always remember the picture of life as a spinal column.

-Don in Odessa with the learning disability that succumbed so gently to the power of the spirit.

-The whole team that did the media fast and how shockingly different their EEGs were.

-The time here in the office looking at the EEGs and seeing so many fascinating dynamics.

There are so many memories.  Good tests and bad ones.  Awe filled moments and comedic absurdities.  Tender connections and sterile experiences.

What a year!

So now we look forward.

While I am still staring at the gargantuan pile of data we have already acquired, trying to figure out how to digest it, how to extract strategies from it, and generally how to be a good steward of that data, God seems to be already down the road.

-I was in Texas chatting to an inventor last week when the topic of seizures in Uganda came up.  Suddenly I am in contact with a man of God who is living in a village that just got hit with the “nodding disease.”

This is a treasure trove of data.  What does it look like when these seizures first arrive in a village?  What shifted in the spiritual realm to allow that?  Is this a curse on time?  The LRA has been long gone from that region but used to be active there.  Is this an anniversary of some piece of iniquity committed on that land, long ago?

We don’t know, but clearly God wants us to look at this riddle or He would not have reached so far to give us a solid contact to explore this.

-A mom called me last week to share that her daughter struggles in school.  Ever since Mom began reading the blessings to her daughter, her reading skills picked up dramatically, but not her math.

My spirit is churning.  I absolutely do not accept the belief that the human spirit does not do math.  God is the ultimate mathematician and the Word is full of math.  What if I were (in my spare time) to record a series of blessings about the God of math and the math of God?  Would this be enough to catapult a child’s math abilities to a new level?

-After years of circling around the heart/spirit dynamics and not knowing where to start, God brought me someone with a problem I had never seen before.  He coached us through the cleansing/healing process and to my surprise it revealed a possible key to cleansing the spiritual dynamics of the heart.  I am “actively waiting” for the right person to come along, to be able to test the strategy a second time to be sure it is portable.

-The team of gloriously dangerous people from sundry ministries who go to Burning Man every summer, have been using our material for several years.  The report this year is that there was a pronounced uptick in the amount of release their visitors have received through working with the spirit.  It is so exciting to see the principles working flawlessly in the least hospitable context.

There is so much more before us.  There are seemingly unlimited open doors.

I invite you to spend some time savoring what God has already done, then to write and share a blessing for the coming year.  We have only barely begun and already what we can see with our natural mind is larger than we can even process.  The ramifications are far beyond anything I can possibly execute on my own.

Thus it is necessary for us to fight hard against allowing our soul/mind to define the project too small.  I would welcome some God sized blessings for a God sized project to be carried along by the wind of God’s favor and power.

Copyright September 2012 by Arthur Burk

From the Quarterdeck

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8 Responses to Memories and Hope

  1. Cal says:

    Arthur, we bless you in Jesus’ name for the upcoming year and forever beyond. We bless your team and all you work with. Lord, may their spirits stand tall in your presence in all the awesome work you do in their lives. You have created them for this day! May the generosity of the Lord be with you all. Extremely large portions of knowledge, wisdom, and the application of Holy Spirit healing to hearts and minds. Lord, heal those in the perilous place between You and the enemy. Clear thinking and learning, great contacts, thick provision, and strong hands to each one. Jesus, let the blessings of your Kingdom of Love arrive more and more on each.

  2. Catherine says:

    Arthur, may you be blessed with a perspective that is ever deeper, higher and broader as you follow the Father further into uncharted waters and mark the stars that future generations will navigate by. May you continue to develop the faculties to receive greater revelation of Him as you walk in awe of Him at every turn. May you and this project be so hidden in His light that everything that cannot stand there would fall away.
    Father God, may Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven through this project and every life and part of creation it touches. May it continue to bring Your people into being a more focused reflection of You as the mysteries of the connections between spirit and brain and body are discovered. Use this project as a playing field, Father, to reveal a game the world has never seen, with applications as varied and outrageous as You are. Bring the minds and hearts of all involved into cadence with Yours. Shake heaven and earth, Lord, reveal how the thrones of kingdoms will be destroyed and You will be seated in the minds and hearts of Your people through this work of Yours.

  3. Rita Nelson says:

    I bless yuo and your team for thinking outside the box and allowing God to expand your box expotentially. I bless your families for their love, grace, understanding, and support as you journey on. I bless you all for all the ground breaking work. It is truly amazing what God is doing here. I bless your spirits and the spirits of all who read these posts. In Jesus name I pray and bless you. AMEN!!!

  4. Sarah says:

    i bless you Arthur and all of the big spirited people who are on the journey with you with the joy of finding out more and more along the way and that a huge piece of the joy and satisfaction would be setting many people free to become who they were designed and destined to be. There is great purpose in this journey and I bless you with exploring every little piece and bit. I bless you with fulfillment in the daily process as much as in the great Aha moments.

  5. Zack G. says:

    I bless you with joyously chasing after Father, like a boy laughingly running after his dad on the beach, while he continues to take you beyond what we’ve ever dreamed of into the deep secrets of the heavenly realms, and more importantly, the mysteries of His heart and mind when He created us and this world from the very beginning. I bless you with Knowing, truly knowing in your inmost being, when Father is leading you, and when you are dancing after an illusion of the soul, and in the end, catching up to Him and falling into His arms amidst the majesty, glory, and joy of heaven.
    I bless you in Jesus Christ’s Holy Name

  6. Diane McCraw says:

    Arthur, I bless you with results that only the Father could have engineered. As someone who is a late comer I can see that you are going to places that very few people have gone and are sharing what the LORD is doing in your life as an example to us. My spirit is soaring although my mind is trying to wrap itself around the concepts you are working on. Our prayers for continued wisdom for each step you continue to take, go with you.

  7. Lu-Ina says:

    When Isreal faced the Red sea and the Egyptians, God parted the sea. I bless you with the courage to stand facing what seem to be impossible, and expect God to make a way.

  8. Bunny Warlen says:

    Father I would like to release a blessing of honor to the those who are cutting edge … horizon sailing explorers who want more of God and are willing to step out and even walk on water.
    I honor those that have started to sink yet cried out to Jesus and He has a willing awaiting hand to scoop us up and walk with us on the water so that we may begin again from a fresh stepping out of the boat experience. I bless the spirit of those that are willing to stand amazed at the largeness of our God and not look back at our smallness but continue going forward … large spirited and full of JOY and WORSHIP for that which will be revealed as we continue.
    Bless you dear friend who sails your ship as far to the horizons beyond and when you pause and reflect please know that many are going forward because of your “Grand Courage” pronounced in French as our dear friend would encourage you when we prayed for you for she admired your courage and creative vocabulary. Happy Anniversary on this Rosh Hashanah … Beginning of a New Year … 5773 … Blessings to you and your amazing staff.
    Love and ongoing and continuing intercession for the work that has begun and the grand report on this Year’s Anniversary.

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