Learning Disabilities

We were able to test the two young people who had been told they have learning disabilities.

There is a challenge in that label, since it is generally deduced from the behavior or academic challenges of the students.  When a child is declared to be LD, that is generally not the result of neuro-imaging.  Thus, it constitutes an assumption, not a diagnosis.

We did two different protocols with the girl and the boy.  For both we did the two international standard baseline exercises.  And we did a reading pre-test and an oral math pre-test.  From there we differentiated.

For the girl, I did a lengthy transition from soul to spirit and had her do a spirit only exercise, then did a spirit led reading and math test.

For the boy, we did a very short version of the transition from soul to spirit, then went directly to the reading and math tests.

For the girl’s test, both parents were in the room.  For the boy’s test, it was just me in front of him and Megan at the computer.

The boy’s EEG was a mess.  In the baseline protocols, the graphs were wildly scrambled, just like we saw with Don in Odessa.  This is when both volunteers were thinking gentle, pleasant thoughts, with no task to solve.  They chose their own thoughts and even then, the brain was massively desynchronized.

Having seen two EEGs that look more or less the same in this area, I am cautiously saying we have loose profile of what certain kinds of LD might look like in the brain.

The girl’s resting brainwaves looked very normal except for one small pattern which occurred from time to time which I have seen before in other EEGs.  That creates a problem.  Either she is not LD, or, some of the other people I tested were, and they didn’t know it.

My hunch is that it is the latter.  I don’t know what that small glitch is about, but it would be interesting to retest one of the adults who we know has shown this problem in the past and to run a range of different brain activities to see if we can make it surface again when they are thinking specific thoughts, then make it go away when they think thoughts that don’t use that sector of the “hard drive.”

Let me say it a different way.  IF that pattern indicates a region of the brain that is not able to do a particular task, the glitch is quite limited in its impact.  The adults who we tested who showed that pattern are all high functioning and have no clue that anyone would consider them to have a brain glitch.

Clearly it is a small thing, if it is brain glitches at all.  They can do 99% of their life with ease, but one kind of thought runs through the bad sector.

Going back to the girl:  there was no significant aberration in her brain waves (that an amateur can see!) when she did either of the pre-tests.  When we asked her to do the one spirit activity, it was clear that her spirit is immense due to what her parents have been doing with her, and it was glad to be in charge.

When it came to reading, the EEG was markedly smoother when she was reading with her spirit. This was a rather simplistic test, so we don’t know whether she read better with her spirit, or faster, or had higher comprehension.  We just know that the brain pattern looked better after she was instructed to use her spirit.

There was no appreciable increase in her math skills and only a minor change in her EEG during the post-test.

For the boy, I did the short version of calling the spirit to the front, but even so, there was a marked improvement in his reading ability.  His math scores in the post-test were considerably worse than in the pre-test and the EEG didn’t show anything dramatic.

So where do we go from here?

Well, the fact that both had improvement in reading and not math was quite fascinating.  It doesn’t quite fit my presuppositions to accept that the spirit is not able to do math, although quite a few kids over the years have, in fact, advanced the theory that math came from hell itself.

There is certainly room to explore more of what is going on with math, the brain and the human spirit, but it isn’t at the top of my To Do List.

The fact that the boy with the obvious brain glitches did measurably better at reading after the most superficial engagement of his spirit, strongly suggests that there is something worth pursuing here.

But what intrigues me most of all is the fact that the girl, who I don’t think has LD, also improved when reading with her spirit.

It suggests that whether you are LD or normal, perhaps most of the brain activities we do are better done under the direction of the spirit, than the soul.

Both of these kids have had some modest ministry to their spirits. Neither had this kind of work done in the womb.  It would be interesting to test a child who had extensive work on his spirit both in the womb and in early childhood, and is labeled LD.

Unless, of course, there are none!

Copyright August 2012 by Arthur Burk

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7 Responses to Learning Disabilities

  1. Neridda says:

    I post this in the hope that someone has also been dwelling on this post and has the resources to take this further. I have been turning this conundrum over for some time, and although I am a complete novice in the area of ministering to the human spirit, my thought is that it is the METHOD of engaging the spirit rather than the content. It seems that engaging the spirit through the means of language leads to increased proficiency in language based tasks. Is it possible that if the spirit could be engaged in a visual way that this would lead to improvement in visual tasks eg mathematics? As a teacher I have seen children make some improvement in mathematics after working with visual problems such as traditional Chinese “tangram” puzzles… imagine if this could be taken beyond the soul and into the spirit!

  2. Ellen Cooke says:

    Knowing that reading and math ability are left brain functions (I believe) and music and art are right brain, yet within reading, you are looking at a more holistic comprehension sort of things, versus step-by-step capabilities and rules for math………might that explain a little of what was happening? I plan to do some questioning of my friends who are educational therapists….. they work with children who have labels like ADD, ADHD, autism, LD………. and help their brains retrain how they operate.

  3. Emma says:

    I am very interested in this, as I have long suspected that the key to healing many neurological disabilities may be ministry to the human spirit. I was healed of “music-dyslexia” (dyslexic symptoms when reading music but not words), and also a mild co-ordination problem across the midline of my body, when I received some inner healing ministry which included choosing life in/with my spirit – I didn’t realise for a few days afterwards I’d been physically healed as well as emotionally! One of our children showed some early signs of what I now suspect may have been a sensory disorder. Shortly after his 2nd birthday I listened to a tape by John and Paula Sandford on ministering to the human spirit, and strongly felt I should pray for him along those lines. He was sitting in his highchair playing with some toys at the time, so I prayed over him briefly. Within **two hours** his use of language caught up with his twin brother’s, and his frustration tolerance went from virtually zero to normal for his age (yes, 2yos do actually have some frustration tolerance, LOL!). He is now a normal 11yo, with perhaps a few mild emotional control issues, but is sociable, co-operative and has done well academically so far. A few months earlier I had prayed in a similar way for his older brother, who has autism, then aged 4, and the next day he started treating his little brothers as people instead of animated toys, and showed other subtle improvements.

  4. Heather says:

    I am wondering if the gender of the children makes any difference. I know that in the case of Asperger’s Syndrome, there is a marked difference in the symptoms of boys vs girls in terms of social functioning and even some of the typical “persevations”/fixations.

  5. Joyful says:

    Some thoughts about math and reading from my own experiences. During my formative years I excelled in mathematics (process-driven), and yet could not do well with biology (vocabulary/memory-driven).

    More recently I have found Sudoku puzzles are useful for self-testing cognitive function. I can quickly identify when the brain has moved into a “migraine state” even when a headache is not present. Because Sudoku uses numbers as a “marker” it is not in any way a mathematical puzzle, I believe the functions of the brain required are mainly reading and memory.

    With the brain in the “normal state” the puzzle is done quickly, scanning for candidates by a process of elimination. With the brain in “migraine state” the memory functions seem impaired and the brain keeps going over and over the same information without successfully developing solutions.

    As for why the math ability stayed limited, I would wonder if the spirit was more familiar with working with the soul in the arena of reading (as in Bible study, etc.) and therefore engaged easily. If, as in dancing lessons, the practice gets better with familiarity, and the child did not have any experience with engaging the spirit during mathematics work, this could be one explanation for the outcome you observed.

    • Tracy says:

      “..I would wonder if the spirit was more familiar with working with the soul in the arena of reading (as in Bible study, etc)…” This was my first and immediate impression. I am an avid reader and experience an amazing flow and peace when I read – reading seems to almost bypass my conscious brain function and happen osmotically on the level of the spirit…there are simply no words to describe it! However, math jars and enlists every single cognitive function….it requires massive engagement from me on just about every level. When I HAVE to assist my sixth grader with math, I feel a panic rising in my chest quite akin to the panic most LD kids must feel in a similar situation. I am rendered helpless and panic-stricken. I do acknowledge Father’s mathematical order in the universe, marvel and celebrate it daily in my anatomical studies but feel somehow that I was largely left out of this side of His “inner circle”!! To somewhat plagiarise Eric Liddell I have to say that when I read, I feel the favour of God…can it be??

      • Joyful says:

        Over the course of my life I have mainly enjoyed mathematics. In college I responded with anticipation and pleasure to the thought of working on a logic puzzle or solving ordinary differential equations.

        In the worst days of this (now receding) illness I would have high anxiety in anticipation of a health worker asking what my age was. I could not retain the number and could not confidently do the math to obtain the number (current year – birth year) while under the pressure of someone with a clipboard waiting for my answer. I believe in my case there is a disorganization of thought due to the traumas experienced during various doctor visits when trying to find help with my symptoms.

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