Prioritizing the Variables

I was not going to be testing over the summer but we have a chance too good to pass up.

A family who tracks with us is coming from out of state to our area and they have two kids with learning disabilities!  They graciously wrote and offered us the chance to test our hypothesis about reading with the spirit, instead of the soul/brain.

This will be our chance to find out if what happened with Don, earlier in the summer, was a fluke, or whether the human spirit can easily override a small glitch in the brain wiring.

I am having fun pondering all of the different variables we could explore.

-Will it make any difference if they are reading their favorite book or reading the Bible?

-Will it make a difference if one of their parents calls their spirit to attention versus my doing it?

-Will it make a difference if they are reading comics (words and pictures) versus a text only presentation?

-If I can figure out each of their redemptive gifts, would it make any difference to address that gift versus the whole spirit?

-What would happen if I did a baseline test of their soul/brain while they were reading, then did a pre-test of their spirit reading, then ministered to their spirit for awhile and did a post-test of their spirit reading?  Would ten minutes of working with their spirit significantly improve their spirit’s ability to bypass the brain glitch, or will it take a few weeks of their parents’ working with them to get their spirit up to speed?

These and many other possible configurations are cheerfully roaming around in my idea factory.  Sometime between now and then, I shall have to actually decide on a protocol, but at this stage of the game, I have permission to proliferate fascinating possibilities.

So I am.

Copyright August 2012 by Arthur Burk

Past bedtime, but having too much fun anticipating

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2 Responses to Prioritizing the Variables

  1. Jennifer G says:

    I am excited to see how this works with my children. I have seen some improvement with the scant efforts we have tried so far in ministering to my one son’s spirit (ministering to the spirit is new to us). We hadn’t done much occupational therapy lately but his therapist thought we had…

  2. ruthann777 says:

    That indeed is a fascinating endeavor. My favorite is the pre and post readings after ministering to their spirit, and whether ten minutes versus two weeks makes a difference. I am so excited to hear how it goes. This is so cutting edge that I don’t think there is any other ahead….thank you for making your work available to those who are interested, I really appreciate your giving heart.

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