The Firstfruits of a Big Project

A German anatomist named Korbinian Brodmann did a study of the brain based on the different kinds of cells found in different regions.  This is the science of cytoarchitectonics.  I know some of you will sleep better tonight for having added that word to your vocabulary.  My gift to you.  No extra charge.

His underlying assumption was that different kinds of cells execute different kinds of tasks.   That seems to be a reasonable hypothesis.  This research was published about 100 years ago and has been a standard for brain study ever since.

According to his calculations, the brain is made up of 52 distinct regions.

I want to begin to look at the brain from a fractal point of view to better understand what is going on.  I know that 52 is a very significant fractal in Scripture.  I also know that I have my hands full working on the fractals of two, four and five right now.  The fractal of 52 seems just a teeny, tiny bit more than I can wrap my arms around at this time, given my current level of erudition.

So as I was sitting in Applebee’s tonight, I wondered what a smaller fractal of the brain might be.  Obviously the number two shouts, with the two hemispheres.  But I wondered about seven or ten or twelve.  Could the functional regions of the brain be legitimately lumped into so few areas?  I don’t know.

I decided to write a blog asking for prayer as soon as dinner was over.

Meanwhile, since the service was slow enough that I was getting bored, I pulled out my phone and checked for mail.  There was one e-mail — an SOS from a good friend who was doing ministry and was stuck in a crisis situation.

I had a word of knowledge and e-mailed him back directing him to cleanse T3 which represented the Teacher dynamics of his client.  There seemed to be a trauma bond to time and land.

He did and wrote back saying that it clearly worked, but not completely because the attacks kept coming back.  I gave another suggestion just as my meal came, adding that I would be available by phone shortly.

It turned out that the food was as bad as the service, both of which are a first for my history with Applebee’s.  I deemed it prudent to inhale the meal without letting my tongue get too acquainted with it, then headed back to the hotel and connected with my buddy by phone.

I found the trauma that set up the whole chain reaction, released the person, then was doing some wide ranging clean-up dealing with fractal of the Teacher in the body.

I took a swipe at the various Teacher fractals I knew about in the body, then turned my attention to the brain.  Clearly the offensive memory was lodged somewhere in the brain, so I prayed a “wherever it is” kind of prayer while I wished I had the brain mapped with a seven, ten or twelve fractal model.

Suddenly I got the Holy Spirit elbow-in-the-ribs saying the Teacher portion of the brain was the hippocampus.  Everything I know about that region of the brain (compliments of Dr. Wilder for the most part) cooperatively bubbled up, faster than a pop-up window on your favorite website.

One of these days, I will be sufficiently sanctified that my first reaction to such moments of revelation will be elegant, majestic, full of awe and worthy of the God who reveals such things.  Tonight, while I was praying out loud over the phone plus listening to the Holy Spirit plus retrieving arcane biological data from my left hemisphere, the best I could do was, “Well, DUH!”

It was totally obvious.  OF COURSE the hippocampus is Teacher.  Whatever else could it possibly be?  How could we have ever missed it?

So I swiftly shifted gears and went into attack mode using my knowledge of the Teacher fractal to blaze away at what needed to happen in the hippocampus.

When I finished my rant, my good friend was feeling pretty solid after an evening of being yanked around, and I was exuberant.  I can go places with the hippocampus as Teacher!  This dawg will HUNT!

This is apparently the season for revelation of the spiritual architecture of the brain.  (Any wordsmiths out there want to come up with a truly snooty, Latinish sounding word for that?)

God has given us the firstfruits before we got the tsunami of your prayers.  But we still need the rest of the revelation, so feel free to press in.

The EEGs allow us to somewhat track the brain activity in different regions of the brain.  I am not overly skilled in making the associations, but on a broad level, we can already do it with the skill set I have now.

A fractal map of the brain, showing God’s intention for how each region would function . . .

Can you imagine how it would turbocharge our brain renewal research if we knew what God’s original design was for each of those regions of the brain?

I sure can!  (I think sleep will elude me tonight.  I am juiced!)

So pray!  God knows exactly which fractal we should use and which regions of the brain fit each part of the fractal.

Copyright August 2012 by Arthur Burk

Sitting on the edge of my bed, celebrating intensely

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7 Responses to The Firstfruits of a Big Project

  1. cindyjane9 says:

    Hello Arthur!
    I love hearing how your brain/spirit works as you process all of this out loud for us! I have been in HeartSync training and been thinking about the divided heart and how the portions of the brain are connected. Now, I know you mentioned mapping the brain spiritually and though I’m not sure about the 52 parts and what a fractal is…yet…I’m following the redemptive gift idea of parts of the brain! And that excites me! Can you elaborate on that? Is there another teaching of yours I’m missing on “fractals”? I know God uses numbers as symbols in scripture…aka 7 RGs. Is that what you mean?

    I get smarter every time I read your blog!

  2. Stephan says:

    Excititing stuff. Though, I cannot help but wonder: Are the areas of the brain static? I know that there are areas dedicated to memory, perception, etc. But, is that the case across the board? Or are there certain functions of the brain that shift from person to person?

    • Arthur Burk says:

      No. Brain mapping is a very loose science. When they do brain surgery under local anesthesia, they can touch a section of the brain with a probe to find out what memories are stored there. A person will report that those are the piano lessons. In the course of the surgery, that tissue is removed, but somehow, they still know how to play the piano after they recover. So saying THIS happens THERE is somewhat scientific,but has to be held loosely.

  3. Deborah says:

    Arthur–This amazes me. I have to say that I don’t get this–but my spirit is buzzing. I watched the u-tube video and again am amazed–taking it in. I will absolutely be pressing in–standing for the Lord to reveal His Mysteries, Secrets, Deep and Hidden things, Treasures, Great and Unsearchable things that you do not know and could never know except He reveals it to you.
    Blessings to you as you walk in ever deepening ways in your design and destiny.

  4. gwennah says:

    Hi Arthur, Holy Spirit gave me a insight to share with you, but for some reason He will not allow me to post in this general forum. Do you have a more private means of communication via which I could send it? It is short. Thanks.

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