The Brain and Balance

I went rollerblading tonight.  It has been months since I have had the privilege due to the fact that American Airlines is perfectly obstinate about no rollerblading in the aisles of their airplanes.  It probably explains why they have gone bankrupt.  You don’t offend a population as huge as the rollerblading community and expect to get away with it.

Anyway, sitting in a chair, staring at the big screen is eventually going to be very good for your brain but, in the short run, there are rumors that it is not so good for my cardiovascular system.  So I went.

There was a three year old girl there who was skating pretzels around me.


With her eyes closed.

It was awful.

The way I figure, there was some weird generational shenanigans going on.  She clearly got three-quarters of MY motion anointing on top of her own prodigious gifting, leaving me in a hugely deprived condition and her in a ludicrously over-resourced condition.   There is probably deliverance for a travesty like that, but I’m not sure what the proper procedure is.


So in order to avoid thinking about the fact that my ego was bleeding from an artery, I thought about EEGs.  I wondered what it would be like to see the EEGs of some of those people in the rink who had obviously been skating with consummate grace for decades.  Betcha they would have a different pattern than mine.

I have always been neurologically impaired, and it shows in my lower body gross motor skills.  There is something just not right about the wiring to my left lower leg and foot.  Hence, the prolonged learning curve as I try to persuade my brain to find a different pathway around the obvious blooper in my brain.

Then I wondered what a before-and-after comparison would look like, and I realized we could do that.  We did an EEG of my impressionable grey matter early on, so I have a baseline of what a glitchy brain looks like (if I knew where in the EEG to look for that data).

As soon as I get my rhythm down cold and my speed up to par, we can do another one and compare them.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Standby.  We should have results for you in about 20 years.

Copyright July 2012 by Arthur Burk

From home, sitting down safely

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6 Responses to The Brain and Balance

  1. Carolyn Lieb says:

    well, welcome to our world!!

  2. nancy henry says:

    You crack me up…..and I seriously need it from time to time! I do appreciate your posts a lot and am amazed at the things you are curious about and how we all will benefit and be blessed to be a fruitful blessing! BLESS YOU! nancy

  3. Joyful says:

    Arthur, I so “get” this picture!!!

    One of the “joys” of living with a ophthalmic/complex/hemiplegic (pick your favorite) migraine diagnosis is that weird sense that the wiring to the right half of my body is intermittently failing to one degree or another. And I don’t get to choose when it’s going to happen. (An MRI showed what are sometimes termed “punctate lesions” in quite a few areas of my brain.)

    Nonetheless, a couple of months ago I felt strongly impressed to go down to the second hand sporting goods store and find gear for skating. It was a sport I enjoyed in my early years, therefore, n spite of almost 7 years of disabling illness, I set out to obtain wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads, helmet and some low quality quad roller skates.

    The first outing was very slow going. The concrete was level, fairly clean and ran in a circle around a grass park area. And yet, a person strolling by had no problem outpacing me. There were some more outings and then I landed on my backside. Prompting me to find those padded roller derby shorts that protect tail and hip bones. There haven’t been many outings recently, as the heat of summer is here, but I am hopeful to get back on wheels when the weather cools a bit in September.

    It wasn’t until after this inspiration to find a way to increase the joy of movement that I ran across your video on laterality (thank you for posting this!). Perhaps this activity will strengthen and grow the neural networks and increase the capacity for balance!

    BTW, one of the focused intentions I am bringing to any physical activity these days is inviting my spirit to lead. :- )

  4. Mary Herrema says:

    I wonder what the ‘humor’ portion of the spirit would look like and how it would effect the EEGs of the listeners/readers? Thank you Arthur for your honesty, I will be praying for the breakthrough deliverance prayer for you and prodigious skating partner.

    I presented on your brain updates last May to a class of 25 and it was the hit of the day. Thank you, really thank you for your brilliant posts. There is so much promise in your research.

    In Joy,

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Uh, Mary, that is my skating nemesis, not my skating partner. There is a difference!

      • Greg says:

        When did you join Roller Derby? And if she is “Skinny-Minny Miller’s” grand-daughter, my money is on the protege. You are sooooo done!!

        The bright side is, you will have something to shoot for as a template of how good you can become.

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