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Learning Disabilities

We were able to test the two young people who had been told they have learning disabilities. There is a challenge in that label, since it is generally deduced from the behavior or academic challenges of the students.  When a … Continue reading

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Prioritizing the Variables

I was not going to be testing over the summer but we have a chance too good to pass up. A family who tracks with us is coming from out of state to our area and they have two kids … Continue reading

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The Firstfruits of a Big Project

A German anatomist named Korbinian Brodmann did a study of the brain based on the different kinds of cells found in different regions.  This is the science of cytoarchitectonics.  I know some of you will sleep better tonight for having … Continue reading

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The Brain and Balance

I went rollerblading tonight.  It has been months since I have had the privilege due to the fact that American Airlines is perfectly obstinate about no rollerblading in the aisles of their airplanes.  It probably explains why they have gone … Continue reading

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