The View

Here is an excellent picture of the back of my head.  The front of my head is studiously studying the big screen where someone’s valuable squiggles are joyously romping along.

Wiggles and Squiggles

I am reminded frequently that I am good at quite a number of things, but sitting still for long periods of time is not in the top 100 of my strengths and skills.

Ask Mom.  She had the ill fortune to have to try to home school this free spirit.  It was a losing proposition for both of us, I think.

This particular test shows a substantial amount of activity at FP1 (the top heavy line) and CZ, the middle erratic line.

The FP1 lead is attached to the left side of the forehead.  There is one in a parallel spot on the right side of the forehead.  This was a wonderful case of hard core, left brain dominance.  If this volunteer ever had to think a right brain thought, it would be challenging at best.

It is quite fun to see that played out in the brain in different people.  Since we used the same protocol throughout, we can compare a lot of different responses to the same questions.

CZ is the spot on the top of the head.  It is where we most commonly register demonic activity.  It was interesting to watch that one line in the EEG, in light of the different questions I asked.  Let’s just say whatever was resident there, appreciated some of my assignments less than others.

In mathematical terms, there was a certain inverse relationship manifesting here, if you get my drift.

My questions have flowed marvelously this week.  And while hypotheses are strictly frowned upon at this early stage of research, a few have had the trepidation to intrude in my stream of consciousness anyway.

One of Megan’s assignments for this week is to see if she can copy a few seconds of an EEG to embed in these blogs.  If so, we will have some very entertaining commentary forthcoming.

Should she have the temerity to fail in her assignment, you will have to suffer through some boring screen shots instead.

Also this week I will update the video on this blog, sharing where we have been and where I think we might be going — provided that is that Megan is up to it.

She has been on vacation for a week and spent a fair amount of it at the lake, learning how to slalom.  Rumor has it she is coming back with one sore leg and expects to be on light duty for a while.

Whatever light duty at Sapphire means . . .

Copyright July 2012 by Arthur Burk

From the Quarterdeck, In Anaheim

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6 Responses to The View

  1. Brandee says:

    How very exciting would it be to see those results Stephen.I agree.

  2. Mark says:

    Makes me wonder how applying the “helmet” of salvation might have impact, but in particular the development of releasing the human spirit in context of taking dominion over the mind/thought gate and how that would show up on a graph…the crown of thorns as a weapon of keeping OUT the influence of “unwelcome” influence…Pauls comments in 2 Cor. 10 about our weapons being mighty yo pull down speculations, etc…against the knowledge of God…could relay in some aspect the deposit that might show up in a snapshot on the screen….either way…good or bad…I’m sure that is some aspect of this pursuit…

  3. Rosa says:

    Those squiggles DO look quite joyous….the view of the back of the head looks like it could be momentarily quite studiously fixed,…and isn’t light duty/Sapphire an oxymoron??

  4. Sonia says:

    How exciting for us to get to see more at this stage in the project!
    I would love to have your machine record many moments in my life!
    I would love dig and understand what all those squiggly line are saying with you and the Brain Team!
    Blessings on you all, may the excitement and joy in discovery sustain you throughout.

  5. Heather says:

    Thank you for your diligence in seeing this project through. I am following this all with intense interest as I continue on my own journey of brain “rewiring” i.e., learning how to let my spirit take dominion. I would be very interested in seeing video/photos of the different brain waves so if it is possible, please post. Will pray that your sitting endurance continues to increase!!

  6. Stephan says:

    Fascinating stuff! Though, it is undoubtedly more fascinating for you, since you have the context that those “squiggles” are… uhm… squiggling in.

    Though, the results I personally, would be the most excited to see, is what the effects of praying in tongues would have on the EEG. Or, for that matter, any of the gifts of the spirit. What happens when he is prophesying over you? Or if the gift of healing is flowing through him…

    From my own experiences when I prophesy to others, I can only imagine that it has to be a fantastic kaleidoscope of brain activity. If I had to guess, I would say that it feels as though the prophecy gets “downloaded” from the Father’s spirit into mine, which is then filtered back and forth through various parts of my soul and spirit (with the Holy Spirit occasionally pointing me back in the right direction), until I ultimately reach the point where I can make sense of what the Father is actually trying to convey, and I can relay the message in a time, place and manner that does not violate the laws of love.

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