The Silverware Drawer Question

July did not play out the way I hoped it would.

When I finally got back to the office, there were sundry things demanding my attention ahead of the EEGs.  Eventually we beat the administrivia into submission and sorted out the four streams of raw data into an archive system that could be easily accessed.

We also had hardware issues with our big screen monitor.  After one long month, they finally succumbed to Megan’s relentless tenacity just this morning.

So far as I know, all the preparatory work is done, and on Friday morning the 20th, I will put my pointy little nose to the grindstone and start cranking.

I have decided to use my beloved brain mapping program to track the data because its openness offers me the best opportunity to capture all the random creative ideas that don’t fit in anticipated pigeonholes.  I will set that up first thing tomorrow morning then drag first EEG out of its dusty lair.

It will take me a couple of hours to review a single EEG in the raw data format and record my queries and theories.  This pass through the data is designed solely to surface a bunch of questions I have not asked before.

I have found that more breakthroughs are blocked by not asking big enough questions than by any other cause, except fear.  So before I form any more theories or develop any healing protocols about what is or isn’t happening with the spirit and the brain, I need to spend 50 to 100 hours looking for every possible anomaly and turning them into a question.

It will probably be months before we start to have answers, but I will share some questions along the way for your amusement.

For example, does the spirit archive stuff in the brain in a systematic fashion like the soul does?  We know on the soul level that music is localized in the right hemisphere and language in the left.  However, we have no such data about the spirit’s use of brain storage capacity.

The challenging issue is that the spirit does not need the brain to store any memories.  Take all of the death and resurrections on the surgical table.  The people who have their spirit leave the body (including leaving the brain behind, obviously), go to heaven and return, often have memory of the event.

But the memory of that event is clearly not stored in the brain, because the brain did not go with them to heaven and back.  So if we liken it to computers, the brain is the hard drive, and the soul is the software.  So when the soul experiences something it wants to save and retrieve, it is stored in the brain in a precise location — like a folder on your hard drive.

The spirit is like computing with the cloud.  You can store your file somewhere “out there” completely apart from the hardware you are using if you want to.

In the third step of our initial protocol, we ask the soul to step aside, and we call the spirit forward, then send the spirit to the “file” where the memories of their favorite God encounters are stored.

Are those memories actually stored in the brain, or are they stored in the spirit, apart from the brain?

I have a theory.  When I experience God in a manner that causes both my soul and my spirit to engage, I think the memory is stored in the grey matter.

However, there are many times when I have been so deep in the Spirit while I have been ministering to someone that I cannot remember what I told them five minutes later.  That means to me that the event was not stored in the brain.  Did the spirit store it in the “cloud,” in a manner that the soul could not retrieve, or did the spirit not store it at all?

Who knows?

Now here is another variable.

Assuming that when we do the quantitative analysis and convert the raw data into sundry maps we discover that there is a brain location for the spirit’s favorite God encounters, will that location be consistent?

Think of a house.  In America, the front door always opens into a hallway or the living room.  You would never have the main outside door open into a closet or a bedroom or a bathroom.  There is consistency in American architecture.

On the other hand, when you go into an American kitchen, there is no telling where the silverware drawer might be.  Each housewife has her own system for organizing the kitchen.

What will we find out about the spirit?  Does everyone’s spirit archive their God encounters in the same region of the brain, like the consistency of a front door?  Or does each spirit snag a random batch of available neurons and stake a claim to those for their “silverware drawer?”

Or, will we find that each redemptive gift stores those memories in a different area?

Who knows?

These are the kinds of questions I am trying to accrue as I work through the 50 raw EEGs.

Please join me in praying for an extraordinary anointing of curiosity as I make my first pass through the granular data.  The questions I fail to come up with on this pass could limit the scope of the whole rest of the research project.

I don’t expect to be able to answer even a fraction of the questions I come up with, but just having a question out there causes us to be looking for salient information.

My juices are flowing.  I am so glad to come in off the road.  I much prefer being the anti-social, mad scientist in my lab than being the public persona I am compelled to be at times.

The next five months are going to be very special times for me.

Copyright July 2012 by Arthur Burk

From home.  At last.

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20 Responses to The Silverware Drawer Question

  1. Lydia Pitt says:

    Very interesting. I was looking up an open vision about a silverware drawer when this popped up in google!

  2. Elman says:

    Dear Arthur,
    I first was introduced to your website an hour ago. Your comment about memories stored elsewhere than in the brain caused me to recommend a video to you. You can get to it by going to, click on the links icon, then again on the link itself, when it comes up with “page not found”, click on the home button, then scroll down about 24 inches to an excellent, but very long video about water. (One day I may fix the link so it comes up with the proper page.) One of the things they tell us is that water is more amazing than any super computer imagined. They describe a little bit about how water stores memory. They propose that the primary seat of memory is not the brain, but the water throughout the body. And that water communicates with other water around the globe. Watching this video may shed new light into your research.

    Enjoy Grace Freely,
    Elman Brozovsky

  3. Sharon says:

    I believe Adam and Eve had the full use of their brain, being in God’s image. I believe that their brain was not separated into left and right.or whatever, but one. Maybe in this state things works differently with the spirit.and memory. I believe that this is part of the garden of Eden’s proper order that Jesus died to bring back to us. Just a thought.

  4. Sharon says:

    Arthur, Question? Why are you not expecting answers? Doesn’t He say ask/answered, seek/find, knock/open. Don’t put Him in a box.
    Be blessed. Sharon

  5. Terra says:

    This project, you Arthur, and the Team, bring me joy and laughter. And inspiration! Into the wonder of exploring our God’s creation, this universe of His… The blessings of the Lord our King and His favor be with you.


  6. Scott Cross says:

    Hebrews 4:12 (J.B. Phillips New Testament)
    For the Word that God speaks is alive and active; it cuts more keenly than any two-edged sword: it strikes through to the place where soul and spirit meet…

    I have heard and read many stories of people who were taken up into heaven. They say their Spirit was taken some may even say their body was also but for the most part the body stays behind in the stories recounted, and I have had experiences as well. but one thing that I often saw manifest in the telling of the experience was a “soulish manifestation”, something was out of place in an otherwise positive interaction. That place of “Lets build 3 booths here” awkward moment. Does the soul piggy back when the spirit is taken up somewhere, and suddenly just feel the overwhelming need to blurt something out? In the testing you could address soul and Spirit separately but if the Spirit is “caught up” (out of body) can it leave without the soul? On the death bed example you gave does the soul and Spirit vacate hand in hand?

    I do enjoy the JB Phillips version but…to the place where soul and spirit meet…? What does that mean? I might guess that Love (Stephan) is standing at the intersection hopefully directing and guiding the interaction…?

    • Arthur Burk says:

      I don’t know, Scott. I have wondered many times about the soul. It came from the breath of God. Does that mean it is eternal? I don’t know.

      And I agree with you, many of the stories of heavenly excursions have little to do with worship of the King.

  7. Mark says:

    Very fascinating endeavors…I have been a worship pastor for the last 12 years and I play guitar, so one of the “gifts” I have developed is what Charismatics used to call “the Song of the Lord”, its a very spontaneous sort of song that usually flows unbroken with my worship set based upon “unction”, familiar chords patterns (often repetitive from the weeks personal worship time), and the drive to launch out into an area of risk where I am doing my best to frame a feeling or word into coherent rhymes and melodies that a congregation can immediately participate in.

    I’ve been doing it long enough that it is at this point fairly effortless which has allowed some unusual analysis for me…

    Often as I do it, I am aware of sort of standing outside myself…because I know what I am doing is not normal brain/spirit activity…the brain and spirit connection is in serious tension as the spirit part of me is driving for a connection to heavens sound and the brain part of me is listening to my guitar playing making sure I am singing in melodic context with what I am creating, and all the while frantically searching for rhyming words to go with the scriptural/spirit words my spirit is proclaiming…

    What is most unusual is the part of me that is watching the whole thing transpire…I know it is my spirit that is driving the encounter, bringing up the prophetic words form the depths of previous prayer and Presence, it seems like it is my soul that is concerned with making sure the hands are in rhythm/playing the right chords and my voice is on pitch with an alternate musical phrase…all of this seems like two parts of the brain connecting without a bridge between them…

    And yet I distinctly remember standing there sort of outside myself observing the whole thing, actually being a spectator being ministered to as well…

    To bad your system does not allow movement as you record, this would be an amazing phenomena to observe the data from…

    Lets pray for better gear!

  8. Grace says:

    I love the phrase “extraordinary anointing of curiosity.” I agree, that our growth in understanding is all about asking the right questions.

    I thought I’d toss this in to see if there’s anything helpful for you as you study memory–
    When I studied the function of dreaming (REM sleep) in the brain, I learned that part of the reason we have such a difficult time remembering dreams is that the chemical state of our brains when we are sleeping is different than when we are awake. When we awaken, our brain is flooded with enzymes and such that make it very difficult for a memory to be stored. One has to make a a conscious effort to grab the disappearing dream or it will be forgotten. Could this be because the spirit is in charge while our body sleeps? Could something similar be happening when you don’t remember the spirit-led ministry you gave someone?

  9. Stephan says:

    If I may also propose my own theory for where the Spirit stores data, I would like to place my “bet” on: In it’s own state.

    What I mean by that, is that I personally believe the spirit remembers, by changing. Perhaps C.S. Lewis described it best, when he said that “Every time you make a choice choice you are turning the central part of you, the part of you that chooses, into something a little different from what it was before.”

    I would say that perhaps this is why God removed Adam & Eve from the garden after they sinned. They had made a choice, which was recorded & remembered in their spirit, by the fact that their spirit itself had changed from what it was, and was no longer in a state of perfection. And God had decided that the thought of mankind eating from the tree of life, and living forever in a state of “wrongness” was unacceptable.

    I think God is sort of like an expert looking at an X-ray that can clearly see whether a person has taken good care of their skeleton by consuming sufficient amounts of calcium. Where they have had broken bones, or where bones have been broken in the past, and how well they have healed. And perhaps even what sports they have played.

    Which is why he sent Christ, to die and remove our sins from us, and said in Hebrews 10:17 “I will remember their sins no more.”

    I think what He is saying is that even though our sins are still recorded in our brains, and we know that we made those wrong choices. Or even experienced wrong choices from others. Christ’s work on the cross is so complete, that when He looks at our spirit, it is completely whole, and there aren’t any spiritual memories recorded there whatsoever of the sins we have committed in the past.

    And as a last piece of evidence to support my shaky hypothesis, I want to quote from “The Call”, it and it’s predecessor “The Final Quest” was written by Rick Joyner, which in his own words was merely recording a set of intense visions he received over a period of time that the Father was dealing with him very intensely. In a part of The Call, he was allowed to speak briefly with Adam, who at one point said, “Who we are on Earth will remain a part of who we are forever. I can look at all of the others here who are a part of the great cloud of witnesses and know much about their life on earth.”

    Which to me again seems to suggest that the spirit remembers, by being.

  10. Greg says:

    Great work Arthur and the whole SLG!!!

    Too much fun reading about the progress and revelations. You all have the pleasure and responsibility of mining the deep things which Father is entrusting you with and it is awesome to get a glimpse into the complexity and largeness of our Holy God!!!

    Relating to the memory storage, the thought of what Jesus accomplished through His death and resurrection are profound. With the alignment of the spirit, soul and body, would the memories of all three be brought into alignment and fused together be the summation of all things? My thought process revolves around Enoch, Elijah and Jesus being taken into heaven without the body “dieing” (Jesus being taken up into the clouds, not his Calvary death), could it be that the memories are resident in all three parts? In praying for healing, we often pray the healing of trauma from the body parts effected in an accident or traumatic incident. We pray that the memory to those parts be restored back to pre-event condition and/or for the memory to be overwritten with healthy memories, as if they had never received the trauma. Would you have any way of determining the memory on a cellular level as well? Or how that might be integrated in the EEG results?

    May you be filled with the Light of the Spirit as you quest for eternal answers.


  11. Cheryl Cappon says:

    When you mention the spirit and liken its ‘memory’ to “Cloud” –being out there somewhere- and how would we access it? I am reminded first that our God is a God of Order. Therefore there must be some sort of arrangement, but since “His thoughts are not our thoughts” we can hardly expect that the process of storage would be the same. I heard a teaching once of the word “hovering” in Genesis 1:2 and intrigued by the idea that it actually means “to vibrate” –which in turn would beg the question at what frequency? Because light and sound are frequency and we know that information can be transmitted here on earth with a given frequency (radio, wireless, etc) then would it not be interesting to think of all of the information in the universe being available out there somewhere (like “Cloud”) and you just needed to be at the right frequency to access it. So the more mature the spirit the faster or higher it is capable of vibrating at and therefore the greater the amount and ease with which information (revelation) can be accessed and/or received (which we know can be two different things!). Like the Mount of Transfiguration or Moses’ face shining –they were shining because they were ‘vibrating’ at a frequency in touch with heaven. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the colors were like passkeys as to what levels of info you could access? So if you ‘vibrated’ at a low or red frequency you could not ‘access’ information that you were not prepared to handle –like protection for your kids on the tv or internet. But as you mature in your spirit you begin to be allowed more and more. I must say I am liking this new venture more and more. Prayers to you Arthur that nothing be wasted or lost as you sift and search and that our King prepare your way! Fun 🙂

  12. Deborah says:

    Arthur–I will absolutely be praying for an extraordinary anointing of curiousity!!! I also pray for joy and laughter at the questions to come to your spirit! 🙂

  13. Johnyne Rees says:

    May you experience the covenant right of the righteous of having your path grow brighter and brighter, just as the light of dawn grows into the full light of day, as you explore this wonderful data. What an exciting and promising project! Thanks for sharing it with us as you go.

  14. Stephan Goosen says:

    Hi Arthur,

    This is the first time I am commenting on one of your blogs. But, i just wanted to say that I am greatly intrigued by this project, and share your curiosity. I can only imagine what kind of answers are going to be reaped by this process!

    The questions you initially outlined on the “Dream Outline” portion of your website also really got me thinking. Personally, I believe the most important question we could possibly answer, is:

    “What is the effect of love on a person’s spirit.”

    But of course, it will no doubt be one of the most illusive, as even the mere task defining “love” has proven extremely illusive, as everyone seems to have their own definition. ((My own personal definition is that the amount of love you have for someone, is the degree to which you share the Father’s heart for them.)) Not to mention the fact that it so… pervasive, that it might very well be impossible to isolate it from the other forces interacting in a person’s body, soul & spirit.

    But regardless, thank you for the very thought provoking questions that you are asking. I will be keeping a very curious eye on this blog and praying for the Holy Spirit to be very active in it’s partnership with you during this time of analysis. Be sure to keep us informed!

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Stephen, good catch. I spent years focusing on what would benefit the spirit, then flipped around the other direction and became focused on how the spirit would impact the body. I needed the reminder that there are still things to learn and do regarding strengthening the spirit — love being a great tool. I am not sure anyone in our tribe has studied that yet.

      • Stephan says:

        Yay! Always good to know one has made a positive difference! — Ahem… Sorry about that, my inner child sometimes pops out unexpectly. I’ll try to trap him between brackets next time.

        But, another question that had popped into my head as soon as I woke up this morning, was on gender. And, because it’s such low-lying fruit, I thought you might already have statistics on it.

        I was wondering if you could tell me how the redemptive gifts are distributed across genders. Do all redemptive gifts have an equal chance to be either male, or female, or do some of them tend to be predominantly either male, or female?

        And also, how does a person’s gender influence the flowing of their redemptive gift?

        The reason I ask, is because I have heard several teachings that claim there is no gender in the spirit. And, while I might be able to buy it, I’m not entirely sure I do… Because I cannot help but think that Christ is the revelation of the masculinity of God, while the Holy Spirit is the revelation of the feminine portion of His nature. And we already know that men and women have very different neural pathways, so it might be conceivable to think that it has a powerful influence on the way the gifts work.

        • Arthur Burk says:

          Our experience is that the gift distribution is gender neutral. However, you gift and the biases of the culture will certainly affect how you walk out your gift. So a female Ruler is apt to get tagged with the Jezebel label if she does anything with strength, and the male Mercy could be considered gay if he prefers music to rugby. But those are cultural impacts on the gifts, not design issues.

          In terms of the gender of the spirit, our experience is that each of the seven portions of your spirit has gender. So if you have six male portions and one female portion, you will come across much more aggressively than a male who had a distribution of four and three, for example.

          We cannot prove that, but the functional working out of people lives based on those models has been very significant. You may wish to listen to Nurture Your Spirit Level Two for more info.

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