A Sapphire Worship Service

The testing marathon is over and the grind has begun.

Megan is sorting through gobs and piles of priceless data, putting copies of everything in the appropriate folders on sundry computers.

We are developing an archive system to track the initial volunteer form, the raw EEG, the HRV data and Loretta’s notes.  That is just for starters.  Then as Megan edits each EEG, it will go to the quantitative analysis which will kick out additional forms and charts and sundry data to likewise be archived in some sort of intelligible and accessible form.

Eventually this mass of files is supposed to yield some treasures, but at present, it is just granular level data.

In the process of archiving and backing up files this afternoon, Megan came across this jewel from the notes Loretta took (or didn’t take) during one of the sessions.

“Arthur, sorry about not great notes on her.  I was in heaven temporarily with God on this one.”

Ya gotta love it!

Copyright July 2012 by Arthur Burk

From the Quarterdeck again.  Finally!

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One Response to A Sapphire Worship Service

  1. nancy henry says:

    I want to go there more, a little less temporary! Go bless you and expedite to His Glory all that you are endeavoring! What an enormous task, I’m so glad you have the ultimate back-up support…the Trinity!!!!!!!

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