Mother Issues

“Like a kid in a candy store . . .”

How often we use that phrase.  While it is older than the hills, it still captures the emotions of someone facing inexhaustible delightful opportunities.

We are in that place as we look at the imposing mound of raw data and all the lovely possibilities inherent therein.

For example . . .

Early in our testing series, we ran into a problem with one lady whose spirit would only function around the base of her skull.

Now if we take a simplistic model of the brain, the more you go up and forward, the more sophisticated your thinking processes are.  So you do your best thinking from the “pre-frontal cortex” — behind your forehead, for those who like simple English.

Conversely, the more primitive brain functions are low and in the back.

All that to say that for the human spirit to be confined to the low back region of the brain is analogous to the cat being locked in the garage.  Not good.  Not normal.  An aberration for those of us who like polysyllabic English.

At the time, I commented to Loretta that the person in question had a terribly dysfunctional and quite unresolved relationship with her mother.  I felt that the two were connected but had no proof.  I did not have enough of a relationship with this volunteer to explore it, so we just truncated the session and filed the impaired mobility away.

Some dozens of tests later, we ran into the same limited range of motion for the spirit of someone I had known for a while.  Obviously the test was not going to be worth anything for the database we were trying to build, but I thought we might be able to fail forward by exploring the issue, so we did.

I asked her about mother issues, and she answered with a grieved, strong, “yes.”  I painted some word pictures of what I was discerning, and her spirit confirmed the accuracy of what I had felt and Loretta had seen on the screen.

It seems that unresolved mother issues in a woman, (and possibly men, although we don’t have data to support it) lands in the middle of the brain.  Take the pineal gland as the center and then block off a section a little larger than a man’s fist.

That portion of the brain was utterly off limits to the human spirit.

Since this lady’s spirit was willing to dialog with me, we probed.  I asked the spirit if it could sneak by the side of the fist shaped terror zone and make its way to the forehead.  It reported success but also extreme fear.  I released the spirit to go back to the safe zone of the “garage.”

We dialogued a bit more about the causes of the fear and found some possibly useful information, then wrapped up the session with some suggestions for how the lady could proceed with her inner healing.

God carefully scheduled in the same batch of volunteers another lady who had mother issues of a horrific nature — far more than the first two.  But this lady has relentlessly unraveled that tapestry and achieved levels of wholeness at her core that few non-traumatized people ever do.

We ran her test and her spirit was quite agile and free to move about the entire brain.

It isn’t in the top 20 things to do, but in the alluring candy store of raw data, it sure would be fun to put those three EEGs side by side and see what the two extremes look like.  Betcha there are some tools there that will expedite the healing of other women in this situation.

I honor the lady who has worked hard to heal her mother wounds.  However, I know she would agree with me that although she has achieved much, the road was too hard and too long.

There HAS to be a better way for those who are coming after her.  We praise God for the trail blazers, but the next generation must refine the process significantly.  Someday these three tests will help produce a new protocol.

Copyright July 2012 by Arthur Burk

Standing in awe

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5 Responses to Mother Issues

  1. Sue Reddick says:

    The Bible says, “you made me to hope and trust while I was on my mother’s breasts. Hope and trust are foundational issues in our character and personality. You hide if you don’t trust. If you hide to never develop the real you because you never let the real you out. At least I think that is true.

  2. Gwennah says:

    Makes me wonder about FATHER ISSUES. How does this affect the brain? And are they different correlations for Women with Father issues/Mother issues and Men with Father issues/Mother issues? And how would that look, on the brain scan AND in the Spirit? Also, it occurs to me that if the lady who had worked with her mother issues would be willing to share the lessons learned with the 2 ladies who still needed to work through theirs. An ideal way would be to create a FORUM for folks who’ve been tested and who show similiar issues to grow and learn and heal together maybe?

    Just throwing out ideas!

  3. Sally Sugrue says:

    I too, am extremely encouraged and excited by this research, the possibilities of working
    with the spirit of a person to heal deep, early mothering wounds that would normally take
    a life-time’s unraveling is so significant.

  4. Brandee says:

    I am so excited about all the new possibilities of healing that these tests are revealing. It is amazing.I am sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for each new day of tests you report on.Thank you Arthur and team, for sharing this with us. I realize this is a great sacrifice of time away from home and family. I send strength, peace and well being to you as you go out on the road.God bless!

  5. fountshults says:

    The information you are gleaning from this study will be of inestimable worth to the healing community once it comes into clear focus. Thank you for your willingness to pursue and to share.

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