Media Fast Tests

I am back home now, so have time to report on more of the findings from our last round of tests.

To frame the power of the media fast, allow me to walk through some of the technology we use.

To me, it is amazing that this stuff works at all.  The amount of electricity in the brain is really quite small.  To get that electricity through the bone of the skull to the scalp is a minor miracle in my mind.  It just amazes me.

Anyway, when we wire someone up, we are measuring tiny amounts of electricity from various parts of the brain.  After getting all 22 leads on, I go check the computer screen which shows a colored dot for each lead and tells us what the impedance is for each one.

White means zero impedance which is ideal and rarely achieved.  Yellow is five ohms and is tolerable.  Black means the electrode is completely off, and anything in the orange to dark red range is not acceptable.

Usually there is a range of colors.  When we are dealing with just mechanical issues, I can wiggle the recalcitrant leads or maybe reposition them or squirt some gel in the hole in the center of the lead to get a good connection.  A lot of the time, this solves the problem.  When we get to all yellow dots on the screen, we are good to go.

However, if there is demonic agitation and the computer shows orange or red dots, then making better electrical contact makes no difference.  Then we have to decide whether to engage the demonic and make it withdraw from the scalp, or kick it out, or scuttle the test.

So that was our mindset going in when we started testing the five people who did a 90 day media fast.  We simply expect a “Christmas tree” effect on the first pass and know that it can usually be cleaned up in five minutes with mechanical means, but sometimes  . .

Now Loretta and I have become pros at communicating with each other, without announcing to the volunteer how bad things are.  After 50 tests, she is actually pretty smooth.

When we wired up the first media fast person, Loretta violated all protocol by saying out loud, “Arthur, you have to come see this!”

The volunteer was startled, wondering what was up.  I gave Loretta a glare for violating protocol, then went over to the computer, expecting to see some kind of gnarly mess.  I was so not in the mood for an impromptu deliverance session first thing in the morning.

Instead what I saw was 22 pale yellow dots on the screen.  Nothing needed to be tweaked.  This was totally unprecedented.  We were shocked.

I explained to the volunteer what we had seen, and we went forward with the test.

Mentally, I wondered if it was just her scalp.  I figured she must have taken a ferocious brush to her scalp in the shower and everything was so raw there was great conductivity.

However, when the second person wired up just as well, we wondered out loud if this was the result of the media fast.

In fact, all five people who were on the media fast had exceptionally low impedance, and five in a row is a massive pattern not to be ignored.  We have never seen two in a row with decent impedance, let alone five with great impedance.  This was unprecedented.

Just to make the point a little more emphatically, there was one volunteer later in the series who had essentially been on a no-TV media fast for about 30 years.  We did not know that when we wired her up, but when her screen came in with all white dots, I quizzed her and discovered that she fit the pattern, even more strongly than the first five.

As a result of those five people in Odessa, there is no question at all that withdrawing from modern media has a direct and rapid effect on the impedance of the brain waves at the scalp.

Now this, of course, only raises questions and doesn’t answer them.

First of all, what happened in the brain?  Was it spiritual or organic?

If the presence of a demon that is agitated causes higher impedance, could it be that the consistent exposure to “crud” in the media could cause a floating spiritual smog in the brain that blocks the electrical current?

Flipping it around the other way, does not marinating your spirit in “crud” cause it to become more intense?  If demons on the brain cause high impedance, does a turbocharged spirit on the brain cause low impedance?

That is awfully vague.  I don’t even know how you could test for that.

So what about the organic side?  If you are not exposed to modern media, does that cause your electrical currents in the brain to operate at a higher amperage?  If so, why?

And of course another whole set of questions is whether it is the content or the delivery?

What if it is all TV?  If we tested five ordinary secular people who read and listened to unholy content but did not watch TV, would we see the low impedance readings?

We could do the same experiment with music.  Find the TV watchers who never listen to modern music and see how they test.  There certainly is a LOT of documentation out there that the stopped anapestic beat is not healthy for the brain.

Finally, there is the content.  What if someone watched clean TV, read only holy material and listened to classical music, would we find that it is only the content and not the medium that makes a difference?

At present I don’t have the biological knowledge to even speculate on what happened in the brain, and we are probably not going to do all those tests since I already know — and have known for years — that it makes a huge impact in a person’s life to do a media fast, or preferably to restructure your lifestyle permanently.

Outside witnesses shared that all five of those people had a marked uptick in their effectiveness in personal ministry during the time of the media fast.

We will look at the EEGs and the HRV data to see if we can see any distinct patterns in which regions of the brain were used or what frequencies of brain waves were present, and we will compare that with the baseline group.  If we find good stuff, I will report.

Meanwhile, the most special moment for me was when one lady reported that at first the fast was difficult for her because she felt the withdrawal pains of not listening to music, but then, she discovered that she had a song in her own heart.

THAT is special beyond words.

Copyright July 2012 by Arthur Burk

From home.  Yay!!!

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12 Responses to Media Fast Tests

  1. Mary Herrema says:

    Even as I read the replies the only sound I hear is an ever widening surround sound of birds outside, my golden retrievers content and rhythmic breath, and my own thoughts of, “How beautiful is the sound of the good news in this report”. Thank you again Arthur and Co. for the life enhancing challenge to be still and know…..

  2. Gwennah says:

    I have been on a God-imposed TV fast since 2004 when I came back from Africa and saw the TV in the US. It had gotten far worse and noone here seemed aware of it. It was then that Holy Spirit told me I was not to watch TV anymore. At first it was very hard, but now I have gotten used to it. Then when my car radio broke and I could not afford to get it fixed, I was heartbroken because I loved to take long drives with the music playing in the car. But then I started getting the most wonderful revelatory downloads in my spirit as I drove one day on a 3 hr drive from my son’s summer camp, all sorts of creative ideas and strategies, spiritual insights and revelations, hearing heaven’s choir songs and I realized I had been surrounding myself with NOISE, a holy noise since I didn’t listen to secular music but noise nonetheless. So much daily noise, I had drowned out the sound of Holy Spirit. Now I find, that I prefer wholesome peace and quiet. I find sweet bliss in the stillness. I do listen to soaking music when praying at times or worshipping. But sometimes I just soak on my bed listening simply to Holy Spirit play His Music to my spirit. I’ve had the most amazing times just alone with Holy Spirit and NO MUSIC.

    However, I do think it was a good point to note about all the various electrical frequencies we are exposed to! I too cant help but wonder how it is truly affecting us spiritually. Holy Spirit has recently begun warning me about cell phone use, haven’t yet figured out how to deal with this issue yet since I pretty much do need a phone. However, I can tell you that when I have tried to watch TV such as family movies or cartoons with my son or others, I immediately start to get a headache, the longer I have tried to watch it, the worse the headache. In the past it has only taken 1 or 2 program before this has kicked in. And I thought they were relatively “innocent and wholesome family or kids shows” – G rated. FYI, I also start to feel WAY OUT OF sorts spiritually. Loaded down in the spirit, and I have to go on strict fast to get cleansed. I have often wondered about this reaction, and wonder now how my reaction to TV would tie in Arthur’s data? I even wondered if it was something to do with subliminal programming on the TV? It does nt happen as badly with just pre-recorded DVDs. It’s a mystery to me…..
    Just what in the world is going on with our media these days? I think Arthur is really on to something here. I hope he finds the answer. I’ll be praying!

  3. Think of the insights Job and his friends had into God and the spiritual world back when they had no electronic media. Also remember the prophets who received more revelation while listening to music (David, Elisha).

  4. Terra says:

    This is so interesting. So many unknowns. I can only add that the physical negative effects of all the electrical frequencies we are now exposed to are well know in the holistic health field. Satellite and electrical in the home preventing sleep, cell phone causing brain issues and leaching calcium from the brain tissue, throwing off the Thyroid etc. In my practice, as soon as the person is open to it, we do what we call “re-mediation” to their home to address the issue, recommend they use their cell phone as little as possible etc. Our bodies are electrical, cells communicate electrically, its absurd that we would think we can bombard them with frequencies and not have them be affected.

  5. Rosa says:

    Hmmm…wonder how the Amish would test?? We grew up with no outside media at all,the only music we were’allowed’ to have was accapella, and that wasn’t untill I was an adult….we raised our kids that way, untill the last two came along, and I must say, in retrospect, that altho there is definite value in good music, there is something that I miss about the quietness and wholesome simplicity of those days. We did the whole pendulum swing of having satelite tv installed, and are back to being without tv, although I think that if we arent careful, internet time, and those ridiculous cell phones with texting capabilities, try to crowd in and take its place!

    • Arthur Burk says:

      The real question is how swiftly the mind is impacted. In other words, after several generations of no media, just human voice, can we lose it all in a year or two, or would you be less impacted than someone whose parents hit the media hard? Lots of interesting questions.

  6. Cheryl Cappon says:

    There is definitely something unique about tv. I live in an area that does not have reception short of satellite. For several years I chose not to have tv to the consternation of my teenagers. One Christmas I broke down and got them cable. That was two years ago and I am now moving and am choosing not to continue service. This decision surprisingly has caused me some discomfort! Even feelings of isolation? I love the nature shows and the history channel and the occasional movie. I even have one mainstream show I enjoy immensely. It will be interesting to see what changes in my life I notice having gone from none to some to none again. Frankly I have come to find even email an extreme intrusion into my life as I find it takes more and more precious time to filter through it all…. Hmmm -B.U.S.Y. -being under Satan’s yoke begins to carry an even deeper meaning… The bible does say that he is the prince of the power of the air and it is all ‘wireless’…

  7. nancy henry says:

    That IS special beyond words. As all sound has been so troublesome to my husband for some time, even worship, we have been extremely isolated. I have deferred to listening to teachings on my I pod, of yours, Jack Frost, Bill Johnson and a select other few. I used to listen on our home and car stereo, but they bothered him. I often wonder how much of it demonic and how much is physical, due to the trigeminal neuralgia. Anyway, I find myself singing the old hymns and sometimes he joins in. Usually I sing praises to the Lord as they just bubble up, but sometimes I have to war for a song with intent to glorify God and send the enemy off with his ears plugged because he can’t bear the beauty of it all. REALLY!!! Mainstream media has been absent from our home for over 10 years, aside from occasionally catching a weather forcast.
    I am so glad and blessed to be tapped in to what you are doing and learning. Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Deborah says:

    God is GOOD–so very good to show this to you and to allow us to hear about this through you.
    Thank you, so very much for running hard after Him!!!

  9. Joyful says:

    As I was not able to be a part of this group, but was interested in the media fast for my own personal growth, I did participate in the fast for a period of time. (More for the internet and listening-to-music parts as I have not had much tolerance for television or mainstream media since the early nineteen-eighties.)

    I too, found I was frequently hearing the songs of my heart during this time.
    Lovely way to live.

  10. Donna K says:

    So looking forward to the wealth of insights (and additional questions) that this study will bring!

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