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The View

Here is an excellent picture of the back of my head.  The front of my head is studiously studying the big screen where someone’s valuable squiggles are joyously romping along. Wiggles and Squiggles I am reminded frequently that I am … Continue reading

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The Silverware Drawer Question

July did not play out the way I hoped it would. When I finally got back to the office, there were sundry things demanding my attention ahead of the EEGs.  Eventually we beat the administrivia into submission and sorted out … Continue reading

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A Sapphire Worship Service

The testing marathon is over and the grind has begun. Megan is sorting through gobs and piles of priceless data, putting copies of everything in the appropriate folders on sundry computers. We are developing an archive system to track the … Continue reading

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Mother Issues

“Like a kid in a candy store . . .” How often we use that phrase.  While it is older than the hills, it still captures the emotions of someone facing inexhaustible delightful opportunities. We are in that place as … Continue reading

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Media Fast Tests

I am back home now, so have time to report on more of the findings from our last round of tests. To frame the power of the media fast, allow me to walk through some of the technology we use. … Continue reading

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