Amazing Surprise

We tested the five media fast volunteers here in Midland today.  We won’t know some of the impact of the fast for a few weeks since we need to look at the data in fine detail.  There was one big factor that was immediately evident, but I will write about it another day when I have a bit more time.

The big news of the day was something orchestrated by God, not planned by us, and unrelated to the media fast.

I have Don’s permission to tell his story and use his real name.

The story began weeks ago as my spirit obviously knew he was going to be the treasure of the day.  Of the five volunteers who Donna found to do the media fast, none of them were known to me.  They were just ordinary names on an e-mail.

Nonetheless, Don’s name drew my attention.  I asked Donna about him and got a fairly vague answer that he was somewhat of an original person.  My spirit knew that whatever quirky personality he might have was not the real story, so I dropped the subject with her.

Today while we were wiring up the first volunteer, the subject of Don came up again, and I asked her about him.  The answer was again that he was slightly offbeat, and again my spirit shrugged off the info as irrelevant.

After the second test, Loretta and I had lunch and the conversation drifted to Don, our after-lunch person.  There was no data to support the conversation, so it died quickly.

It is so clear in retrospect that my spirit was dancing in anticipation of this meeting, and my poor soul was fishing every which way, trying to figure out what the big deal was!

We finished lunch and prepped for the afternoon.  Don rode in on his motorcycle, eager to do the test, so we had him sign the form and we went immediately to work with the electrodes and wires.

Don was easy to wire up so while we did the prep, we chatted.  Nothing particularly dramatic surfaced.  He is in his mid sixties.  Retired from social work.  Shares many of our values about empowering, not enabling.  Big heart for people but not a pushover.

(Soul still fishing, still striking out.)

Our normal procedure is to wire someone, then Loretta does an impedance check which is a fancy way of saying the computer screen shows a colored picture of all the electrodes to reveal which ones don’t have a good connection.

Normally some of the first ones we put on have worked their way loose as we have moved the hair around them, putting subsequent ones in. It can take as much as 15 minutes of finessing before we get all 22 electrodes happy at the same time.

In Don’s case, the first picture was almost perfect.  I spent 15 seconds tweaking a couple of them and settled into the test with quiet confidence that we were going to get a good one.

Loretta switched from impedance check to doing a running test of the EEG without recording.  I gave him my spiel of how the test would run and then gave Loretta the go signal to start recording as Don went into the standard “eyes closed, thinking a variety of gentle happy thoughts.”

When I glanced back over at her a few seconds later, she was glaring at the computer screen in a highly anti-social manner.  When she noticed me looking her way, she gave me the utterly unambiguous thumbs down.

I pondered.  This is a low impact portion of the test, I knew the connections were good, so we probably just had one loose one somewhere that was popping that was bothering Loretta.  We could fix it between sections.  I decided to go forward.

To my amazement she beckoned me to come to the computer.  We have NEVER had either of us up walking around the room during a four minute test segment. It was just unheard of.  Clearly something was up.

I tiptoed over to her and looked at the screen.  It was awful.  It definitely was not like the demonic manifestations we had seen.  Nor was this DID switching.  And it certainly was not any loose connections, but it sure was a scrambled mess.

I signaled silently for her to carry on and went back and thought.

When the regulation four minutes were up, I had her stop the test and go back to the impedance page so I could see what had happened to the electrodes and to our surprise, everything looked peachy.

Lacking any better ideas, I decided to do the second step in the protocol:  “four minutes eyes open, thinking a variety of gentle happy thoughts.”  I soon got the glare and thumbs down from Loretta, but since Don’s eyes were open, looking just past my shoulder, I kept my best poker face on and thought.

Clearly, the data we were recording was useless in practical terms.  Do we dump the test?  What do I tell a guy who has done a 90 day media fast when we scrub the test?  Not a fun scenario.

Slowly it dawned on me that the problem was not our recording.  It was Don’s brain.  We were getting an actual recording of how he thought.  Scary.

When the four minutes from the second segment were up, we paused the test and chatted.

He had learning disabilities from early childhood.  Hugely challenged in reading and some areas of math eluded him.  Really bright guy.  Two masters degrees.  Not too shabby for a non-reader.  He learned how to work around the glitchy brain.  Love it.

My conviction:  The human spirit NEVER has a learning disability.

A bold plan was hatched under pressure and on the fly.

Don didn’t know how bad his tests were.  I walked him through a bunch of conceptual ideas.  The brain is like a computer.  The soul is the software.  If a hard drive has a flaw, perfect software will still crash it.

I said his learning disability made thinking like a knuckle ball pitch.  The ball eventually makes it from the mound to the plate, but it sure takes a lot of strange side trips on the way!

I explained that although the spirit CAN use the brain, it doesn’t have to and I gave several examples.  He was prepped.

I talked to his soul with the usual instructions about vacating the playing field.  I told his spirit that I thought it could think straight even though there was a brain glitch because it did not need the brain for all its functions.

Then I instructed Loretta to scrub item six on our usual list and use that spot to do a custom exercise.  Spirit in charge.  Eyes closed. Four minutes.  Thinking the same gentle, happy thoughts.

He leaned into it.  I watched Loretta like a hawk.

Her concern melted.  Soon she glanced at me and gave a thumbs up, and shortly she was staring at the screen in total amazement.  She threw her hands up in disbelief and had her own private worship service there in the corner as she watch Don’s human spirit effortlessly think the same thoughts that the glitchy brain had not been able to think ten minutes before.

We went through the whole rest of the standard protocol with excellent brain waves.  I did not ever have to tell the soul to pull back.  His spirit carried the responsibility and never had a bit of trouble executing every thinking task that other people do.

When it was over, we told him what was going on and celebrated the amazing results.

But neither Loretta nor I were thinking much about Don.  Here is our logic:  If a 66 year-old man who has had 60 years of reading disability can think excellently with his spirit, shouldn’t we be able to teach kids with learning disabilities to read with their spirit?

Don’s brain still has a glitch in it.  There is an organic problem.  We did not fix that.  He was not even reading when he had the awful results — he was thinking gentle happy thoughts, and it was taking a whole lot more effort than it costs you and me to read something challenging.

But on the very first try, his spirit was able to do that, plus several other complex exercises with precision, working around the glitch in the brain.

And if he can do it, why couldn’t they?  If he could do it on the first try, why wouldn’t kids be able to learn within a few weeks at the most?

Obviously we need to test the theory.  We will be seeking out some more adults and then some children with learning disabilities to see what their brains look like and to see what they can do when their spirit is legitimized and instructed to work around that area of the brain.

Could this be a one time event, a fluke that means nothing at all?

Yes, of course.

In research there are many non-replicable successes that buoy the team and then leave them crushed.

But could it be that we could save a whole lot of children the grief of struggling with a mildly glitchy brain and the social conflict that goes with that, if we can get their spirits to work around the organic problem?


That could definitely be the case.

And if it does become a proven, transferable technology, remember that God first showed us this possibility in the Giver city of Midland, in the great Ruler region known as the Permian Basin on June 27th, 2012.

Copyright June 2012 by Arthur Burk

From Midland, Texas

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19 Responses to Amazing Surprise

  1. Ivan says:

    I would like to hear if you had tried this with others: “Obviously we need to test the theory. We will be seeking out some more adults and then some children with learning disabilities to see what their brains look like and to see what they can do when their spirit is legitimized and instructed to work around that area of the brain.”

    And if you did, what was the outcome and your recommendation:
    “And if it does become a proven, transferable technology, remember that God first showed us this possibility in the Giver city of Midland, in the great Ruler region known as the Permian Basin on June 27th, 2012.”

    • SLG says:

      We have not done wide scale tests, but the parents who have worked with their kids’ spirits have reported significant changes when the burden is placed on the spirit, not the brain.

  2. Gwennah says:

    Wow! Arthur I LOVE this post! I have a son with a brain processing issue. He’s a brilliant kid, but his brain works very slowly. It has caused him a great deal of frustration. But in the meantime, we keep hearing words from prophetic people who don’t know my son, about the Wisdom and GENIUS that is in Him. However you wouldn’t know it from the day to day struggle of his academic life. When he was young he just LOVED learning, but now as a teen, I can see that he has lost this.
    I wonder about the implications of this application to children like my son. How do we tap that untapped potential using this? This year we are homeschooling and I am going to start blessing His Spirit and looking for ways to engage His Spirit in the process! I saw how public school was just killing his spirit and his self esteem. His Spirit needs a LIFT. I’m open to ideas from others!!
    you can connect with me at

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Gwennah, we don’t have a protocol yet. We have just had this one experiment so there is a lot of thinking and testing to do before we have something transferable.

  3. Terra says:

    Hi Arthur,
    I love following and sharing in these events via your blog. I too worked with a child that has Asperger’s and found your teaching addressing Autism highly encouraging and exciting. In reading this blog my thoughts are again drawn to some things I have wondered, what if a child is not a believer or what is your thoughts on that in general with children? What if not in a believing home or having any believing parents? Would the child’s spirit be able to respond in the same way? or at all? Very curious of your thoughts.

    Exp58 family

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Terra, as I shared in the basic seminar, everyone has a spirit, pre-Christians included. Scripture is clear that there is a quantitative difference between the pre-Christian spirit, which has some definite limitations, and the regenerate human spirit. What those limitations are, God has not spelled out to us. So we generally ping a spirit with whatever seems best, and allow God to sort out the ones where we overshoot.

  4. As a professional counselor working with a variety of clients, I am wondering about how to test this not only with learning disabilities but with other diagnoses. The possible implications of this research is enormous. Brain science is booming. I am wondering how the medical and psychological field could be impacted. Both fields have researched how spirituality can have positive impacts. But to have your research validated and published, taught and disseminated into the hands of trained facilitators….wow. And you could access funds through research grants…maybe partner with a research group or medical science center or university in this study? Do you know about the Global Medical Research Institute recently created to do that kind of research? They want to validate Christian healing prayer and divine healing by looking into testimonies of healings and how they were healed by the power of God/prayer and use the rigorous research methods that the medical and science community uses and publish findings.

    What an exciting time to be alive!

  5. Arthur, This is thrilling news!! Thank you for the work you are doing and for sharing it with us! what a great time to be alive and in The Kingdom of our God!! May you be strengthened with might in your inner man!
    karen ford

  6. Jeannie says:

    I was told by my parents I was not very smart, capable of only Cs. After hearing these words, I stopped trying, barely making it through middle and high school. Tired of working for minimum wage, I brought my scared self to college. Terrified of having my teachers find out I was stupid, it was fairly horrible in the beginning. God directed my path, I found a group of passionate professors who believed me. They would not allow me to drop classes when I went into a shut down mode. They were not only teaching, but out doing what they were teaching in new and exciting, and creative ways. Their passion still effects me today. As a result, I finished with high honors and carry on what they taught with great joy. I see now their encouragment and passion brought my spirit forth, putting aside my soul’s issues that seemed to paralyze me.

    I love Don’s story, has my heart singing. Gives us hope for our own learning as well as more effectively working with others with similar issues.

    I have a son with what seems to have smme Aspergers symptoms. Accessing, addressing his spirit in a sustained way has been a challenge. His learning (except for math!) has been amazing. The child is like a race horse in a stall, attentive and focused in class, a memory like a computer. He is not concerned or distracted with much going on around him when learning.

    Relationally, he has a hard time unblocking and flowing. While I am thankful he does not have to endure what I did, his quick mind and neurological differences cause major issues. He does not easily synchronize or flow relationally if more than one person is present with him. I am not seeing his spirit up front with any regularity, even with teaching and working/ talking to his spirit over the years. So I have this smart, interesting, funny, sweet child who is not connecting. Have you done any of this testing on known Asperger’s people? SOS!

  7. fountshults says:

    This might help me to understand my own journey. I have always had difficulty reading and simple math, yet I have an MA and a PhD. I’ve always wondered how I did that. Perhaps I learned in my youth to think with my spirit without knowing what I was doing.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Dear Fount,

      You have been living with your spirit dominant long before you ever heard my teaching. Your teachings have produced some reactions here and there because they are spirit not soul, and the soulish people simply don’t have a place to put something that is not soulish.

      So yes, I absolutely agree that your spirit has been leading since childhood.

      Exciting, for sure.


  8. jane62 says:

    Hi Nancy, I am more than happy to share my similar experiences if you would like to contact me. I will copy Arthur too, since I’m no expert and will surely add more good perspective. My email address is

  9. nancy henry says:

    Thank you for sharing that! My husband who I told you had surgery for trigeminal neuralgia May 30th would likely fit somewhere into this grid. The excruciating pain is gone, but the depression and anxiety remain. It seems like such torture. I would like to talk to you more about our situation in a private page if that is ok. It isn’t that I am ashamed, it just isn’t entirely my story to share openly. I have listened to the entire Lifestyle Choices series 3 times this week while laying awake trying to console him while he cries out from a recurring nightmare. I am getting tools from them that are helping me, thank you.

  10. Pat says:

    WOW and WOW! So excited about the data you are getting, and now even more so. We are caring for my great nephew who is full of learning and emotional problems. I’m trying to work with his spirit in a subtle way because I believe God has a plan for him. Eager to learn more. Keep up the good work, team! I sense Father is dancing with delight!

  11. Fantastic! Yeah God!

  12. Wendy says:

    YES!!! As a teacher I would love to have more information about this! I tutor students and bless their spirits during our sessions so this would be pure gold for them! My mind is going a million miles an hour on this…!

    Phenomenal, I love it!! God is utterly and unfathomabley amazing….

    Wendy- TX

  13. Tracy says:

    This is definitely the most exciting post to day! Thanks, Don, for allowing us to share this experience with you and the team. Thanks Arthur for posting it!

  14. Deborah says:

    Amazing–absolutely AMAZING!!! I stand in AWE!!! God is so GOOD–all the time God is GOOD!!!

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