Land Dynamics Matter

I am back home again after an eventful week in Calgary.  As usual, the volunteers were all over the board in terms of the responsiveness of their spirit to the questions asked.  But when you look at the whole, the question of whether land matters was answered with an absolute “Yes.” There were more highly intense tests than any other batch of nine.

The residential neighborhood as a whole was far more spiritually at rest than any commercial district around a hotel.   This was a plus before we even got out of the car.  But just walking into the home with hands full of equipment and supplies was a spiritual experience.

The decor of the home was vintage Mercy.  We enjoyed greeting our hosts with whom we had been corresponding but had never met before.  But beyond the visual and the relational, the land affected us both quite deeply, immediately.

I pondered that while there and got no answer as to what it was about.  I didn’t get the sense that the land was originally “high impact.”  I have been on a lot of land that was designed for intensity, and this does not seem to be of that flavor.

It did not feel “anointed.”  I know that our hosts are prayer warriors and have spent a lot of time on the second story balcony praying over the city.  I might have felt the imprint of their spirits at prayer if I had gone there, but the main floor did not have that flavor.  It is a familiar one.

Still, it was remarkably different from the land on the street.  There is no question it was making an impact on our spirits.  And it was definitely a positive one — but not in a familiar key of music.

Finally it landed just this afternoon.  The land was congruent.  Everything fit.  And it is a reflection of the inner being of our hosts.  They have worked long and hard on inner healing and building the inner man.  They are living robustly, from a place of having unpacked their treasures, not compensating for unaddressed issues by exaggerating a strength or two.

Because they are spirit, soul and body, healed and living in alignment, it brought the land into alignment and allowed it to feel whole and vibrant.

And since that kind of person and land is so rare, stepping onto land that was simply whole, congruent, complex without being convoluted was an attention-getting experience.

But something else happened during the two days.  There is one step in the protocol where we occasionally ask the Lord to describe some facet of the volunteer’s spirit.  Historically, the word pictures God uses are incredibly varied and invariably fascinating.

This trip, however, the majority of the word pictures involved body parts.  All of them were remarkably positive and made an indelible impact on me and on Loretta.

I assume each of the volunteers will be savoring their pictures too, but those who did receive a picture only got one!  The two of us got to listen to all of the pictures that came forth.  We were impacted by each one but were quite conscious that there was a pattern, after months of highly variegated divine creativity.

The surprise came when there was an accidental healing on that land after we left.

So what was that about?

Was there healing unction on the land all along?  Did God use the medical pictures to activate what was in the land?  If what God did was catalytic to something large that has been in the land all along, does that mean there will be an ongoing experience of unsuspecting people being released from their physical bondage simply by being guests in that home?  What a fascinating possibility.

Or was the land devoid of all healing anointing but the simple act of God Almighty using pictures of physical vitality left a temporary deposit in the land?  If so, perhaps the one person who was healed absorbed the deposit that was there and the battery is discharged now.

OR . . . does it have to do with the owners?  Their lives are congruent in spirit and soul.  Their land is congruent because of their spirit and soul.  I don’t know much about their health, but the indications are that they are congruent in what they eat and how they live physically.

I base this on the abundance of fresh, healthy snacks they left for us and on the condition of their refrigerator.  They had urged us to avail ourselves of anything in it, so when we were quite done with our final test, and we were both exultant and exhausted, I sent Loretta to check the freezer.  I was hoping they would have some truly decadent, utterly sinful, ice cream which we could use to enhance our celebration.

Alas and alack.  There wasn’t even any boring ice cream.  Holy people are such an aggravation to wanton sinners.

Anyway, getting back to the main story line, if their spirit, soul and body were all congruent, did God’s celebration of people’s spirits using pictures of supremely congruent bodies, drive the land into high enough plus numbers that it now will pull other people’s bodies into congruence, alignment and health?

Who knows?!  Something happened that was fun, but what the invisible dynamics were, we simply don’t know.  Time may give us some clues.

As usual, we did five tests one day and four the next.  I like to front load the investment so that when we are tired the second day, we have a lighter load.

We are getting far enough down the road that we had a complete absence of technical problems on this trip, and Loretta vehemently insisted this morning at the airport that she has saved, stored and configured everything properly so that we won’t be scolded by Megan when she checks the master files and copies the new stuff onto our backup device tomorrow.

There were some new things God showed us about the human spirit that I can’t figure out a way to share without exposing the volunteer in question, so I won’t.  We were delighted to increase our intellectual capital in this field that is so utterly new to us.

The high point of the testing though, was working with a baby.  For this phase of the research, we have opted not to test children, although that will certainly come with time.  But there was one mom who was expecting and had invested much in working with the spirit of her child in the womb.

We decided ahead of time to test her in the usual manner, and then, while she was still wired up, we would talk to her child (who knows my voice well) to see if the spirit of the child could choose to act upon the brain of the mother in a way we could detect.

Quite a reach, I know, but we figured the process was non-toxic to all involved, and since we had an opportunity, why not push the limits a bit!

This IS Sapphire after all.

For the first point, I explained to the child that we adults have lost the picture of God in His glory, but that since the baby had so recently come from heaven, we had reason to believe that its spirit still DID remember.

So I asked the baby’s spirit to go to the mother’s brain and to communicate something of the beauty and majesty of our Great God in a way that we could capture on the screen.

The mom immediately got a head-to-toe buzz of significant proportions.  The EEG also went wild and Loretta’s eyes indicated that she was gloriously out of her league.


(But still in the game).

Not all of the subsequent instructions I gave produced the same intense reaction in mom or computer, but it was definitely a high-response exercise.

Loretta is not “trained” to read EEGs (except in the Sapphire School of the Deep End of the Pool) but she felt that the pattern of the brain waves was significantly different from what she normally sees.

Does that mean the baby’s spirit was acting on her brain, or was the baby’s spirit acting on her spirit which then acted on her brain?  No clue.

At the end of the day, I am not sure we learned anything at all of value from the experiment since it will be nearly impossible to determine what was actually happening with the two spirits and the one brain.  All we know is that the baby in the womb does have some capability to light up a computer screen — directly or indirectly — under those circumstances.

During my ongoing airport waits, I can gnaw on that bone for a few weeks to see if we can figure out a way to refine the exercise, because whether it was productive or not, it sure was fun for the rest of us, and I don’t think baby minded celebrating God either.

Well, we have one more big push this week in Odessa.  I am beyond excited about testing the five people who have done a 90 day media fast.  I so KNOW their spirits will respond differently.  The question is, different how, and different where.

Will their spirits default to a different portion of the brain for a couple of the critical protocol steps, just because they have focused on Jesus at a significantly higher level for 90 days.  Or will there simply be a higher intensity in the same regions?  Will they show higher frequency thoughts than the rest of the volunteers?  What about the elusive gamma waves?  Will we find them closer to the Seat of Dominion?

(Can you imagine what it would be like to test Elijah, John the Baptist, or some of the monastic giants of yesteryear)?

These and sundry other questions hang in the hot Texas sun, along with the looming shadow of Debby the storm.

Finally, kudos to Harley Torgerson, our host while there.  This man has an amazingly discerning spirit.  While my soul breathed not a single word of our crushing disappointment in the aforementioned kitchen, his spirit clearly perceived the trauma.

He was a seasoned restaurateur back in the day, so on Friday evening, he served us an almost decadent sliver of tiramisu for dessert.

Life is good.

Copyright June 2012 by Arthur Burk

From home, gratefully.

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2 Responses to Land Dynamics Matter

  1. Judith says:

    “It is no small thing, when they, who are so fresh from God, love us. ” ― Charles Dickens …

  2. Cheryl Cappon says:

    I am inclined to say that it is your hosts’ living rightly that has brought the land into alignment (“all creation groans”) and that the Lord’s deposit created a trifecta of sorts that deposited a special healing anointing especially for that particular person. While there may be an afterglow of the miracle -perhaps one able to be sustained somewhat from the general wholeness of the entire synergy of the environs- that the battery as you said has been generally if not totally discharged. I feel it was a gift for the healed person and you all got to be a part of it. I am truly excited by the project’s results even if they are difficult to put in perspective- My exhorter nature is quite comfortable with that 🙂

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