Calgary and Odessa

The testing slots in Calgary filled up very quickly.  We had the entire schedule done over a month before the event which is unprecedented.

The Odessa schedule is looking pretty good, but we still have three slots for Thursday the 28th, if people are available.

I am looking forward to that one because I issued a challenge and they responded.  I told them I would come a day early, and do three days of testing instead of two, if they had five people who would do a 90 day media fast leading up to it.  And within a week, we had five committed.

I know from years of having challenged people to do this that it makes a significant difference in their mental health and their spiritual vitality, but that has only been measured by their stories.  It will be so exciting to use the same protocol we are using for the general population of Christians and see what the differences are with their spirit’s for sure and possibly even in their brains.

At the end of the day, we will gather with the five of us and do great violence to a lovingly crafted dish of lasagna while we debrief what the 90 day process was like for them and what Loretta and I saw on the EEGs.

Such fun.


The lasagna is being prepared by one of the participants in the 90 day media fast.  I wonder if he has a fragrance anointing?  Let’s see how this works:  his spirit gets improved overall through the media fast; this might enrich or enhance his fragrance anointing; he does the EEG and God moves in a big way overall; this might turbocharge his fragrance anointing; he goes from the test to the kitchen to prepare the food we will eat that night.

We gather for a debrief of all God has done during the 90 days, and then during THE day, in the presence of food that has had its spiritual dynamics unlocked.

This could well be a debrief for the record books!!!  Could turn into a worship experience even.

Arthur Burk

From the Quarterdeck

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One Response to Calgary and Odessa

  1. Joyful says:

    This blog has stirred such a hunger in me… and that was before this post!

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