The Land Factor

We are closing in on the first batch of tests and it has been a wild ride.  We are going to end June very poor and very rich.

The poor side has to do with money.  We only raised $50,000 instead of the $100K we were looking for so that has really squeezed us.  We have exhausted the fund and are now drawing from our not very abundant sales to finance the final thrust.

ON the rich side, we have gotten extraordinary good value for the money we spent.  We have learned so much more than we expected.  We have not even gotten into the finer details of interpreting the data and already there are a multitude of conclusions we can draw from just the raw data.

Our next set of tests will be in Calgary next week.  This will be dramatically different from anything else we have done because of the land.  So far, all of our tests have been done in a hotel room.  While we spend time and effort cleaning up the spiritual environment, it is simply sub par.

And in addition to the spiritual climate, there is the noise of housekeeping in the rooms around, over and under us that can be quite a distraction when we are in the finer points of an EEG.

When we go to Calgary, we will be testing in a home, but this is no ordinary home.  It is the home of a man who knows his God and who walks in awe.  Not only that, he is one of the spiritual elders in the city, and he takes his position quite seriously.

His home overlooks a significant portion of the city, and he has prayed much from that vantage point.

So what will be the impact of testing people’s spirits on holy ground — not just clean land, but land that has been soaked and saturated with prayers of faith?

What about the demonic?  For people who are packing critters, will their baggage be so intimidated by the land that they will just hop off and wait outside until their host returns, or will they come in as jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof?

What about the people with highly dominant souls?  Will we have less “lip” from the soul, and will we see the spirit take over the brain more easily and more often than normal?

And of course, here is the biggie.  What about the big spirited people?  What if some of the people we are going to test have a huge call to land, or are highly sensitive intercessors or simply have a spirit already well accustomed to leading?

What will we see on the screen with these folks when we direct their spirit to engage with God in different ways?

Right now, the answer to all those questions is, “I don’t know.”  But I sure am on tip toe with expectation for this round of tests.

Arthur Burk

Joyously at home

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2 Responses to The Land Factor

  1. Sonia says:

    I couldn’t stay on my tiptoes Arthur. Possibly also might have something to do with being an extrovert who has discovered a Father who loves how big my spirit and soul can express emotion.
    I am dancing!!!
    I have been celebrating the orchestration of this whole event.
    I am so stoked with joy, awe, wonder and expectancy.
    Who could be so excited to have you pick the spirit, the soul and the body?
    See you in Calgary!

  2. Joyful says:

    On tip toe with you Arthur!
    May every generous heart listen carefully for Father’s heart beat as you press into this.

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