Explosive Insight

It is Friday evening in Tulsa.  It has been an intense day.  Yesterday was tough, but today was extraordinary.  We ended up with five people.  Three were regularly scheduled.  One stood in for a friend who became sick and could not make it.  And one was a last-minute addition by the Lord.

I will be forever glad that I graduated Summa cum Laude with a degree in Turning on a Dime.  God gave us a treasure this evening because we were flexible.

But going back to the day in general, Loretta was once again impressed with how clearly she can see on the screen the postures of soul and spirit.  In our process we do the two standard medical protocols to set a baseline and show that the person is reasonably normal in brain function and that the equipment is working.

Then I speak to both the soul and the spirit, explain their relative roles, and explain why I need the soul to vacate the brain for a while and allow the spirit free rein over the whole playing field.

What happens next varies by individuals.  In a sad number of cases, the soul doesn’t budge.  There is not even a contest.  Spirit is utterly excluded.  It is sad to see this in religious leaders who have been so deeply immersed in Ruler season cognitive Christianity that their spirits don’t stand a chance.

Much more common is a bit of belly bumping.  Loretta can watch on the screen and see the conflict between the two and see when the soul eventually exits the field and allows the spirit to lead.  Sometimes it is a five second argument, and sometimes it takes over a minute before spirit is allowed full access to the playing field of the brain.

But what is so amazing is when the soul graciously accedes to the role of the spirit and simply steps off the field, allowing the spirit to immediately lead, without dispute or debate.  There is something that shifts in the spiritual atmosphere of the room when the spirit is allowed to take its rightful position with the honor that is due it, without any unseemly conflict.

It happened three times today, and each one was remarkable.

One of the high points of each session is when God chooses to share His perspective about a person’s spirit and what He considers beautiful.  There was an open heaven today and great clarity as God spoke such amazing insights about people.

When our team was praying out in advance, God said to focus heavily on the sound, so that the sound that went forth would be pure and powerful.  We did.

Today as God spoke into words what had been there all along in their spirits, it was simply a worship experience for all three of us to see how truth landed, how deeply it gave the gift of dignity, and what life was in those words.  The sound was a clear sound.

But the staggering takeaway value for the day for me had to do with heart rate variability.  I can’t watch the detailed graph on the computer screen from where I sit, but I can see the primitive little off/low/medium/high lights on the device near me, so I know when a person reaches entrainment.

Typically, if we do the full ten item protocol, there will be half of the items where the person will achieve entrainment for anywhere from five to 30 seconds at a time.  We have had, I think, three individuals with significantly longer periods of entrainment during a test, but it is rare.

But one of the individuals today actually achieved entrainment during the original baseline soul exercises and was consistently in entrainment thereafter.  At one point she went ten minutes straight with maximum entrainment, which means that it was all the way through one four-minute protocol, continued during the discussion of the next protocol, and lasted almost all the way through a second one.

That was vastly beyond anything I had seen before, so, being the insatiably curious person I am, I asked Father, “What did she do right, that produced this effect?”

His answer was immediate.  “She cleansed time every single day for an entire year, and she broke other curses on time off her family tree.”

Now walk with me here a little bit.  Entrainment constitutes the brain, heart and lungs being synchronized to a divinely establish algorithm.  In other words, getting the timing right.  But this is on a micro scale in the human body.

What she did was on a macro scale of cleansing the defilement on a whole day, from the beginning of time to the present, for each day of an entire year.

I never would have thought that the macro cleansing would have affected the micro dynamic. But it did!!!

While that is a long reach that surprised me, still, in the Biblical sequence of holiness, time is sanctified first, then land, then people, then possessions, then offices.

It is one more reiteration by God that holy time matters a LOT to Him, and we are well served by cleansing time in every way we know how.

Our team will scatter and return to our various abodes on Sunday with a bundle of memories, some good data and much to ponder about the majesty of our King.

Meanwhile, I need to shift gears and prepare for a different kind of encounter tomorrow as I teach on some of the models God has given us regarding healing.

Thanks so much for your highly effective prayers which provided breakthrough.  Today was a treasure to be savored for a long time to come.

Arthur Burk

In Tulsa, with anticipation

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16 Responses to Explosive Insight

  1. erica says:

    This post has inspired me to want to beging cleansing time daily. I’m just curious to hear from other people who have done this what the process looked like. How much time did you spend each day? Was there something basic that you prayed or did you find a lot of varriance in what you prayed? Was there a specific time of day that seemed better to do this? I feel like I have a grasp of the basic concepts of how, I am just feeling a little hesitancy since I’m single and don’t have someone else to pray with who could help with discernment or focus or to bounce an intuition off of. Thanks

  2. Darlene Alexander says:

    i read your insight and just wept. i had cried out to God just this morning asking Him: what does it take to truly be free from iniquity, from twisted, crooked, perverted ways that are miles away from the true heart and pathways of the Father. may the Lord provide all that is necessary to complete the “brain” work that will bring greater freedom to the spirit of men.
    Darlene Alexander
    Long Island, NY

  3. Nerina says:

    Wow, this is very exciting. We are in our second year of cleansing time. The first year was spent doing sin, rebellion, iniquity, murders and covenants. This year we are exclusively leaning into dealing with shock and trauma, and God revealing any trauma bonds as we go along. Daily we ask for alignment with divine time. This is AWEsome to think we are bringing our whole beings into sync with the whole Trinity.

    Thank you for posting this, it is greatly encouraging as we take out more trash to get to our treasures, in our generational lines, spirit, soul and body!


  4. nancy henry says:

    This is so amazing and wonderful. I have been going through a long, very long test caring for my husband in honor of a 43 year marriage covenant. 8 years ago at age 57,he was diagnosed with “dementia, probably alzheimers”, a label I did not accept. It has all been a challenge, but the last 19 months have been dangerously violent. Ten days ago, a neuro surgeon said he has trigeminal neuralgia and will do surgery on 5/30. He said this is NOT dementia or alzheimers. Please pray with us as it is a serious and complicated surgery, requiring 3-5 days in ICU. My point for telling you this much, is that I have been soaking myself in your teachings on Job, and it is helping me so much. Thank you so much for helping us walk into freedom.

    • Cheryl Cappon says:

      Nancy, do you have a praise report for your intercessors?

      • nancy henry says:

        Joe had brain surgery on May 30th. The surgeon found that some blood vessels had attached themselves to the 5th cranial nerve so securely they had to be cut loose as they couldn’t be pulled off. The stabbing pain appears to be gone. He now sleeps on the affected side of his head and is able to shave that side. We are having a lot of post-op pain and he is not able to trust me right now. He thinks I hurt him. He still has a lot of rage, even when he was in the hospital, he required restraints, right out of recovery till we left. His mind is trying so hard to re-orient, but it has been so long since he hasn’t had pain. Honestly, I was hoping for a quick miracle, but see that we will have to persevere longer as we must walk this out. Please pray for the periods of time going into sleep and awakening. These are particularly perilous. I have not lost one iota of hope (confident assurance) that we will be completely healed and justified and qualified with a testimony to help untold numbers of suffering people. I am thankful for your ministry and the opportunity to be a part of it. Bless you as you frontier on!!!!!! nancy

  5. Heather says:

    Thank you Father for this amazing TIME that we are living in, that we are able to receive such deep revelation. My husband and I have just listened to Trauma Bonds to Time. This insight has given us the encouragement we need to move into cleansing time in our own lives, probably daily. Thank you for your perseverence, Arthur and team

  6. Sonia says:

    Every word, every completed sentence has set me off dancing and celebrating our Father! Thank you, thank you and bless you for receiving and sharing with us Brain Team! This is so huge!
    I am in AWE!
    Thank you Arthur for articulating this wonderful journey and sharing with all the insight gained, questions to be asked, and the wonder of it all. There are no words really to say how we honor you for all you are willing do and places you go. Way to go Pioneer!

  7. Kevin May says:

    I concur! The trauma bonds to time teaching alone was a huge impact for me and I have seen significant advances in hard areas. Thank you Father for Shining YOUR Light!
    Praying the seminar today is synchronizing well. Wish I could have made this one.
    Arthur, can you share what part of the trinity the heart, mind & lungs align to for entrainment?
    Thank you,
    Kevin May

  8. carol says:

    This is very VERY exciting! I have to agree with the value of cleansing time (and land) … we recently listened to your two teachings on Cleansing the Land and Trauma Bonds to Time and our life is radically different. We are also seeing the impact in some of our family members as well since we took advantage of executiing several class action suits!

    THANK YOU Arthur and team for your due dilligence in the for-runner annointing upon this ministry … we are the direct beneficiaries and we are very grateful. Father is radically changing us in lightning fast time. And He is providing us with supernatural, powerful weapons of warfare to bring about enormous transformation and an abundant harvest of righteousness.

    We bless you. We bless the Lord. And we stand with you in your pursuit of unwrapping the hidden treasures appointed for this hour!

  9. Pat says:

    This continues to be so amazing and exciting. I can’t wait for you to hit northern CA! May Father richly bless your seminar tomorrow. Wish I could be there.

  10. Jeannie says:

    Wonderful and amazing!!!!!!!!! Thank you for keeping us posted on the progress. Glory stories.

  11. Mary Herrema says:

    Blessings to the team.

  12. Mary Herrema says:

    It is so inspiring to hear the awe in your posts, thanks for sharing so clearly from a childlike heart of wonder, I am sure others are in the reverence of the moment. I would love to know the words that were released,and more about the sound. Wow. That’s all I can say. I am speechless, I will continue to imagine what it must have been like. Sounds heavenly. Blessings to the tam. You are in my prayers.

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