Thursday Evening In Tulsa

Today was all over the board.  I can’t remember a day when we had as much diversity in people in one day.

By the end of the day, my discernment and connection with God was returning to about a C- level.  Glad to see it going in the right direction and hopefully by Saturday I will be back in my accustomed connection with the King.

There was one particularly interesting development today.  As you know, I have built one question into the protocol that is designed to allow the Prophet gift to shine.  My expectation is that by looking at that one question on the protocol, we might be able to identify the Prophet gift from an EEG.

However, today it emerged that another of the questions might well be a marker for the Servant gift.  I didn’t plan it that way, but it looks as though the Lord is giving us some fun free money here.  We will know more in July.

On the super, good, fun side of things, Loretta and I are getting pretty good with our teamwork.  Not only have we abandoned most of our hand signals because she knows what to do, but a lot of the time she also can anticipate where I am going and is ready for me before I get there.

This is the fun part of working as a team.

Today we did our long day with five people.  Tomorrow will be just four.

We have much to digest and ponder from today’s events, so I had best sign off here and get back to the work of learning everything we are supposed to learn.

Arthur Burk

Tulsa, OK

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