A number of years ago, a lady listened to our material on the human spirit and immediately found a friend to minister to her.  She became quite saddened but not frustrated over the fact that her spirit did not respond, even a little bit.  Nothing the other person did got even a flicker of response.

She still believed in the material, so she spent the next year ministering to other people’s spirits — from the homeless in the park to friends and coworkers.  She saw great transformation in others.

Eventually someone circled back around and ministered to her spirit, and to her surprise and immense joy, her spirit responded strongly and positively.

The growth in her spirit came as a result of her giving, from a placed of supposed emptiness, through faith.

I was quite excited about this story because it mirrored my own experience.  When I began working with the human spirit, no one would minister to my spirit because they “didn’t know how” but even though I did not know how, I ministered anyway, learned as I went and grew my spirit significantly while waiting for the day that someone was willing to minister to me.

I am very glad to have precision ministry to different portions of my spirit.  It has made a big difference.  But anyone can make huge progress simply by giving first.

This concept is salient today because of our experience in Houston.  Across the board, Pastor Cristina’s people have spirits that are vastly more alive, engaged and active than the groups in Virginia and Hawaii that had minimal exposure to the teaching on the human spirit.

Now let me be perfectly clear.  She does not spend 1,000 hours a year in personal ministry to her people’s spirits.  She addresses their spirits corporately whenever they come together, and she has taught them to minister to each other frequently, both in spontaneous encounters and in formal commitments to overcome particular problems.

And because of that, they showed us a significantly different profile, as a group.

Having said that, here are some of the nuggets from the last two days.

-“Entrainment” is the technical word for the synchronization of the brain, heart and lung sequences.  This is very important to us because they represent the Trinity and we are theorizing a cascade effect from good entrainment.

This is a factor I can monitor from my side of the table, and I have observed a massive spread of responses among people.  Some people never have 30 seconds of entrainment in a 50 minute session.  Others will have one or two segments where they achieve some.  A few have a high degree of entrainment throughout.

However, setting aside the variables, I can say categorically that so far, the one section where the spirit engages in the art of awe is by far the most conducive to entrainment.  People who don’t show a flicker of progress elsewhere might show it there, and those who have frequent spurts of entrainment throughout will often show a couple of minutes of non-stop entrainment during the awe section.

The Monday morning version of that is that if you value your health, setting aside time every day to do awe is a very wise thing to do.  You don’t need a prescription, new software or a fancy phone.  Just do it.

-Our theory is that entrainment happens naturally for a few people who have a good emotional lifestyle — perhaps that should be “a very few people.”

The other part of our theory is that the spirit can learn to bring that about.  So we have one section that deals with the spirit being fiercely intentional about producing entrainment.  Normally that is around the middle of the sequence.

We had one person on this round whose body had been through a lot recently, and I could tell just wiring her up that her alignment in most areas was quite off.  Sure enough, as we did the two base line sections of thinking gentle positive thoughts with the eyes closed, and then open, she registered nothing good on the HRV monitor.

I decided to go long just for fun, since her spirit is extraordinary.  I moved then to step three.  So after the baseline was done, I went through my spiel of validating the soul, then moving it aside, calling her spirit forward, establishing the parameters, then taking her through the exercise to access the control center and adjust the relationship among the three.

It was obviously a formidable learning curve for a spirit that was being directed so minutely for the first time ever, in an organic exercise, but her spirit played hard and well.

And starting the very next section, we saw an immediate shift as there was some entrainment during every single section after that.  I was very surprised and pleased to get results so swiftly in someone coming from such a physical deficit.

-One of our sections deals with the issue of right and wrong.  I talk about the soul’s perspective and then contrast it with the spirit’s perspective.  Then I send the spirit to the  brain archives of “moral outrage” and ask them to review the issues there and to join God in expressing on the brain, through their spirit, the emotions He feels about those things.

And this one varies monumentally by gift, primarily, although personal woundedness can affect it.

The gift of Giving generally registers minimal moral outrage.  The Servant can usually generate almost enough to melt a stick of butter on a summer day.  And the Prophet of course, can make the computer levitate off the table, as though you poured a bottle of Habanero hot sauce on the keyboard.

No surprises there.  The surprise comes with entrainment.  For six of the seven gifts, when they go into moral outrage, any entrainment they have just vanishes.  You see all sorts of emotional conflict as they are angry and also feel guilty over being angry.  Those push/pull emotional conflicts don’t lend themselves to entrainment or good health.

BUT, just for the record, if a Prophet has any ability to do entrainment, it usually shows when they are doing moral outrage.  In other words, there is no push/pull, no false guilt and no conflict.  They are purists — able to stand with God and just be monumentally offended over all the wrong out there!

In fact, given the benefit to ones health that entrainment brings, I would have to wonder if all Prophets need to indulge in some premeditated moral outrage every so often just to stay healthy.  Does the results of this series of tests indicate that the Prophet was made to stay healthy through moral outrage?

Not sure what conclusion we should draw, but the data certainly is tantalizing.

-The power of 100,000 small choices was evident one more time.  Although knowing how the human spirit is made to function clearly helps, at the end of the day, the people who had the most robust responses to the spiritual directives where those who had been living by principle long before they heard about the human spirit.

There is still no short cut for the hard work of living big.  Life offers us daily opportunities to embrace productive pain or to sidestep it and live for the moment.  Those who had a culture of growth moved easily into the concept of working with the human spirit when they discovered it, and they made the most progress.

Those who looked at nurturing the spirit as a short cut to the hard work in life found themselves disappointed.

-The power of having the human spirit in the Seat of Dominion was demonstrated once again.  One individual had obviously been doing those 100,000 things right.  Throughout the protocol, she was showing above average results.

When it came to the usual exercise regarding the Seat of Dominion, King Jesus interrupted and had me tell the volunteer, “Tell ____’s spirit to go to the Seat of Dominion.  I will be waiting for her there.”

I did.

She went.

Heaven filled the room and all four of us were weeping.

The other three of us had no soul knowledge of what was going on between her spirit and the King, but our spirits were overwhelmed with the majesty of it all.

I think back to all the people of yore who walked in such miraculous power.  Was it simply because their spirits were in the Seat of Dominion?  I wonder.

-Finally, Loretta summed it all up when she said that the one question about what God wants to celebrate about their spirit is the most high impact time for her.  Every individual’s spirit is different and what God says about each person is different, and it moves us to awe.

God generally communicates with me in these sessions with a quiet clarity.  One time, however, He responded from heaven so loudly it was quite startling to me.  My question, as usual, was “Father, what do You want to celebrate about _____’s spirit today?”


I pondered all of the nasty labels the devil has put on people.  What an incredible opposite. Imagine going through life knowing that God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth, has labeled you as “Made for Reverence.”

That could change the way a person went through life!

Copyright April 2011 by Arthur Burk

From Houston

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23 Responses to Vindication

  1. Jenny Strohmeyer says:

    What does it mean for the spirit to “engage in the art of awe?”

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Well, let’s take it a step at a time. What does awe mean to you?

      • Jenny Strohmeyer says:

        To be completely exhilarated/blessed/delighted/made joyful by something.

        • Arthur Burk says:

          OK. I think I see the problem. Awe relates to things that are larger than life. So when you see a sunset that blankets the whole sky, or a huge mountain range with the sun playing on it, or a sports move that was unbelievable, or the birth of a baby, or the new birth of a spirit or any move of God that just takes your breath away from the immensity of it.

          Awe is our response to immensity — in any form.

          Our culture easily celebrates smallness. Look at any talk show or reality show. They are mostly about less than noble topics and less than immense people. By contrast the practice of awe is to deliberately expose ourselves to immensity and allow our spirit to grow even larger through that process. And when you take this to the level of being exposed to the immensity of God, that takes you even further.

  2. Scott Cross says:

    I have read this and the other blog for sometime now and am finding myself more than a bit perplexed…If I use the observations and definitions of a Prophet that you use through your blog I am not one at all…yet it has been spoken over me by many well respected voices that I am called as a Prophet and Father has spoken it over me as well. I really have a difficult time in relating to anything you describe as a Prophet of Prophet gift (for the most part). While I know, I am outside of normally in most ways (and I like and enjoy the way I see the experience the world) I struggle in relating your observations of the Prophetic when Ministering to the Spirit and recording the EEG. The fact I am so removed from your description of a Prophet when I read your descriptions of Prophets I am hurt and wounded (many times) and vexed that this is how the Prophetic is or at least is experienced by many. I can not tell you how many times I have had to stop reading your blog for days or a week and return to finish it when I am able to. I love all of this and all that you are doing is so incredible stimulating to me that I look daily for new blogs (when I have finished the prior one {:~)>. My Spirit leaps as does my soul at all this is being discovered and related to me (us) through your time and effort but I am left scratching my head going what am I in the Kingdom if this is what you define Prophet as…? I know who I am but would unsure as how to define it in terms that you or other would understand.

    One question: I went to to attempt to better understand the use of this term that you used and did not find a correlation with the definition that you provided I did find it used with circadian rhythms but I do not think that is what you were referencing, can you shed some more light on to this? For many years I have spent 1000 of hours in a Meditative place before God and with God. The times spend are Life giving and refreshing to me is this what you are seeing in a subject when referring to entrainment?

    • Arthur Burk says:

      So Scott, have you listened to my teaching on the redemptive gift of Prophet and how that is very different from the manifestation gift of prophesying?

      • Scott Cross says:

        Yes, it was sometime back but I do remember listening to it…

        • Arthur Burk says:

          Well, Scott, you may wish to revisit that teaching. I think our problem is linguistic — we are using one word with two or three different meanings.

          • Scott Cross says:

            Please bear with me while I attempt to figure out where I got lost…when you use the term “we” are you referring to you and your team or me and you? What word is being use with different 2-3 different meanings is it Prophet, entrainment or a altogether different word? I will not to belabor this beyond this question even if I am still left unclear. Sorry and thank you!

            • Arthur Burk says:

              We is the Sapphire culture. And the word Prophet means one thing as a redemptive gift, another as a manifestation gift and yet another as an office.

              • Scott Cross says:

                Thank you for giving of your time to answer my question. I guess I do not speak the Sapphire language or fully understand “Sapphire Culture”. This is not first for me…

                My Spirit is prompting me that you are a bit tired of this dialogue so I will bring it to a close. Again Thank you for your Grace and forbearance in answering my question. Blessings to you, your team and the culture are are helping to create!!!

  3. The picture of the Prophet achieving entrainment while engaging in moral outrage is very interesting. Makes me wonder what that spot is for each of the gifts, and if it would bring significant freedom for each of the gifts to know. Just thinking about the Prophet I can imagine how many times he has been told to chill out, simmer down, take a walk and come back when he isn’t so passionate. Not to say that uncontrolled or destructive anger is ok, but neither is shackling the spirit. I also wonder what it does when everyone is engaged in a moment. It seems like there could be a whole different level of testing regarding community and what it does when everyone’s spirits are engaged and flowing together.

    • Pat says:

      Megan, this is a fascinating question. I can’t wait to see what you do with it! Do you think that entrainment is an internal process or can it be stimulated by an external process? As a Teacher gifting, I find that when I teach I feel God’s pleasure. When I stand up to teach, it’s as if I’m at the top of a roller coaster and when I start, the process feels automatic, like I’m on the roller coaster. It’s smooth, it’s exhilarating, and it’s wonderful. Does entrainment come when we are doing what we were created to do?

      • Arthur Burk says:

        Our current hypothesis is that entrainment comes when the gamma waves are in the prefrontal cortext. Check back in a year or so to see if our hypothesis is substantiated by research.

  4. Sonia says:

    My spirit is in awe of how you articulate this incredible work!
    We rejoice over all of this Arthur, with you and the team and those who are receiving and giving!
    Amazing too is we are learning as well, spirit, soul and body! Wow!

    When you shared Father thundering form Heaven, I laughed and cried! I have heard this type of thunder from him, as well as other types. I rejoice in His words over one of His daughter’s! Thank you for hearing Arthur.
    This story immediately opened up communications with us, I asked him, what is your word over me Father? Father’s words, ” You were made for war!” Huge celebration for us today because of your blog, Arthur!

    Yes, being someone who will dabble in moral outrage several times a day, I agree it is healthy, spirit, soul and body!

  5. Brandee says:

    Arthur, I have been keeping up with your articles and this is the first time I heard of entrainment. If this represents the trinity in us and also is the technical word for synchronization of the brain, heart and lungs,then would having a physical problem with asthma indicate being out of sync? I would enjoy understanding more about entrainment. I am fascinated by this. Do you have any more information you could share with me on this? Would you also elaborate on the art of awe for me please?

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Brandee, you may be onto something.

      Let’s back track to where I was 20 years ago. We established then that 50% of acute asthma was Masonic. Proof was that I could speak to the parents of a desperate kid over the phone from 10 miles away and rebuke the Masonic demons and within 10 minutes the child was perfectly normal. Not even the power of suggestion here, because I spoke to the parents. Obviously, some asthma is simply biological as the lungs have challenges and the environment activates a cascade of reactions.

      Tie that in with the three primary curses: Edomite for Father, Babylonian for Son and Egyptian for Holy Spirit. The Masonic is involved in all three, but the strongest is the Egyptian heresy.

      So I wonder what would happen if your family didn’t just push back on the Masonic broadly, but if you explored any aberrations in your generational theology about the Holy Spirit.

      And you may wish to do some research on “Heart Rate Variability” to learn more about entrainment from a secular/medical point of view.

      • Bunmi says:

        My Daughter has asthma too and recently started to have bad skin reactions but her lungs have been fine, I wonder.

      • Kim says:

        Brandee & Bunmi
        I am so thankful that you brought this up. My daughter has asthma and skin issues. We have done many things spiritually and in the natural with no success. I had learned that the root of asthma was fear, but never heard of the curses attached to the God-head like that. Am going to go down the trail Arthur outlined. Would love to connect and share what we learn and success stories. Blessings, Kim

        • Brandee says:

          I would love to share with you my results and I am interested in what you find out as well. I will also follow through with Arthurs suggestions as well.

  6. Tracy says:

    I read this with such delight! My spirit was leaping about yelling,”Yes, yes, yes!” – thanks for sharing this with us, Arthur. Blessing for you continued work on this project

  7. Pat says:

    Standing in awe…

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