Day One in Hawaii

Our testing in Hawaii was not as dramatic as the ones in Virginia, but it was highly instructive nonetheless.

Kudos first of all to Loretta.  She is getting pretty good at spotting the squabbles between the spirit and the soul as played out on the EEG screen.  With most of the people, I have to remind the soul periodically that it needs to stay off the playing field and let the spirit do things its own way.  I can feel the return of the soul, which is why I say that.

Loretta can see the action on the screen.  In step three where I tell the soul to step to the side and let the spirit take over the brain, she can identify when the soul actually releases control and allows the spirit to take over.  And when the soul tries to sneak back in, she can usually see it on the screen a few seconds before I discern and speak to the soul.

It is quite gratifying that this early on, we are becoming able to differentiate soul and spirit on the EEG.  Go to the head of the class, Loretta!

Second, we have even more confirmation about the so-called “muscle tension” phenomenon.  Remember that there was strong evidence in one case in Virginia that this was actually low-level demonic agitation, not muscle tension that needed to be massaged away.

To test that theory, when it occurred again today, I simply rebuked the demon and the EEG changed.  This happened several times.  And the kicker is, she signaled to me that there was “muscle tension” at a particular lead, and I rebuked the demon in my mind, without saying anything out loud or getting out of my chair to touch the person, and that pattern in the EEG stopped immediately.  So there was no chance of it being the power of suggestion because I made no sound.

Third, we had a very instructive messy moment today.  I don’t know why, but I routinely order the soul to go off the playing field and sit in the bleachers on the volunteer’s left side.  I have no explanation for why the left side, or why that specific.  I never thought about it.

But today, one person’s soul kept coming back onto the playing field.  After chasing it off four or five times, I finally “heard” their soul asking for permission to go off the field to the right.  I shrugged and said, “Sure.  Go to the right.”  It did, and stayed put.

That was odd and I had no explanation for it but I kept on going, filing it away in the wonderfully elastic file drawer of “Odd things that happen along life’s road!”

Lo and behold, a few minutes later we ran into a gnarly dynamic that was affecting the whole left side of this person’s body.  No wonder the soul didn’t want to be there!  It had good taste.

So I have one more bit of trivia to consider as we work with people’s soul and spirit.  Who knew?!

A fourth area that is becoming very evident is how strongly our brains are formed by the time we are 40, over the issue of past and future.  I have questions in the protocol that deal with past stuff, some with present and some with future.

Some individuals are hugely engaged with past issues, but have trouble envisioning a future.  Others can’t go back very well but can really come alive thinking about the future.  I think this is the reflection of a lifestyle.

On the technical side, since Virginia, we have refined our processes for wiring a person up, and we were very pleased with the results derived from the new methods today.  The process went more quickly, and the impedance was the lowest we have ever had, which is splendid.  Makes for excellent recordings.

I have ordered a couple more resources that should add even a little bit more quality and speed to our process in Houston next week.

For now, I am very tired and am going to take the rest of the day off.  Four more tomorrow!

Copyright April 2012 by Arthur Burk


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4 Responses to Day One in Hawaii

  1. Sonia says:

    How exciting Brain team! I love to read about where you are pioneering!
    Great info about soul. I love what you are doing about “muscle tension”.
    Blessings on you as you all recover, rejoice and revisit all that took place in Hawaii.

  2. Mary Herrema says:

    oh I wish I was there. Are there any posts of ‘before and afters’ of the EEG images? This is such extraordinary data, I don’t even know how to process it. We are fearfully and wonderfully made.
    Arthur, did the light find and meet you by Easter?

  3. kcf44 says:

    What an interesting read!! You are a true pioneer, and I am so delighted in reading your discoveries… Congratulations!
    Thank you for taking time to write down the details.It is so much fun to learn these things and begin to apply some of these truths in my life.
    … hope you and your team enjoy the beauty in Paradise… karen ford

  4. Heather Tuba says:

    Hi, I just started following your blog a short while ago. I find it interesting that you have to remind the soul to stay to the side. I have noticed this for myself when my husband blesses my spirit. I find myself “blanking out” or my mind drifting to some anxious thought. This is a good technique for me to implement. I am very interested to hear what you learn about how the mind (not the physical brain?) is formed by age 40 – although I would imagine the formation of the mind would also affect the physical workings of the brain. I seem to spend a lot of time thinking about the past although I have received a lot of healing from traumas of the past. I’m curious what others say about this.

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