Asleep . . . or Not!

One of the challenges in our learning curve is the propensity of the experts in the field to be highly dogmatic and hugely contradictory.

We rather expected that from sales people, since each company would naturally consider their products superior, but it has been quite disconcerting to speak to different people with significant experience in the field and to get wildly different information from them, usually delivered with the passion and conviction of a Southern Baptist evangelist.

So in addition to the fact that we are measuring different things than the pros in the field are measuring (which creates its own set of variables), the pros in the field are not even remotely standardized in terms of how to collect the data or what it means.

In the midst of all the dogmatic authorities, God led Megan to one lady who was highly experienced but willing to explore ideas and explain the logic behind it — when she could — rather than just make pronouncements.

Today they had a phone call to explore three of the EEGs.  As usual, we came away with yet another bundle of “basic parameters” which we were supposed to observe during data acquisition, which we will ponder and possibly obey — or not.

Overall, she was unequivocal that we are getting solid recordings that are valid for interpretation.  That was the main objective of the call and was a nice pat on the back for Megan.

After looking at a generic EEG, Megan took her to the one where the individual’s spirit dominated the Seat of Dominion.  The consultant was rather dumb struck and wasn’t able to contribute anything other than “That is a very interesting EEG.”

Megan, to her credit, managed to refrain from giggling at how wonderfully blindsided the lady was.

They then proceeded to the EEG where the divided person switched.  The consultant was quite unable to explain that phenomenon.  She offered a few vague comments about equipment being on overload, but it never occurred to the consultant that this was REAL activity in the brain, not a problem with the box that was sitting still, untouched, the whole time.

So those are still novelties to be explored, pondered and . . .

But in the midst of the poking around, the consultant pointed to a particular Alpha wave pattern and observed that the individual was about to go to sleep there.

Now Megan was quite involved in that session and was quite clear on the fact that the individual in question was not even remotely close to sleep at that time.  AND she remembered my comment that when we did the famous first one in Malaysia, Jeffrey kept pinging our volunteer and telling him to wake up.  To which the volunteers invariably commented that he was not sleepy or sleeping.

So, it appears we have another fun mystery on our hands.  There is a pattern that is strongly associated with being asleep or at least sleepy in the standard interpretation of the data.  Let’s assume for purposes of discussion that they are absolutely right, and this pattern DOES denote sleep or at least sleepiness in most people.

The question on the table then is, “Why does the spirit produce that same pattern some times and not others?”

These and many other questions will be answered in random order, sporadically over the next few years as God gives us hints and clues.

So the journey continues.

Next week we are in Hawaii.  Some of the people we are testing are of Japanese background and some are more Hawaiian.  Historically the Asians are broadly less inclined to show extremes of emotions, so if we were testing soul emotions, one would expect a moderately muted response.

What about the spirit though?  God is very clear on His fierce intentionality to see every “tribe and tongue” represented in heaven, presumably because each subset of humanity is a different expression of His nature and heaven would not be acceptable if part of God’s self-portrait was missing.  It would be like a family who loses a child.  The family picture is never quite the same.

So is there an Asian or Hawaiian spirit?  When we look at the EEGs as a group, will we see demonstrable differences among the very White group in Virginia, the Japanese/Americans, the pure Hawaiians, and the Latinos in Houston?  Who knows?

AND THEN the following week we have the biggie in Houston where almost everyone in the group we are testing has had lots and lots of teaching on the human spirit as well as ministry to their spirit.

Neither the Virginia group nor the Hawaiian group has much background in receiving spirit ministry, so we will have those two groups as our baseline.

We can hardly wait to see what the results of the Houston set of EEGs will show us.  Our anecdotal experience is that the human spirit is highly responsive to nurture.  Therefore, the possibility exists that we could get some highly dramatic results from the Houston crowd because of all the work they have invested in their spirits already.  I am so looking forward to that round of tests.

We are still months away from having any significant diagnostic insight and for a guy whose tag line is “What does it look like on Monday morning?” that is quite aggravating, but the journey has been wonderfully wild and wacky and that at least is gratifying.

And as a last minute addition, we have just confirmed a seminar in Calgary on June 23rd, with EEG testing on June 20th and 21st.  So if you live in that part of Alberta, please fill out the volunteer form, so we know how to get in touch with you.

Details to follow.  Watch the newsletter.

Arthur Burk

On the East Coast

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15 Responses to Asleep . . . or Not!

  1. jennifer says:

    this project has my attention for several reasons. i have a 3.5 year old child who has had seizures and also a possible episode of vasovegal syncope (his father and paternal grandmother also have been diagnosed with this and i suspect it could be a wounded spirit sustaining the body in times of whatever-the-trigger issue). interestingly, one part in this post that caught my attention in the article (that halted my reading) was about sleepiness. when my son was tested for seizures, the pediatric neurologist conducted a sleep deprived e.e.g. why they do this, i am not sure. it must be easier to “see” the abnormal activity then. however, it also sparks my interest in that sleep deprivation has been one of the areas of battle for me the past 5 years.

    • jennifer says:

      apparently, it is standard protocol (around here anyway) when dealing with children and seizures to “sleep deprive” them first.

  2. Mary Herrema says:

    Hi Arthur and Co. Is the team coming anywhere near the Great Lakes in your search for volunteers and variables in data? I would love to be part of your research and I can think of others who would probably be ecstatic to participate in testing. .
    Mary Herrema

  3. Darla says:

    Very excited and thankful to hear that you are coming to Calgary. I’m thankful to Father for leading you to make a stop in Alberta on your ‘tour’. I’d be honoured to help out / volunteer in any way I can.

  4. Sonia says:

    Thank you for booking Calgary.
    I too am so excited! My spirit is yelling, jumping for joy and dancing right now!
    I live five hours away which is no object for me. I volunteered immediately because this was an answer to prayer.
    I am from the Cree First Nations people with farther roots back to the Jewish people revealed to me by Father. I have always wondered why I receive so naturally in spirit, communicate in spirit, and also received so hugely from your blessings and spirit nurture from Robert and Cyndi.
    Thank you Caroline and Arthur for your comments!

  5. Caroline says:

    Fascinating to consider the different expressions of God in the various ethnic groups/subsets of humanity. One thing that I’m curious to see is if there would be a demonstrable difference in those people of Japanese & Hawaiian ancestry (I mention these particular ethnic groups just because I”m more familiar with them) who have become “in tuned” with and even have developed their spirit through martial arts (e.g. karate, aikido, judo) or, perhaps, in the case of Hawaiians, hula. These “secular” activities at their core seem to engage the spirit. I wonder how their spirits may be when it connects with the Creator.
    I consider my experience. I am a long time follower of Jesus and am a 3rd generation Japanese-American (understand that to be Western up-bringing without traditional Japanese teaching/activities). I have not had much ministry with my spirit; still grappling with identifying my soul from my spirit and have often been told I act more from my soul. And yet when I was prompted to take up Japanese tea ceremony (“chanoyu”) a few months ago, I found it a ready made avenue that easily engaged my spirit and, in a way, easily exercises it. It seems, from my understanding, in these cultures living from the spirit is their foundational core; it is what is taught from the womb. So, it’ll be interesting to see what, if any, differences might be revealed.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Excellent comments, Caroline. And I agree that there are many “secular” activities that develop the spirit. Most people who have come out of the occult have a very sensitive spirit (not necessarily “developed” or whole, but sensitive/reactive) and there are activities that cause us to be more spirit led than soul led, even when we are not led by the Holy Spirit.

      For example, what would we find with John Lennon and Jerry Garcia. I would not particularly consider the Beatles or the Grateful Dead to be particularly holy bands, but the Grateful Dead was immensely spiritual, and John Lennon was certainly a Mercy looking for God in all the wrong places.

      So if you took a male Mercy Christian who had developed his spirit with the things of God and Jerry Garcia who developed his spirit without significant pursuit of God, we would expect them to be far different from the generic soulish person, but would be find huge differences in their two brains or in the behavior of their spirits?

      I don’t know.

      And on to your other comment, I find the permanence of the ethnic imprint on the human spirit to be quite remarkable. I know many people who consider themselves Gentiles. They have no knowledge at all of any Jewish heritage, but the moment they step into a Messianic congregation, or a Jewish temple or on the land in Israel, they feel they are home. Their spirit is still Jewish, no matter how many centuries ago their culture ceased to be Jewish.

      So what do we do with the billions of people who are married across racial lines? What does that do to their spirit when there is a dual or multiple heritage? No clue.

      When I taught the redemptive gifts, I said we would be 50 years before we had a solid basic understanding of the paradigm. I think this topic will keep the Body of Christ busy for a few centuries, sussing out the sundry threads of potential insight.

  6. jchpray says:

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if the EEG results that look like sleeping are actually places in the spirit of the individual where the soul has learned to rest . . . Judith

  7. Tanya Thun says:

    Yahoo, I am so excited that your coming to Calgary!!!!!!! I will fill out the volunteer form tomorrow morning. Megan I’m excited to meet you, to have a face with voice (structures phone seminar).Gee I can hardly wait for June now.

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