Spirit and Gamma Waves

Since we came back from Virginia work has been, well . . . rather workish.

However, we have relentlessly beaten the monster back into submission, and the somewhat fun-ish side of work is beginning to emerge from its lair once again.

One of the big, troubling questions going into our first phase is how much impact the team leader would have on the outcome.

In other words, suppose Megan, Loretta and I each had occasion to use the same protocol on the same person, the same day, at the same place.  How consistent would the results be?  Would one of us generate a measurable different response from the volunteer’s spirit across the board?

An even messier outcome would be if we generate markedly different results in specific areas.  For example, Loretta is the best when it comes to finding where the spirit is stuck.

If you have an issue with walking down the vegetable aisle of the grocery store on Thursday mornings and it happens to be a spirit issue, she can probably find out which portion of the spirit has the issue and where it came from quicker than the other two of us.  So what if she outshines the sun on the question in our protocol relative to problems in the person’s spirit?

I’m the dignity guy, and you can bet there is a point in our protocol where we deal with God giving dignity to the human spirit.  Do I generate a greater response from the spirit there than she does?  Dunno.

And Megan seems to be emerging as the Seat of Dominion diva.  And we certainly explore that topic in our protocol.  Does she get more bang for the buck than I do?

At present, we don’t have answers to those questions but they are certainly dancing around impertinently in the background demanding to be answered now, no matter how many times we tell them to sit down, be quiet and wait until the summer.

In order to dodge the consequences of those unresolved issues, we decided I would do all of the tests personally for this phase of the project.  That will give us some uniformity.

After we pull our famous 40 profiles in July to average out and form the baseline from which we will do future measurements, we will certainly do some experimenting to find the answers to those questions.

Currently, we are happy to see that such subtleties are not an issue.  God arranged for quite a cross section of people in Virginia.  We had uptight and mellow.  Some with a high degree of healing and some still pretty raw.  Some with loads of deliverance under their belts, and others still packing “heat.”

And, most significant, we had people whose spirits were highly engaged, responsive and mobile as we asked them to move around the brain.  And there were some people who would qualify for what John Sanford called a captive spirit.

Eventually we will be refining the nuances of the testing process, both with screening people and with our technique.  But for now, the broad stroke approach is yielding dramatic data.

Where we see it the most clearly is the exercise regarding the Seat of Dominion.  Of course our “Holy Grail” is to intentionally produce significant gamma wave activity in the Seat of Dominion area of the brain.

So far, we aren’t there yet.  But we sure can tell when someone’s spirit utterly shuts down just as we broach the subject.  Again, this is merely validating with science what we have discerned all along.

Some people’s Seat of Dominion is merely vacant.  For some it is physically trashed and has to be rebuilt.  For most the soul is solidly enthroned there, and it requires a significant coup d’etat to regain power.  And for others, the Seat of Dominion is occupied by the enemy.

And now we can see that on an EEG.  Imagine my telling you to go take a bone away from a Doberman Pinscher!  Not a very compelling invitation.  And when I direct someone’s spirit to go to the Seat of Dominion while it is occupied by a defiant enemy spirit, no wonder they shut down.

Not only do they not go there, the brain wave activity goes VERY quiet compared to the earlier steps in the protocol.

So . . .  we are learning.  Nothing another hundred years won’t fix.

Thanks so much for your prayers as we poke and prod, look at raw data and interpretation of the data, seeking to see things we don’t even know we are supposed to be looking for.

That is really the prize — the things we don’t know that we don’t know, that we are not looking for.  We have a mile long list of things we would like to know, but the real treasures are the things about the spirit we never wondered about.

So we immerse ourselves in the process and wait for God to pull off one of His magnificent divine surprises.

Copyright April 2012 by Arthur Burk

From home on Thursday evening

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5 Responses to Spirit and Gamma Waves

  1. Gwen says:

    I am really loving your blog! I can’t wait for you to return here to Ol Dominion state here in Virginia! I have signed up and am ready whenever you return. Just fyi, I saw your challenge to Texas and just wanted to add that I haven’t watched television for several years. Only listen to christian CD’s also for several years. Don’t even listen to the radio. I do get online everyday due to my job but that’s my limit. I don’t have a pc at home either (at least for now). After coming back from tour in Africa back in 2004, Holy Spirit said, I’ve called to be Holy no more TV for you, no movie theaters either. So outside the occasional walkby TV assaults I don’t watch TV. I have become a media virgin (not because I wanted to). I loved to watch tv. I find I don’t miss it too much. Actually find I get a headache (really bad one) the couple times I tried to watch again and this PBS tv. So I pass most of the protocols you asked for.

    Come back to ol’ virginie!! Hope to see you soon!


  2. Sonia says:

    Yahoo! Huge celebration from all of me Arthur, for you, Loretta and Megan.
    Yeah! Loving Megan as the Seat of Dominion diva because I have certainly benefitted from this with her and also her insight into unity for the whole spirit.
    All of this is so rich, I would be in overwhelm for a bit and yet you guys are working the nitty gritty already.
    Continued prayers and blessings you way Brain team!

  3. Mary Herrema says:

    are you thinking about sharing the questions in the sessions or pictures of brain activity? I am so curious, what did you ask and how did the brain/spirit respond, was it consistent, where in the brain is the seat of dominion?

    • Arthur Burk says:

      No Mary, the protocol is a very guarded document and we will not be making it public, nor will we publish the graphs of brain activity at this time. It is simply too early in the process for that. After we have sorted our data for several weeks this summer, we will decide what if any original data we will post, but for now, there is just general descriptions going to be available.

      The Seat of Dominion is in the medial prefrontal cortex.

  4. Tracy says:

    Blessings to you and the team, Arthur. Already some very exciting things developing there. I am really looking forward to the next hundred years!!

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