How do I get myself in these situations?

Here is the background.

For the last few months, we have been exploring the whole issue of how to receive.  A lot of what people send my way is no gift at all.  That breeds a certain resistance to the whole issue.  Yet, we had a deep sense that we were off track as a company.

After bumbling around for awhile, discussing it randomly periodically, we realized we were not making any progress.  So we blocked off two hours one day for the team to explore what making progress would look like.

We bumbled around aggressively for two hours and got nowhere in terms of discovering what the problem was, what right was, and how we would get from here to there.  Three strikes by any count.

I finally had a Holy Spirit moment at the end and proposed that for the next three weeks, we would not ask God for anything.  We would simply invite Him once to give us whatever He wanted.

The objective of this simple exercise was to find out if things would look different if He were giving us what He wanted to give us, instead of what we wanted Him to give us.

It has certainly been a fascinating journey as some of the things we have asked for repeatedly in the past that He has not given us, He gave us now.  But much more interesting are all of the things He has brought our way that we never would have thought to ask for, but it mattered a lot to Him.

We are learning a lot about a Father’s heart in this journey.

However, smack dab in the midst of that, I posted a blog requesting you to pester God on my behalf to give me the revelation He has not seen fit to give me hitherto in my life.

By any standard, that was a flagrant violation of the deal we had established with God.

So where was my head that day?

Beats me.

It wasn’t until this morning that I suddenly realized the preposterousness of the whole thing.  I refrain from asking God for something, but ask hundreds of you to ask for me.  How ridiculous is that?

Beats me.

So now, how do we fix it?

Do I instruct you all to stop praying?

Too weird.

After all, none of you were doing wrong by joyously leaning into the problem with me.  You had no idea the deal I had made with God.

Do I just ignore it?

Not hardly.

This is like Saul and Jonathan.

Saul made a vow that none of his people were to eat until the end of the battle, and Jonathan did.  Even though he did not know about the vow, God clearly held him responsible when they cast lots for the sin he did not know he was committing.

And having you all shrug it off and say it is no big deal isn’t the solution either.  That is what Israel did, overriding God’s determination.  That laid the foundation for some real leadership problems in later years.

What did God want in that situation?  Did he really want Saul to kill his son for eating some honey?

And what does God want here?  I didn’t have a specific penalty attached to disobedience, since I wasn’t planning to disobey.

I would ask God what to do about my disobedience but I think that would be disobedience right now.

How do I get myself into these situations?

Arthur Burk

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16 Responses to Ooops!

  1. Rosa says:

    So…have you recieved revelation on your puzzler?

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Well, Rosa, yes and no. We did receive a huge revelation, and it was not just an answer for the moment, but a principle we can use in other situations. But as wonderful as it was, and as much order as it brought to the situation, it is apparently not the root issue/root answer we were looking for, so this person is going to have to go back and keep on digging. Quite a disappointment. They have had so many “breakthroughs” that were only first downs. Gets demoralizing after awhile, especially when the revelation and the release is so significant at the moment.

  2. Janis K says:

    Dear Arthur,
    I love Jon’s comment! Your spirit perhaps responded to the freedom given it by your soul’s request? Your spirit never had the freedom (til now) to ask for The Revelation that your spirit has been hungering for? This dichotomy and synergy of soul & spirit is full of unknowns.
    Amen to Bunny’s comment, you have mentored, given into us from your personal resources, and been an example for so many of us. We are full of gratitude, just keep being ‘you’.

  3. Johnyne Rees says:

    I say “yes!” to Bunny’s reply, expressing for so many of us depths of gratefulness and honor for you and your deep desire to find answers for God’s people to help them find their place in God’s Kingdom! May you find the answers and the questions to ask, as well as the rest while waiting for answers to unfold, finding more of Him in the process. It is the glory of God to hide a thing, the glory of kings to search it out. What a glory to be one who searches out the treasures of the Kingdom to be able to disperse them to many! May you be blessed in that part of your design. And thank you for modeling transparency and repentance.

  4. Jon Shumaker says:


    I think you might want to accept your spirit trumped your soul on this one and went for some honey along the trail

    Saul never did get to punish Jonathan for the honey.


  5. Sonia says:

    Arthur I say hear hear to Bunny’s comment and I too am enjoying you walking out your challenge to authenticity.
    I am going to go to Father on this one because I see the predicament and I too have the desire to know what would be the right thing to do in this one.
    My spirit has wanted me to lay ribbons of honor on you too Arthur. If the desire to honor you is a corporate cry from Father’s heart that may be your on ramp.
    It’s been mine.

  6. Rosa says:

    Sounds rather Prophet-like..

  7. Emanuele says:

    It is really an encouragement and an example to see a leader not worried to confess his mistake
    Thank you Arthur

  8. Kim says:

    Thank you for your transparency…it is delightfully refreshing.

  9. Mary Herrema says:

    Is Father God not amused with our enigmas and touched by hearts so dedicated to serving Him well? I know you bring a smile to his face as he delights over your steadfastness. May we all receive whatever He wants to give us. Awesome God, awesome Abba, awesome Father, I guess we all benefit with His infinite patience.

  10. Arthur, you make me feel more OK. I always appreciate your humanity and am so glad to keep up with your exploits. My life is encouraged even with your Oooops! And we will continue to pray daily for all God wants to give. It would be just like Him to provide a beautiful solution to your “situation”.

    I love the exercise of asking Him what He wants to give, and since I’ve felt like I don’t know what road to take right now, I think I’ll take up this practice and see what happens.

    And it’s Passover with all that it means. Blessings to you!

  11. Joyful says:

    Your Heavenly Father truly delights in your essence, Arthur!
    I delight right there with everyone else.
    Stay true to you in Him.
    We’ll be here.

  12. kcf44 says:

    Arthur, It is still a great joy to invest in you and in the KIngdom of God. Thank you for your transparency and willingness to be misunderstood. May the revelations continue to come at such a rapid rate.

    karen ford

  13. carol says:

    OK! Father, I ask that You remove every hindrance and / or resistance that would interfere with the free transmission of Your insight and wisdom to Arthur and his Team. In the most wonder-filled way I ask You Father to display Your brilliance and glory in the midst of Your sons / daughters and give them revelation knowlege of all that You want them to see and understand. Do something worthy of Your own Name and let Your brilliant Light shine in the darkness to illuminate the path they are to take, in Jesus Name Amen!

  14. Bunny Warlen says:

    Arthur my friend … what do you want me to do. I woke up this morning and the first cognitive thought was Honor Your Friend Arthur Burk. I thought to myself … that is a JOY for he has been teaching HONOR to those of us through out our history with Plumbline then The SLG. Our Glory Stories turned into HONORING those in our lives that had brought us forward … no matter whether baby steps or giant steps … our momentum was thrust into a new realm of possibilities and then came the matter of resources … so A CULTURE OF HONOR created an environment of creativity seeing that there were resources deep within ourselves that had never been utilized or even thought about even being a resource.
    So Arthur what would you have those that are grateful to have matured … enlarged their spirit … found resources never before even know that were a resource … been a real life giver to the world you find yourself in … watching the third and fourth generation arise … oh my dear friend
    no matter the deal you made with God … you are to me and to my children and their mates a friend … a scholar … a mentor … a pioneer … a discovered … one who walks the swinging wooden bridge intentionally without fear just getting from one side to another … you go the extra mile for the hopeless and bring them into real living with hope where there was no way out before you entered into the picture.
    Therefore i promised to pray and I will continue to pray and rejoice that when you get an answer the largeness of your spirit will be grateful and you will share it in someway down the line.
    Go for it Arthur Burk … Daddy is watching his Noble Subject Son do exploits that are needing to be accomplished. Go for it friend … and I will continue to pray as I promised until the 9th of April.
    Bunny Warlen

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