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A number of years ago, a lady listened to our material on the human spirit and immediately found a friend to minister to her.  She became quite saddened but not frustrated over the fact that her spirit did not respond, … Continue reading

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Day One in Hawaii

Our testing in Hawaii was not as dramatic as the ones in Virginia, but it was highly instructive nonetheless. Kudos first of all to Loretta.  She is getting pretty good at spotting the squabbles between the spirit and the soul … Continue reading

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Asleep . . . or Not!

One of the challenges in our learning curve is the propensity of the experts in the field to be highly dogmatic and hugely contradictory. We rather expected that from sales people, since each company would naturally consider their products superior, … Continue reading

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Spirit and Gamma Waves

Since we came back from Virginia work has been, well . . . rather workish. However, we have relentlessly beaten the monster back into submission, and the somewhat fun-ish side of work is beginning to emerge from its lair once … Continue reading

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How do I get myself in these situations? Here is the background. For the last few months, we have been exploring the whole issue of how to receive.  A lot of what people send my way is no gift at … Continue reading

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Day Two

I did another round on the big problem, and God directed me to a passage I had questions about since I was a child. It is encouraging because so often those theological questions I had as a child that no … Continue reading

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I Need Light

There is an issue I have been working on for a while without ever finding the key that will unlock the core of the issue.  Sometimes I make a little progress, sometimes none. There are some recent developments which cause … Continue reading

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