We Have Five

The West Texas team has confirmed five people buying into the 90 day media fast.

Fun stuff.

Why do it?  Well, there are a bundle of benefits.  Here are some we have seen over the years.

First there is the whole issue of resetting our sensitivities.  As humans, we are incredibly adaptive.  This has wonderful benefits in many ways, but not all.  I remember reading a book years ago written by a Secret Service agent during President Eisenhower’s administration.

In it, there was a situation where a lady’s ankle was briefly exposed and it was a little sexual episode.  I remember pondering that at the time.  I grew up with highly exposed ankles all the time.  It had never occurred to me that any guy could ever be sexually aroused by seeing someone’s ankle.

The culture around us changes relentlessly.  What was sexually stimulating in 1960 was a big yawn in 1990, and what was daring exposure in entertainment in 1990 hardly raises an eyebrow in 2012.

The formula is simple:  repeated exposure = reduced reaction.

Fortunately the opposite is also true.  As we reduce exposure, our desensitization to sin and filth is rolled back a degree.

A second great reason is that it reveals our addictions.  If you find the media fast impossible to do, then looking at why your spirit needs some particular thing is very revealing.

For me, the third reason is the best.  We are forced to hear God through His Word, not through others’ minds.

The Bible school I attended for a year was vehement about that.  We were allowed no commentaries or other resources.  Each student was to take the passage and meditate on it, waiting to see what the Holy Spirit revealed.

While I do not embrace such a Draconian approach personally, I find it sad that so many believers can only connect with God through the research and perspective of another person.  Three months spent with no reading material but work related stuff and the Word of God generally produces a renewed relationship with both God and His Word.

Those are givens.  Whether we find anything different about the brain functions of those people or not remains to be seen, but it will be hugely beneficial to them during the exercise.

Arthur Burk

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5 Responses to We Have Five

  1. Sonia Dupper says:

    I have only now read this. Although I have only read this now, I would like to take part in a fast of this kind, so as of today, it is what I plan to do. Unfortunately I live in South Africa, so will be of little use to a study, but I look forward to the results at the end of the 90 days.

  2. carol says:

    Hi Arthur,

    Blessings to you and your team.

    You mentioned previously “the seat of dominion” … could you elaborate?

    English vocabulary cannot express the joy and anticipation I have as you break into amazing new territory for our King. Praying that the windows of Heaven open and release a fresh anointing …

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Carol, it is the spot in the medial prefrontal cortex (i.e. behind your forehead) where the spirit plugs into the brain to control the body systems. It is the spot that God had the angel mark in Ezekiel to show who were His, and the spot where the Antichrist will mark his people, and the spot where Goliath took the stone, and the area on the High Priest that was covered by the gold plate that said “Holiness to the Lord.”

      • Tracy says:

        I love this question and answer. This is definitely my bread for the day, something lovely to think upon. Thank you!

  3. Joyful says:

    Thank you for adding more details about the aim for the 90 day media fast Arthur. It will be interesting to see the results. As a slightly more local test subject, I would volunteer to travel to your offices to allow for readings at both ends of the fast. I’m not sure if “before” and “after” readings from a single test subject would be of interest to your team, but you have a volunteer if they do.

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