What If . . .

It is Monday morning, and we three are wending our way home, weary but still immersed in the wonder of the weekend.  We caught the 6:25 flight out of Richmond and parted ways with Loretta in Dallas, as she caught a shuttle to Houston, and Megan and I headed to Orange County.

God certainly stretched our small world last week and showed us a hint of the bigger world beyond.

One thing we kept coming back to again and again was seeing an actual demonic manifestation on the screen.

We started out with the usual soul exercises which showed the footprint of the soul on the brain and the screen in a non-remarkable manner.

Then we transition smoothly to the spirit exercises and got through two or three of them with a steady, clear record of the spirit’s footprint on the brain.

Then there was the wild eruption of the demonic which I discerned from my side of the room while the team watched on the screen.  I engaged the demon while they watched the drama.

We all knew when it left.  I felt it, and they saw the screen revert to the pattern of the spirit.

The eruption was attention getting for sure, but the beauty of the spirit swiftly restoring order to the brain generated a measure of reverence and awe.

Now the objective of this project is to renew messy brains.  I am sure that in the years ahead I will be looking at a lot of tormented brains before we get to the beauty of a spirit that has mastered the Seat of Dominion and transformed the way the brain works.

So, hurting brains with gnarly EEG waves are my future.  I know that.

BUT, I was wondering what it would look like to take an EEG of someone who had done a media fast.  Over the years I have appealed to thousands of people to do a 90 day media fast, and a few dozen have actually done it and reported back.

The people who have done it have reported a decrease in specific negative issues in their soul and an increase in the vitality of their spiritual life.

If their struggles go down and their connection with God goes up, it must mean there are some measurable differences in both the quality of their spirit and the footprint of their spirit on the brain.

What would that look like?

I don’t know, but I would love to see it.

So here is an offer.  We are at the end of March now.  That means we have April, May and June to do a 90 day media fast.

If there are five of you who would like to do a complete media fast for those three months, I will gladly come to Midland/Odessa one day earlier than planned just to do an EEG of you five, so we have a measurable indicator of what happens.

Obviously we will still do the two days of testing with the general population, but I am offering a special deal for five people who want to know what  it looks like when they have detoxed their spirit for 90 days.

Now here are the parameters:  90 days with no movies, TV, radio, recorded music (secular or religious — live music at church is OK), Christian videos or DVDs, no newspapers, magazines, fiction, Facebook, or web surfing, and you limit your e-mail activity to 15 minutes a day.

You can get your news from friends since most people around you will be able to tell you whether California is still attached to the continent and whether the Euro is still on life support.  You can get the four second version of all relevant news from someone else, instead of exposing yourself to the toxicity of what flows off a TV screen.

How about it, West Texas.


Arthur Burk

Westbound over Texas on March 26, 2012

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11 Responses to What If . . .

  1. I’m going to take you up on your challenge, er. . media fast. I live in Odessa and am a part of the Healing Center there, and we are all looking forward to your Seminar.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Welcome aboard, Don. The first thing you will find is that you have LOTS of discretionary time! The second is that your spirit will become much more overt in directing you to the portions of Scripture that would provide the greatest impact for you.

  2. Emily Malgas says:

    Would it exclude all your teachings too? Can I then only read the bible? I know I am in South Africa but would love to do it anyway.

  3. linda w says:

    Arthur – I am curious to know why the fast from Christian materials and music – surely that is a good thing that will lift someone’s spirit. Or is it so you have a ‘blank canvas’ to work with?

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Because a great deal of Christian material is deleterious in content, and it is often used as an anesthesia for the pain of life. By having to walk in your genuine emotions for three months, and to face them with the Holy Spirit within, instead of the resources from without changes a person.

  4. Kim says:

    Would a media fast exclude your blessing spirit cds?

  5. Julia A says:

    I can do that, if you can fit me in when I will be in Texas from Friday until Sunday?

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