What About Richmond?

We finished two superb tests this morning and we are now stopped for lunch.  While discussing the spiritual climate with the team, I had an interesting thought.

The oppression from the first night has definitely lifted due to your prayers.  Good stuff and we are grateful.  I would say I am operating at a comfortable +30.

However, there is a deep sense that if the city were to yield its strength to me, we could have something phenomenal happen.

I don’t even know the redemptive gift of the city.  The fellow who founded it, was not really excited about it, he just did what he had to do.  This indifferent birthing of the city coupled with the excoriation by the Yankees during the war has caused the spiritual strength of the city to be quite suppressed, even hidden.

I have no idea if God wants me to experience the strength of the city’s gift, but let’s not leave any free money on the table.  We have not because we ask not sometimes.

Let’s hit it from three directions.  One is that everything from the past history that is already under the blood because of the significant work the Body of Christ has done will stay in the past.  No time shifting.  No past junk bleeding over into the present.

Second, everything that the enemy is holding illegally (meaning the confession has been done, but he has not done restitution) would be forcibly removed from his control and made available to the Body in the city.

Third, that everything from the city that God wants our team to receive today, Saturday, Sunday and Monday as we leave, would be fully released to us according to His will in heaven.

Doesn’t hurt to ask.

Part of my reason for the extra push is because of history.  Virginia is Ruler as a state.  I have had three pretty bad experiences here in the past, and I was less than excited about coming back here.  God promised me that this trip would be restitution and restoration for the past trips.

So . . . when God is in the mood to thump the enemy and restore what was lost, we may as well go long!

Arthur Burk

Marsh 23, 2012

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6 Responses to What About Richmond?

  1. Daphne says:

    I was thinking that Richmond may be teacher land. As I was reading the history on Wikipedia these are the points that stood out to me:
    A river runs through it
    Christopher Newport erected a cross to claim the land for England but told the Indian chief it was a symbol of their friendship (reconciliation)
    The corner stone of the Virginia State Capital was designed by Thomas Jefferson; Monument street designed to honour J.E.B. Stuart, Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson, and Matthew F. Maury (names and authorities are very important to teacher)
    Consolidated Bank and Trust Company, is the oldest surviving African-American bank in the U.S. (reconcilliation)
    Consolidated with Manchester and removed the barrier of toll bridges and concentrated on making the river the centre point and not a dividing point. (reconcilliation)

    …just my thoughts…

  2. Are we not within the 10 days (before and after) the new season where there is extra grace for reconciliation to the land? Is that this season? If so, we ask and expect great things for Richmond that the spiritual strength would be awakened and blessings to flow from a fresh well.

  3. Dana says:

    I love it!
    I have been praying into time. All of these strategies resonate … on it!I

  4. Johnyne Rees says:

    Another thought about Richmond, perhaps off the wall, but who knows?

    The founder named it Richmond because the view from the hill above it reminded him of his hometown of Richmond in Surrey. Richmond Hill there overlooks London, Heathrow, and South into Surrey. It was the playground of Kings. We also sensed there a strong Druidic presence and a strong anointing to pray for governments from there (and of course the Druids had a huge influence on the government –still do?) Is there any way the land could have attracted him because of the same anointing? I believe the local Indian tribes considered the hill above the Virginia Richmond to be a place of power.

  5. Pat says:

    Let’s roll!

  6. Johnyne Rees says:

    Hi, A group of us drove around the city and prayed last August, feeling the heavy oppression. It was the center of the slave trade and it was there that the importation of Africans was first labeled as slavery rather than as “indentured servanthood.” The city has also been leading the nation in reconciliation efforts. A pastor named Tee Turner could tell you a lot about this, especially about a hill overlooking the city where there is a center for prayer. Could it be shame that causes the hiding you sense?

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