Making Progress

We have done a number of EEGs over the last couple of months, but each one was a stand alone.  Today in Richmond, VA was the first time we scheduled a whole day’s worth at once.  I budgeted two hours for each one, hoping that this would be enough.

For the first one, it took an hour and 50 minutes.  We barely had time to clean up and set up for the next person.  By the end of the day, we had it down to less than 90 minutes.  So, our skill set and team work are improving.

We are not quite ready for the Olympics of EEGs, but we can definitely hold our own in Cactus League Baseball.

We are weeks away from having sophisticated conclusions, much less models for going forward, but some things are evident already.

First is that there is a correlation between what we discern with our spirits and what we measure.  For eight years now we have been tracking different activities in the human spirit through the subjective means of discernment.

When we talked about a spirit man turned inward, or one that was wounded, or a person who had a big spirit, it was totally based on what one person felt he discerned about someone else.

Clearly the EEGs are not going to reveal all of the information that we would like to know about the human spirit, but it has been hugely validating that when I feel the volunteer’s spirit “rev up” on my side of the room, there is a corresponding spike in activity on the EEG.

I still walk carefully with discernment, but it is lovely to have some objective confirmation that there is something to this intangible thing we use all the time.

On the process side today, the four people we did were very different in their responses.  This is good.  Again, it shows the validity of the equipment in tracking the foot print of the spirit.  Everyone is on a journey and we are taking a snapshot of where they are today in the journey.

We do the standard protocol for testing the soul and the brain interaction for each person, and that is fairly uneventful.  All you could really tell is that the person is alive and thinking in a fairly standard way.

But when we switch to the eight questions for the spirit, each response is unique.

I believe that the gift of a person hugely defines how they think.  Therefore I would expect that the development of our brains would be very uneven.  Each gift would over develop certain areas and under develop others.

With that in mind, one of my questions is designed to allow the Prophet to shine brightly in the area of the brain that we think a Prophet should develop excessively.  If my hunch plays out, then by the end of the year, we should be able to look at the raw data for that one question and tell in a heartbeat whether we are dealing with Prophet redemptive gift or not.

If so, then we will circle back around and try to develop questions that will show the trademark of each of the other six gifts.  Wouldn’t that be fun?!

While we have only done four people with the current protocol, and each one was different, all four registered high activity regarding the seat of dominion.  That is quite intriguing to me.

We had expected that to be a playing field for the people who were more advanced in terms of working with the spirit.  We watched today as individuals who had never heard the term (on the soul level) and who had not had major ministry to their spirit, eagerly lean into that portion of the testing.

The human spirit clearly belongs in the seat of dominion.  This is not something for the elite.

I can see that we will definitely be reframing some of our presuppositions in the months ahead.

In closing, there is a sign in my office given to me by Holt, several years ago.  She has given me very few gifts over the years, but each one is amazingly on target.  This one is simple white lettering on a black background.  It is a quote from Einstein.

“If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called research!”


Welcome to my world!

Arthur Burk

Richmond Virginia

March 22, 2012

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2 Responses to Making Progress

  1. Absolutely amazing results. Thanks for your dedication to this new frontier. The findings will surely be exciting and have endless possiblilties.

  2. Pat says:

    My spirit is leaping with you! What FUN!! Many blessings as you break new ground, plow new fields, and reap new harvests.

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