Update Regarding Virginia

Good news!  We have a full schedule for the two days we will be doing tests in Virginia.  As usual we had some people who filled out the volunteer form who did not respond when I e-mailed them (and some typos in the e-mail addresses) but even with the attrition, we were able to fill up every slot with relative ease.

I am so excited about that.  We are two weeks out, and already there is a solid feel to the project.  No loose ends.  Everyone who has committed has been e-mailed the directions and all other relevant information (I think!)

I will be back in Virginia later on in the year, so hopefully we can connect with the rest of the people who filled out the volunteer form but could not make it this time.

We are hoping that by the end of April we will have our 25 good tests that we can average out to establish the baseline from which we will take other measurements.  That means we will need a full slate of tests in Honolulu and Houston.  If any of you reading this know people in those two areas who you can encourage to fill out the form, that would be great.

If we do get our baseline by then, it means that when we go to Oklahoma and West Texas, we can begin some specialized testing to explore specific healing protocols. That would be so exciting.

Seminars are all over the place.  The Richmond seminar which is only a couple of weeks away is still quite low in registration.  Honolulu is very strong and Tulsa’s has begun well, considering we are still a couple of months out.

Megan has been studying hard, learning much and wishing for more.  Next weekend she will invest deeply in Loretta, teaching her a whole new vocabulary and skill set.  Between the two of them we should be good to go on the 22nd in Richmond.

Please pray into those two days.  There are a lot of logistics that are out of our control (noisy people in the rooms next door) that we will need to trust God to handle.

Now as a businessman, I want to share a new market that is emerging that some aspiring therapist with an entrepreneurial bent could tap into.  We need inner healing for people who have been traumatized by the word “upgrade.”

People like me!

I grew up with substantive resources that were made to last.  There are things my dad took to Brazil in 1954 that he is still using in 2012.  I like that.  But when it comes to electronics, it seems those rascals who manufacture them force you to buy an upgrade with monotonous regularity.

For example — our EEG equipment is already being subject to the dreaded word.  I KNOW we just bought the stuff less than six months ago, but we have already upgraded one component and today I authorized upgrading another.

It is crazy making.

At the very least, there should be a support group for people who break out in hives at the sound of the dreaded “up…” word.

Arthur Burk

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8 Responses to Update Regarding Virginia

  1. Daniele Schmidlin says:

    Hi Arthur,
    Thank you for your message that I have just read ‘Update Regarding Virginia’
    Endurance and perseverance that has been given to you since the beginning of your divine mandate, give you the joy to go forward, with confidence because He is on controls of your environment.

  2. Keri-Lee says:

    Hi Arthur

    This note isn’t actually regarding your post, (or for your post!) but I’ve been listening to a teaching series on Revelations by Jon Courson and I thought you might be interested in it. He also says of how the seven letters to the churches match church history. His timeline doesn’t completely line up with your timeline, but it is very interesting! http://www.joncourson.org He also highlights how Jesus used analogies relevant to the respective towns in the letters eg. lukewarmness in Laeodicea.

    May God continue blessing you in your journey and ministry!

  3. Bunny Warlen says:

    Bless you Arthur and Team as you fly over the Heartland of America and know that many are praying from CA on the West Coast all the way to the East Coast … praying for this new venture of HOPE for those that are not understanding why they do life in the manner they choose. Soon others will know the “WHY’S” and understand Father’s Design of their lives … led by their spirit and followed in alignment is their soul follow by their body … WaHoo … bless you team as you discover new mountain tops and help a vast array of people out of the valley’s they find themselves in.
    An army is cheering you onward Team and you be blessed as you pioneer yet another vista.
    Prayerfully and lovingly yours
    Bunny Warlen

  4. Caroline says:

    Will you be bringing the equipment to your Honolulu seminar? It would be fun to take part in your study. And, then, too, Hawaii is known for ethnic diversity; a research paradise.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Yes, we plan on testing all day the Thursday and Friday before the seminar, if we have enough people who fill out the volunteer form.

      • Caroline says:

        How many more volunteers would you like when you’re in Honolulu? I’ll get the word out. What would the deadline be to get the application in?

        • Arthur Burk says:

          We like to do eight to ten people in a two day period. Right now we only have five people signed up from Hawaii. The problem is that about half of the people who fill out the volunteer form simply vanish and don’t respond to us when we try to schedule.

          We would like to have some addition volunteers in the next couple of weeks so I would welcome your letting people know.

          Also, do you know of someone who would be willing to offer their living room for the tests? We certainly can do it in a hotel, but it is so much better to have a living room. We need a very quiet room, something without the air conditioner running and not to complicated to get to.

          Any options?

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