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We Have Five

The West Texas team has confirmed five people buying into the 90 day media fast. Fun stuff. Why do it?  Well, there are a bundle of benefits.  Here are some we have seen over the years. First there is the … Continue reading

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What If . . .

It is Monday morning, and we three are wending our way home, weary but still immersed in the wonder of the weekend.  We caught the 6:25 flight out of Richmond and parted ways with Loretta in Dallas, as she caught … Continue reading

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Friday Night in Richmond

Well . . . (a true Southerner could make about eight syllables out of that), it is a whole new ball game at the end of two days of testing. We have been doing tests in California for a couple … Continue reading

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What About Richmond?

We finished two superb tests this morning and we are now stopped for lunch.  While discussing the spiritual climate with the team, I had an interesting thought. The oppression from the first night has definitely lifted due to your prayers. … Continue reading

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Making Progress

We have done a number of EEGs over the last couple of months, but each one was a stand alone.  Today in Richmond, VA was the first time we scheduled a whole day’s worth at once.  I budgeted two hours … Continue reading

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That Dawg Can Hunt!

I remember being on a conference call with team of students, including a good old boy from the South.  I had just shared an application of a spiritual principle on “Monday morning” that took his breath away, and he paid … Continue reading

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Was She Sinning?

This weekend is a major work-a-thon for us. Sandy Landry flew in on Thursday morning since she is volunteering her scalp and the formidable contents under it for us to practice on all weekend. Loretta Brown flew in later on … Continue reading

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