Learning Curve

When it comes to equipment and software, the learning curve has been longer than expected and is still consuming more time than we wanted.  As yet, I am not ready to take this package on the road with the kind of intense testing we envisioned.

But we will get there.  I am up to page 138 of the 813 page training manual I am immersed in, and Dr. Norma is pounding away on her side of the equation.  One thing about Prophets — our default solution to any problem is to work harder and longer.

Eventually, the learning curve will yield to the relentless assault of high quality energy!

On the seminar side of things, there is an uncommon grace this year.

I still remember the intensity of 2006 when I did about 40 seminars in one year.  We had a much larger staff at the time, but still the endless negotiations over venues, and the logistical complexities devoured extraordinary time.

This year, things are falling into place with astounding ease.  Today I sent off the last of the promotional materials to the church in Fresno.  We will be meeting at the University Vineyard and they have been over the top in terms of gracious accommodation and high flexibility should anything change along the way.  Rob and Melissa are hosting that event and are quite simply lovely people.

The Virginia event still lacks a venue, but our Ruler on the ground has that problem firmly under control, so I anticipate a location soon.

Of course Houston was simple because we have a ten-year relationship with Cristina and her team.  They execute well.

Oklahoma is pending, but it is only because Dr. Elliot has made a plethora of venues available to us there.  I am so looking forward to that teaching on the redemptive gifts of the human body.  God has been giving us exciting results with the human heart especially, and I can’t wait to share.

Donna in Midland/Odessa has set a new Sapphire record for putting an event together.  I didn’t even know her two weeks ago.  She called the office for some other reason, we chatted, I asked, she said yes, and about three days later, everything was nailed down, finalized, ready to go.  Remarkable efficiency.

This one will be a day-long seminar unlike all the rest.  What is fascinating is that I know it needs to be a full day, and I have no idea what the Lord will have me teach on there — other than it will be about the spirit/brain/body connection.

Apparently Donna is not the only get-it-done person in West Texas.  The volunteer apps are flowing in quite steadily from Odessa.  We should have a great group of people to test come June.

So that is the picture.  Not too much happening for the public eye, but we are moving along aggressively with the learning curve, and we are making progress.

January 30, 2012

Sapphire Leadership Group, Inc.

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