Bad News, Good News and Really Exciting News

I heard back from Dr. Norma and a couple of the leads on our first test were not connecting properly, so we have imperfect data and won’t be able to do the quantitative analysis on it.  Bummer. 

Well, whadaya expect from a couple of rookies?!

Anyway, she is progressing with her training, will probably never make that mistake again, and, as is par for the course in Sapphire, we fail forward.

Plans for a rigorous testing schedule are firming up.  I know I can do one trip a month out of state and still keep up with my other responsibilities.  Some months I might do two.  So the plan is to go to one state at a time, do as many tests as I can fit into two or three days, then do a half day workshop from noon to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday.

The tentative workshop schedule looks like this:

Fresno, CA           February 25th

Virginia                 March 24th

Houston, Texas    April 28th

Oklahoma             May 19th

The one in Texas will be in Spanish only.  No translation.

Each workshop will deal with some aspect of the spirit/brain/life equation.  We hope to record them as we go, then at the end of the year see if it is viable to assemble the disparate teachings into a single album.  Not sure yet.

California                “Becoming Solid at the Core”

The more solid we are at the core of our being, the less reactive we are to the outside pressures.   We have become pretty skilled at controlling our environment so as to find peace, even if it is through passive aggressive withdrawal.  We now need to go beyond deliverance and inner healing to learn how to build a solid core.

Virginia                    “Discerning God’s Will With Your Brain”

Many people are passionate about following God and possessing their birthright, but they cannot discern God’s will for their lives.  There is one portion of the brain that contributes immensely to discerning God’s unique will, but under certain childhood circumstances, that portion of the brain does not get developed.  There are tools for repairing it retroactively, so you can connect with God in this area.

Texas                      “Restoring Dignity”

Too much time and effort is spend in the pursuit of honor, but honor does not heal the wound of shame.  It takes dignity.  And it is our responsibility, not anyone else’s, to find the basis for our dignity.  This seminar will provide tools for that portion of your journey.

Oklahoma               “The Redemptive Gifts of the Human Body”

Each body organ or system or gland functions as one of the redemptive gifts.  Understanding that will help us find the spiritual roots to some biological dysfunctions that are not generally treatable with medicines.  This is simply an introductory study to what is an extraordinarily large and exciting topic.

Watch the newsletter for specific details as we get closer to the events.  Right now, these are all still on the drawing board but solid enough to discuss.

Now the really great news.  As of this afternoon, we have 210 people who have volunteered for the test.  I am so excited that we have a great pool to draw from.  Keep sending them in.  After the first batch, we will start focusing on specific groups with defined characteristics, so the more people we have to draw from, the more precise we can be.

I am quite sure that by mid year we will have some protocols to test which we will share with you here.  I am grateful to all of you who are willing to be part of the first run where you are helping us establish a baseline from which we can measure our future experiments.

January 12, 2012

Sapphire Leadership Group

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5 Responses to Bad News, Good News and Really Exciting News

  1. Daniele Schmidlin says:

    It is with great interest that I have read your last message « Bad News, Good News and Really Exciting News » while I read I am filled with joy.

  2. Brandee says:

    Arthur, will you have the teachings, that will done on those Saturdays that you are doing in each state, available for purchasing? Or are those teachings already available in your other material? I would be very excited to hear those.

  3. fountshults says:

    Insights that come from this research will be like a divide between the old and the new paradigm for life and ministry. I am excited and eager to learn from the results.

  4. karen ford says:

    This is very exciting! I am so thrilled for you and your team! I will remember to pray for you
    What a wonderful blessing this will be . May the process be as wonderful to you as it is to our King!
    with great anticipation for all you are learning and sharing,
    karen ford

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