Lights! Cameras! Action!

Well, not really.  The lights will be dim, the cameras will all be in Iowa and the action will be deliberately subdued (until the end when there is no telling what kind of raucous celebration might break out).

But it is now official.  On Tuesday the 3rd of January, we will wire up our first biped guinea pig and find out if her spirit can make her synapses snappy in the gamma wave realm, and how close we can get the aforementioned holy grail to the Seat of Dominion in the brain.

This lady will be coming into the office for the test which raises the whole complicated variable of how much the land will affect the results, since people’s spirits tend to get up and dance when they are here.

I can see a whole complex handicapping system having to be developed.  The results of a test done here needs to be dialed back a bit while a test done on very oppressive land would need to be dialed up in order to make the results roughly comparable for the variables we are actually tracking.

(The scientific community is already nursing a migraine just reading about our parameters.)

Oh well.

At the end of the day, we should have our first bit of personally generated hard data, and our grand adventure will be launched in real time.

Enough already with the pre-game show!  Talking about equipment for the last three months has gotten boring.  Bring on the action!

And thanks once again for all of you who have donated to the project.  It is wonderful to be able to go into it with top notch equipment all the way around and good training.  We have not had to sacrifice quality for lack of finances.

January 2, 2012

From the Quarterdeck, in Anaheim

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4 Responses to Lights! Cameras! Action!

  1. Rosa says:

    Made me smile.

  2. Fount Shults says:

    Arthur, for reasons beyond my control I am unable to participate in the testing. I will certainly be following the results since this is a personal interest of mine for several years now. Thank you for your zeal in pursuing this.

  3. Catherine says:

    Yahoo! So excited for the firstfruits of this project launch! Hope you all enjoy savoring the unbeatable excitement of beginning and the first data! Grace and blessing over all of you and the land as you begin this phase!

  4. Rebekah says:

    AWESOME……. Wahooooooooo!

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