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Learning Curve

When it comes to equipment and software, the learning curve has been longer than expected and is still consuming more time than we wanted.  As yet, I am not ready to take this package on the road with the kind … Continue reading

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Bad News, Good News and Really Exciting News

I heard back from Dr. Norma and a couple of the leads on our first test were not connecting properly, so we have imperfect data and won’t be able to do the quantitative analysis on it.  Bummer.  Well, whadaya expect … Continue reading

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The First Attempt

Dr. Norma came this afternoon and brought our new toy.  It was the first time I got to see what we paid so much money for! It turns out that it came with demons pre-installed which had been causing extreme … Continue reading

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Lights! Cameras! Action!

Well, not really.  The lights will be dim, the cameras will all be in Iowa and the action will be deliberately subdued (until the end when there is no telling what kind of raucous celebration might break out). But it … Continue reading

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