The Equipment

Dr. Norma informs us that the equipment has arrived and she is already training on it.  Exciting.  It is always nice to have things we can touch and feel as part of our process and progress.

The time in Charleston with the two doctors was quite interesting and a bit different than I expected.  We did not try to hammer out an agenda before I came but just met together and waited to see where the Lord would take the conversation.

One thing that came up was the issue of epilepsy.  This is Dr. Turner’s specialty, and he shared two things.  First, there is a pronounced increase in the number of children diagnosed with it, and second, the medical community has a broad consensus that epilepsy is congenital, not environment.  There is no credible model out there suggesting that it is caused by any food, social toxin or other outside source.

Although it is assumed to be congenital, there is no solid hypothesis on what causes it to manifest in a family line, since it does not appear to be a typical genetic, inherited issue running in an identifiable pattern through a family line.

So……………………if it is not natural, then it might be….

I proposed to him that I could do an initial survey of the Sapphire family.  I have never discussed epilepsy with any of you, but as many tens of thousands of people as we are in touch with, surely there is a pool of people who deal with this.

Some time in the next few weeks, the two doctors will draw up a lengthy survey of spiritual history and social events that we know cause spiritual damage in some people.  Megan can format it, and Tim can post it on the web.

We will announce this in the newsletter, have people fill out the survey on the web, then simply go through it with a statistical analysis tool to see if we find any clusters of generational issues that might give us a clue.  If so, we can then do a second pass and drill down in those areas.

This was not on my agenda when I went there, but it seems as though we have the pool of people who think in terms of generational issues, we have the technology to do it easily and swiftly, and a couple of doctors who know how to look at physical issues through the grid of spiritual roots.

So we will make an initial exploration of this topic to see if anything surfaces that is worthy of an ongoing discussion in the Body of Christ.

December 15, 2011

Room 105, Hammond, Indiana
Quite close to the Windy City which is in good form tonight

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6 Responses to The Equipment

  1. Esther DS says:

    The things that come to me in the night… On the app, the age begins at 20 years. I filled the app for my almost 5 year old son. I don’t know that there are many apps for kids, but you’ve got at least one in the mix that might throw your demographics a bit.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Yes, at present we are not testing the children because that will require a very different protocol. I am very much looking forward to it since children’s spirits tend to be much less suppressed and I think we will find some fun stuff, but we need to establish our baseline group first and get a metric which we can compare to in the future.

      • Esther DS says:

        Okey-dokey. I guess I’ll do it again later and hope that it doesn’t throw any of your info in the mean time. I look forward to the comparative results of adult to kids too. 🙂

        • Arthur Burk says:

          No need to redo. We keep all the volunteer forms, it is just a matter of whether we get to each person next month or a ways down the road. Just a matter of sorting.

  2. My son has epilepsy. He has a brain unlike any other. Seriously, they called a meeting just to discuss what to call his brain. We call it a super hero brain. 🙂 Anyway, seizures are one of the side effects of one of the brain ‘malformations’ – polymicrogyria. I am especially curious about all this for him, but wonder if he would be a candidate for your experiments or if you are looking for someone who can give a verbal response. Praying for wisdom and delighting in the continued revelations!

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Yes, Esther, he would qualify, because in this experiment, we are looking at the parent’s family lines, not the child. The theory is that there is a behavioral cause somewhere one to four generations back that eventually produces a brain that experiences seizures. So you and your husband would look at your lines. It would not involve any equipment or questions for him.

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