We have received a very strong response from the newsletter asking for volunteers for testing how your spirit operates in your brain.  We still need dozens and dozens more, so keep them coming.  Next week I will start looking at them and prioritizing, then calling people to talk through scheduling.  We are itching to go forward in January.

The equipment has shipped and is scheduled to arrive at Dr. Norma’s on Wednesday of this week.  We will be busy in the next three weeks honing our technique.

And this week I will be meeting with a couple of the doctors who have been supporting our project, one from the East Coast and another from overseas.  We will have a half day together.  There are clearly a thousand different directions our conversation could go.  Please pray that God would direct it in the right pathways since we really don’t know what “right” is, since we can’t see five years down the road.

December 12, 2011

From the Quarterdeck, in Anaheim

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8 Responses to Volunteers

  1. Daniele Schmidlin says:

    I have two questions regarding volunteers.
    My first question:
    Do you agree volunteers who speak only French, living in the Neuchatel area Switzerland, and others who lived in Brussels Belgium?
    My second question:
    Have you any plans to travel to Switzerland in the Neuchatel area to meet with volunteers who would move here to this opportunity?
    My passion is to see our Great King establish His dominion over the whole earth .

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Yes, we will be able to test French speaking people. Eventually, we will get to Europe, but not right at first.

      • Gabriel says:

        It is interesting that I read this post as I sit at my aiinlg father’s bedside. I use to be one of the women who had all those holes in their adult life from not being nurtured by her father. But my heavenly Father gave me a gift a few years back as I was in the position of having to walk my father through those tough times of losing his independence and seeing the insecure man that had hidden behind all the masochism. As I began to chose a walk of real forgiveness and asking the Lord to show me who my father was in His eyes, a true honor and love for the man that my Heavenly Father had chosen to be my earthly father, grew in me. Even though my father had spent his life serving the Lord, he had never know what it was like to live as a true son but had lived as a slave. So I saw that he had raised me with that same mindset, that I was a slave.So as I had years back started on the journey of changing that mindset in myself, thanks in a large part to many of the teachings God gave Aurthur, I now began to see and treat my father also as the son he was in God’s eyes. I was able to encourage and challenge him to see himself as God truly saw him. As he engaged in that as much as an 88 year old man could, he also began to see me differently. There has been much repenting and forgiveness on both of our parts.I was blessed this afternoon to have a sweet prayer time with him as he literally lays days away from heaven’s door. In it God showed me clearly that the man he was back during my childhood was not able to love himself let alone nurture me. And in turn I didn’t honor him, let alone myself. But He showed me the true gift He has given both of us of bringing us both to the place of truly honoring and loving who we both really, are this side of heaven. There is a healing and a peace in both of us.God showed me a picture of me running into my father’s arms and curling up in his lap in safety and security. I saw my father look at me and truly see me and the significance of who I am. I thank the Lord for this precious gift.I am releasing my father into my Heavenly Father’s hands with a heart full of gratitude, wholeness and peace. Verdene Keller

  2. Chris says:

    Would love to help out in whatever way i can if you are ever in Colorado Springs, CO.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Well, the best way is to fill out the volunteer form. I am sure I will be coming to Colorado Springs to do a group of individuals there. But we don’t know who is there, if people don’t fill out the form.

  3. Susan Hyzak says:

    I would love to be in your volunteer group, however, I cannot seem to get the form to fill out to apply. I assume there is a form! I was E-mailed thisw site by a friend. I live in Charlotte, NC. Thanks in advance.

  4. Catherine Warren says:

    Celebrating the strong response and anticipating with excitement the startup in January!

    Praying that God will direct the conversations this week “along the most prosperous paths according to His intent” as you continue to lay down tracks for the future.

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