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Who Are You?

I am joyously home after nearly four months on the road.  I have re-introduced myself to my staff, dusted off my desk and chair and called the landlord about the three roof leaks! As I have worked my way through … Continue reading

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The Equipment

Dr. Norma informs us that the equipment has arrived and she is already training on it.  Exciting.  It is always nice to have things we can touch and feel as part of our process and progress. The time in Charleston … Continue reading

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We have received a very strong response from the newsletter asking for volunteers for testing how your spirit operates in your brain.  We still need dozens and dozens more, so keep them coming.  Next week I will start looking at … Continue reading

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Questions Answered

Dr. Norma has a resounding Yes and Yes to the two remaining questions.  We are good to go with the equipment purchase, as soon as she can dig a price and invoice out of the sadly traumatized salesman. Meanwhile, we … Continue reading

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